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2009, Year for Radical Short Hairstyles..

Short Hairstyles Trends presents 2009, Year for Radical Short Hairstyles..

2009 it is a strange year us and what a year it has been already? The first black president was elected in the United States, the economy has hit bottom and the gas crises of Rusia and hairstyles o
n our very favorite celebrities are getting more and more radical!

2009 – The Year for Radical Short Haircuts?

First of all the end of 2008 saw an increase in celebrities opting for the short bobbed look, nicknamed the “Pob” after Victoria Beckham. Katie Holmes then followed this trend as did Jenni Falconer, UK presenter. After this came the even shorter cropped look, usually styled long at the front and close to the head at the back, well styled by the undeniably fashionable Rihanna and then followed closely by Victoria Beckham again.

2009, Year for Radical Short Hairstyles

It was in fact this Posh Spice that set the real trend for this look with the most recent Armani advertisement showing a very sultry and toned Victoria in her underwear. This look was followed by Katie Holmes resorting to the boyish cropped look which Agynes Deyn also fashioned.

The trend for 2009 seems to be the shorter the better and it is almost following the punk trend that only the most dedicated would sport. Longer fringes worn sexily over one eye and very short layers at the back is the look to have if you want to be in trend for 2009 and if you are not brave enough to try such a daring look then the bob is currently celebrating its 100th birthday so perhaps it’s time to chop off those long flowing locks!

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