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Stunning Celebrity Short Haircuts Trends 2010

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Stunning Celebrity Short Haircuts Trends 2010

Katie Holmes Short Hair
Some of the best short haircuts are Victor
ia Beckham and Katie Holmes dos. However, if you want a short hair that slightly differs from the popular fashion trends, there are other famous ladies that can help with this.

Dido short pixie cut
First of all, Dido, a well known British singer that collaborated with the likes of Eminem had a lovely short cut. She had rather thin hair so she opted for layers at the ends of the style and light feathery bangs that were worn both straight down and swept to the side to achieve a variety of different looks for various occasions.

Agyness Deyn Short Blonde Hair
Agyness Deyn was another beautiful woman that put a funkier touch to the usual short hair having it worn really short at the back but still long enough at the front to be able to style it. Peaches Geldoff had her look practically the same as this but worn slightly longer which may appeal to more people.

Short Hair Icon - Victoria Beckham

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