Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Hair Coloring Guide

Gone are the days when coloring your hair was limited to a handful of colors. Today with the availability of an array of colors you have the option of highlighting your hair the way it complements your skin tone. The catastrophe of being at odds with your hair color lies in the lack of knowledge and understanding the theory of hair color.

While making a choice for your Hair Color, the first thing that you must understand is the purpose of your hair coloring. To narrow down your choice, choose first whether you are coloring your hair to cover the gray, highlighting a natural hair color or giving your hair color a total make over for an entirely new look.

There's different types of Hair Color available in stores.

* Permanent Hair Color changes the pigment of your Hair Shafts. The color will fade with time, but cannot be removed and the natural hair color won't return to the already colored hair. The natural color will two times again evolve with the new originating hair from the roots.

* Semi Permanent Hair Color is ideal for covering gray and is immensely suitable for amateur colorists.

* Temporary Color only leaves color on your hair, which is easily removed by shampooing. These are ideal highlights and suitable if you are looking for a changed look for a particular event.

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