Minggu, 22 Maret 2009

Short cropped hair Keira Knightly

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Short cropped hair Keira Knightly

Ms. Knightly has joined the ranks of Hollywood’s female celebrities with short hair. However, her hairstyle is not like most short hairstyles. Keira Knightly hair has king bangs and is cut in a fashion similar to a man.

Keira Knightlys style of hair is not what most people would think of typical female hair, it does bring out her round, beautiful face and almond-colored eyes. In addition, her new hairstyle brings out her body.

Short cropped hair Keira Knightly

According to Keira Knightly, her decision to go with the long hair is due to a previous incident, which damaged her hair. Her hair was damaged due to consistent perming, blow-drying, and perming of her hair.

Short cropped hair Keira Knightly

As a result, she decided to have the broken ends of her hair removed and adopt her current hairstyle. All the while, her locks are growing back to its normal setting. The cropped style is becoming a very popular fashion trend, thanks to Ms. Knightly styling it everywhere she goes.

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