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Side Sweep Hairstyles Tips

Side Sweep Hairstyles like A-rate Stars

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When you want to know the latest hairstyles, the first thing you normally do is to grab women’s magazines such as Vogue and Elle and check out what the biggest stars in Hollywood are sporting.

long wedding hairstyle bangs

If you have done this recently, then you must have discovered that there’s a growing trend among the women out there. It’s called the side sweep bangs hairstyle.
hairstyles for young girls:scene hairstyle with bangs

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side swept bangs
Side-sweep hairstyles are considered to be unique by most and odd to some. This is because they go against the norm when it comes to hairstyling. You are placing a huge portion of your hair either on the right or on the left, very rarely on the center (and this happens if you’re side-sweeping your bangs). Moreover, the hairstyles don’t go well with just about any face. For example, side-swept bangs may look much better with people who have oval- or heart-shaped faces.
Hairstyles with side swept bangs
It definitely takes a lot of courage to wear this kind of hair, but if you can be more serious about it and pull it through, you can surely look like one of those celebrities you admire so much.

wedding hairstyles with side bangs

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The Classic Look

The classic look is very similar to the side-swept hairstyle worn by Amanda Seyfried and Maria Menounos. They are blessed with long hair, but they decided to opt for this one-of-a-kind do. The result was that they were able to add more volume into their hair by having their long locks curled a bit and then went for the side sweep by adding a simple barrette or a clip on the hair. To make sure the curls will hold on, you can just spritz the hold hair spray.

Be Miley—or Taylor
miley-cyrus bangs hairstyle image

The good thing about Miley Cyrus’s hair is that it’s naturally wavy, so she doesn’t have to resort to what Seyfried did—that is, use some styling mousse or hold gel. If you have such type of hair and you want to do the side sweep, what you can do is to simply bundle the strands all together in a ponytail, add some tendrils on the side of the face, divide the bangs, and place them in separate directions, left and right.

You can also do what Taylor Swift did. You can have all your hair in a bun. To add more oomph, you can choose a stone-encrusted band to hold the bun.

Party Like Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is one of the most stylish young celebrities in Hollywood today, so it’s just right that you’re going to copy her style once in a while, especially when it comes to her hair. She sometimes sports the side-sweep bangs, but the only difference is that they are fringe. You can conveniently place the entire bangs on either left or right side of your face, depending on what angle you look best.

Of course, the short haircuts can have side bangs, here is a picture of short hairstyle with side swept bangs, very cute.
cute short hairstyle with bangs
short hairstyle with side swept bangs picture

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