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Fashion Short Bob Haircuts

short Bob haircuts are once again becoming extremely popular for the year 2010. First becoming extremely popular during the 1970s and 1980s, short Bob haircuts are now back with a vengeance. It has become a popular choice among women who are bold enough to try something new and would like to re-invent their image this year.

cute short bob hairstyle

Previously, short Bob haircuts consist of a blunt cut that starts just right below the chin and ends just where your shoulders and neck meets. As a result, short Bob haircuts can only be worn by women with oval and square shaped faces. For the year 2010, there have been a lot of twists and variations to the classic bob cut. Now women with different face shapes and even hair textures and types can now choose from a wide variety of different short Bob haircuts.

Blunt short Bob haircuts, on the other hand are recommended for women with curly hair. The bluntness of the cut allows your natural curls to frame your face, making it appear sweet and delicate. To emphasize the curls even further, hairstylists would often use a variety of different highlight and lowlight colors which are very close to your natural hair color. Not only would this be able provide emphasis to your natural curls. Highlights and lowlights add shine and luster to the entire look, making you stand out and looking like a star.


Among teenagers, wispy and layered short Bob haircuts are a preferred choice. These types of short Bob haircuts allow teenagers to add a bit of edginess to their entire look while still providing them a little bit of sweetness. Wispy and layered short Bob haircuts are ideal for those with fine, straight hair since the layering techniques many hairstylists have incorporated in these hairstyles add texture and volume, giving the illusion of thickness to the hair. The fringes that are used for these short Bob haircuts help also frame your face. No matter what your face shape may be, these short Bob haircuts would definitely flatter your features and provide emphasis on your facial assets.

If you are considering of getting a bob hair style for this year, it would be a good idea to have the cut done by a professional hairstylist. He or she would be in the best position to choose which of the different short Bob haircuts would best suit your face structure and hair type.

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