Senin, 20 April 2009

Paris Hilton New Short Blond Hairstyle 2009

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Paris Hilton New Short Blond Hairstyle 2009

Paris Hilton is very rarely out of the limelight for one reason or another but recently it would appear that the media are going mad for her new hairstyles rather than her crazy party ways. This applied to a recent red carpet even that she attended and posed for with American actor, Doug Reinhardt.

It was not so long ago that Paris sported the very fashionable graduated bob, nicknamed the Pob after Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice. However, at the Bravo 2nd Annual A-List Awards, Paris was sporting another new look.

The cut was still short, no hair extensions this time, but it was also rather blunt, something that it may have been thought that Paris would not have got away with. The look was almost bowl cut in appearance, a very short and bluntly cut bob with a long set of blunt bangs cut in at the same time. The bangs were not cut straight across however and seemed to flow around her face, being slightly longer at the sides than it was at the front.

All of the hair, including the bangs was curled under, not in a way that was too much but enough to show that something had been done to it and the famous blonde hair was still there.

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