Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

Purple Hair Color Trend 02

Our natural hair tone plays a crucial role when selecting the right purple tone. Those who were lucky with brown or black shades can go for the profound shades of purple. These won't only flatter the overall look but will also add some dimension & volume to the tresses. On the other hand those who have sport light brown or blonde streaks can opt for the lighter lavender shades that would generate a mesmerizing & simultaneously harmonious impression. Alternative hair style fans will be thrilled to spread this trend among their co-devotees as five of the top favorite choices of Emo & Scene hair stylists. Moreover the length of the hair can also contribute to the final outcome of the hair coloring process. Long cascading strands might need more precision & attention when coloring, those who would like to preserve their natural aura should go for stylish colorful streaks. Whereas short crops will work miraculously even when dyed in a uniform style.

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