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Paris Hilton Latest Short Bob Haircut

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Paris Hilton Latest Short Bob Haircut

Paris Hilton is always in the headlines for one reason or another and normally it is because of her wild lifestyle and crazy Hollywood parties. However at the 2009 Mercedes Benz fashion week, Paris Hilton turned up looking almost demure in nature and with a hairstyle that is very reminiscent of many celebrity females currently adorning our glossy magazines.

Paris Hilton Latest Short Bob Haircut

The graduated bob or “Pob” as Victoria Beckham nicknamed it was a very massive fashion statement made at the latter end of 2008 but seemed to be continuing in the current 2009 fashion period. Many of our favorite stars succumbed to the short and very foxy hairstyle including Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna and it would seem that the look seems to be a favorite for Paris Hilton as well. Worn down with a parting that was just off from centre, Paris looked rather stunning and the hairstyle made her appear much more nature in nature than the long blonde hair extension type look that we are more used to seeing her with.
Paris Hilton Latest Short Bob Haircut

Framing her tiny face with razored edges, the bob was just at chin level and the slightly off centre parting gave her the look of sophistication and glamour, something that would not normally be associated with the hotel chain heir.

Although the graduated bob look has been around for some time now, it shows no signs of going anywhere soon and with such fashion idols as Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton adorning the look, it is sure to have many more women out there wanting it as well.

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