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Short Haircuts for Men - Winter 2009

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Short Haircuts for Men - Winter 2009

Although many men sport long or medium-length hairstyles, they generally prefer short hairstyles. Over the years too, short hairstyles for men have evolved from the typical haircuts to fashionable hairstyles that speak of personal style and character

A few short hairstyles for men that you may find appealing include:
A cropped haircut that is slightly disheveled on top and the sides is common among many celebrities. This is perfect for fine straight hair and goes well with any hair color, though it looks great for dark-colored hair.

For wavy hair, you can keep your hair length at 3 to 4inches but allow the bottom to curl below the ears and behind your neck. Then sport a brushed-up front hairline.
Another great looking short hairstyle for men is one that cuts the hair closely to the scalp, keeping it very thin and neat all throughout including the front and top area. This is also good for hair type that tends to wave.

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