Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

Sexy Hairstyles for Spring

Looking for the sexy hairstyle for 2009? You don't have look too far. While long hair abounds and is beautiful, short hair is "in" and the best hairstyles for 2009 are right in front of us! Look at celebrities like Victoria Beckham or Katie Holmes, are two celebrities whose short hairstyles have spawned worldwide trends.

Shorn Beautiful Hair
super short is a cool, confident way to go that most women shy away from. short top layers and the sexiest blonde you can pull off make it work. Be sure to keep hair touchable with flexible stylants.

Diagonal Hairstyle trends
A strong diagonal bang and slanted sides make this mane special. Toss saffron, blonde-inflused color into the mix, and the look becomes truly irresistible. Style it with blower and large round brush, followed by quick flat ironing.

Sexy Hairstyles for Spring

Shaggy Short hairstyle
Precisely razored layers inject baby-fine. Straight hair with layers end and a whole lot of attitude. Blow drying and flat ironing will the the lock with ease.

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