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Celebrity Short Hair for Women

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Celebrity Short Hair for Women in 2009

There are a number of celebrities with short hair styles that have become trend setter for many. The top celebrity hair style for women include Katie Holmes hairstyle, Rihanna hair style, Victoria Beckham hairstyle, Mariska Hargitay, Drew Barrymore hairstyle, Halle Berry hairstyle, Meg Ryan hairstyle and Alyssa Milano hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles: Rihanna

It is essential to get the women celebrity hair style from only an expert, experienced and established hair stylist. By getting celebrity hair style, one can look as gorgeous and sexy as never before.

Short Hairstyles: Halle Barry

Different celebrity hair style can suit on different face shapes such as Victoria Beckham hair style can suit only on faces having oblong, oval, heart and square shapes.

If you are having diamond or triangular shaped hair then Mariska Hargitay hair style will suit on your face. The chin level bob hairstyle of the sexy Drew Barrymore is also one of the most popular celebrity hair styles among women.

Short Hairstyles: Katie Holmes

If you have medium hair texture then you can apply Halle Berry hair style on your face. Women must try to imitate the pixie look of the Alyssa Milano hairstyle that can make a girl look as cute and sweet as never before.

Celebrity hair styles require high as well as medium maintenance so you must be ready to devote a substantial time for hair maintenance in case you are planning for a celebrity hair style.

Rabu, 28 April 2010

Miley Cyrus Prom Hairstyle Ideas-2010

Princess Poof
The Jenny Packham gown Miley wore to the 2010 Academy Awards was a bit too tight for our liking, but her hair and makeup were absolutely perfect. Miley sported a chic updo with extra volume at the crown that looked lovely from all sides - and would be breathtaking with the right dress at prom.
source of http://www.zimbio.com
Photo by Getty source

Miley Cyrus Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Loose Waves
Miley's hair is so well-maintained, she can easily get away with wearing her hair down and well-styled on the red carpet (she does it better than Jennifer Aniston, even). These loose waves could look ultra glam at prom - and can help the wearer feel more covered up in a revealing dress.
source of http://www.zimbio.com
Photo by Getty source

short hairstyle for 2010

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Hot short hairstyle trends for 2010

The amazing and sexy styles that are available in short hairstyles ensures that everyone is able to select the perfect style that frames the face perfectly.

Hot short hairstyle trends for 2010

Knowing that you have the ability to easily choose from a large selection of styles ranging from conservative to the ultra modern and unique leaves you the perfect choice to select your best hairstyle.

There are several traditional options to select from, while the number of modern and unique options is continuously growing if you are looking for something that is conservative.

Hot short hairstyle trends for 2010

Selasa, 27 April 2010

Modern Haircuts in 2010

Modern Hairstyle Trends - modern haircuts in 2010

What is the year 2010 going to bring new for the hairstyles? We are not sure yet, but one thing is for sure and that is the fact that there will be a lot of great 2010 haircuts – hairstyles in 2010 are going to be wonderful, we can count on that. Each year we think about the hairstyles, looking back on the 1970’s, you will see a total different hairstyle, but back then that was the trend. Today, it seems that the 1970’s and possibly even 1960’s hairstyles are starting to come back.

Senin, 26 April 2010

Short Hair Style Fashion Women

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Short Hair Style Fashion for Women

The best idea is to go to a professional hairstylist and ask to present some popular short hair styles that can suit your personality, face shape, skin tone and of course age. Remember that short hair styles designed for older women who have a more mature face may be as fashionable and good looking as any hair style that can be found in a style magazine.

Short Hair Style Fashion for Women

A large number of older women are not sure about what they can do to look younger. This is a proven fact that women who choose to wear a short hairstyle look much younger than those who have longer hair. It has been verified that long hair make some women look older, especially if it is not worn gracefully and it is not in fine condition.

However, it is also not wise to choose very short hair because extremely short hairstyle can also make you look too masculine which may not suit your personality. Fringy soft lines are considered to be much better than severely cropped ones.

Short Hair Style Fashion for Women
Short Hair Style Fashion for Women

take Care for Short Hair

Short Hairstyles Trends presents How to take Care for Short Hair

It not just long hair needs care and maintenance even the short demands the same care. With proper care, you can keep you hair healthy and shinning. Short hair need additional care as it is more prone to damage by styling and heat.

How to take Care for Short Hair

For this purpose, it needs to be moisturized for a better style. If the right products are used with utmost care, short hair can be styled fantastically.

One needs to take care to protect the hair from thermal and chemical damage. Also try to take care that the split-ends do not make it look bad and lessen its shine. The products to use for your hair need to be chosen very carefully. Over use of such products leads to weak bonds that in turn make hair less manageable and less elastic.

Products with jojoba oil, Emu oil, and panthenol are considered good as they tend to improve hair health and make the hair follicles strong by gently coating them giving you a healthy mane.

Kamis, 22 April 2010

The Pros and benefits of short hair girl

Short Hairstyles Trends presents The Pros and benefits of short hair

Short hair has both its advantages and disadvantages, as does long hair and this is why it is perhaps rather difficult to work out what kind of hairstyle or rather hair length would be better for you. We are going to take a closer look at why short hair is better than long hair.

Latest Short Hairstyles 2009: Jessica Alba Medium Short Hairstyle

Short hair is shorter
so therefore takes less time to both wash and dry. With hair that is of a shorter length, it needs just a little bit of towel drying and a few minutes and the hair will be practically bone dry, unlike long hair which can sometimes take hours to completely dry out.

This also means that maintenance with short hair will be lesser giving more time for the important things in life rather than being sat in front of a mirror trying to work out what to do or where the hairdryer is.

Although short hair doesn’t have quite the styling opportunities as short hair, it can still look wonderfully elegant and fantastically gorgeous. Look at Victoria Beckham,she had both the graduated bob and the pixie cropped look, bothof which looked fantastic and was livened up or dressed down with the help of a few hair accessories. Although you can curl long hair better and also have more elegant up do’s, it is quicker to make short hair look pretty, which should prove a godsend to the busiest of people in the world!

The Pros and benefits of short hair

Selasa, 20 April 2010

Kate Gosselin Short Hairstyles

Photo: Kate Gosselin Short Hairstyles
Source: Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com


ultra-formal updo hairstyle.

Ivanka Trump in a stunning and ultra-formal updo hairstyle. Photo Source: PRPhotos.

lovely curl updo

Movie celebrity Scarlett Johansson attends an opening night party for a Broadway play with long hair in a lovely curl updo hairstyle.
Photo Source: Sylvain Gaboury / PRPhotos

updo hairstyle.

Paloma at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards with long hair in a modern teen french twist updo hairstyle.
Photo Source: Albert L. Ortega / PRPhotos

Modern hair-knot updo hairstyle.

Miranda Lambert arrives at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards with her long, sunny blonde hair in a modern hair-knot updo hairstyle. Side sections are loosely braided adding a creative touch.
Photo Source: Albert L. Ortega / PRPhotos

Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Short Bob Hair Cut with Red Brunette Color

Short Bob with Red Brunette Color

I really like this style I found in a magazine so I cut my hair it like this and really love it. The hair is ear-length and been cut very short on back and styled straight with side parting.
source : by Toni(St Paul Minn Usa)

Inverted Short Bob Hairstyle

Inverted Short Bob

Chin length inverted short bob, dark brown eye and hair color, straight hair with full fringe, short on back and longer on front. Very easy to style, classic and never boring. Perfect for a medium to thick hair. And best of all it goes with all cloths for any party and any occasion.
source from: Anna (United Kingdom)

Short Hair Style

Bob with chunky texture

Contrasting highlight

Bob with side bangs

Bob hair styles comes in different shapes and forms, and it can be defined for individual face shape by creating a unique frame around the face.

Celebrity Short Haircut Inspired

Keira Knightley with Short Hair

The celebrity and actress and also starred artists change their hair styles every season, it seems. And every time they do, women all over the world race to the salon to get the latest celebrity hairstyles ... only to find out the hard way that what suits one person does not necessarily fit everyone.

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

Flattering picture bob haircut and a modern classic for girls ...
Bob haircuts are still in this year's fashion trends for 2010

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Best Short Hairstyles in 2010

Best Short Hairstyles - Inverted Bob Haircuts 2010

In 2010 bob hairstyles are still very hot trends that a lot of women are looking for different and cool styles for this bob.

Best Short Hairstyles – Inverted Bob Haircuts 2010