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Short Hairstyles Pro's and Con’s

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Short Hairstyles Pro's and Con’s

Short hair may be quicker when it comes down to styling, drying and also washing but it also has it’s disadvantages which may make the final decision between you keeping your long hair or cutting it short.

Latest Short Hairstyles 2009:Short Hairstyle for 2009

First of all, short hair has less in the way of opportunities to style it and to make some of the nicest hairstyles with. Although curly hair does look good with certain short styles, the pixie cropped look and the graduated bob does tend to look rather silly when matched with tight curls, which therefore provides a time where long hair would perhaps be better.

Latest Short Hairstyles 2009:Medium Lenght Straight Blond Hairstyle for 2009

Latest Short Hairstyles 2009:Kate Winslet Hairstyle at the Golden Globes

The same really applies to elegant up dos such as those worn by the likes of Kate Winslet at the Golden Globes and the Oscars. These glamorous looks are very difficult to intricate within short hair although hair extensions can be added fairly quickly as well as hair pieces for an instant long look although this doesn’t always carry the same appeal.

Latest Short Hairstyles 2009:Short Blond Curly Hairstyle for 2009

Generally the long hair versus short hair debate will depend on the individual person that is having their hair cut. For example, Victoria Beckham has a very important career that demands her to look good all of the time while still having the time to care for her family which is perhaps why she has gone for a shorter hair cut to ensure that her precious time is not taken up by styling, washing or drying her hair.

Latest Short Hairstyles 2009:Keira Knightly Summer 2009 Short Hairstyle

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