Senin, 01 Maret 2010

Claire Danes gets our (hair) style award

Claire Danes has held a special place in our hearts since he and Jared Leto exchanged plenty of an angst-filled vigorous glance in cult TV show My So-Called Life. Hands up how plenty of of you dyed your hair a deep shade of red and dreamed of Jordan Catalano penning a song for you? Yes, us . Last night, the pair seemed delighted to see each other during the Elle Style Awards in London. Claire Danes' long strawberry blonde locks have been sexily dishevelled and loosely pinned up giving her an elegant neckline. Whereas Jared Leto opts for a more, er, unusual style - they still fancy the pants off you though, Jared!

If your hair is naturally wavy generating texture like Claire's will be easy-peasy. Basically use a leave-in conditioner or styling product like the Sebastian Professional Microweb Fibre that leaves hair soft than crunchy and dry with a diffuser. If your hair is poker straight generate texture and body with a huge barrelled tong and hairspray but pull out the curls with your fingers to separate and generate body than regimented curls.

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