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Trendy Blonde Hair Styles for Spring 2009

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Trendy Blonde Hair Styles for Spring 2009

With so many shades to choose from, almost everyone can be a blonde. But what is the most suitable shades for you? Let share some of the latest hair color shades and hairstyles tips here.

Pink Shampagne
One of the newest iridescent blondes, pink shampagne look lighter and cooler. Lowlights are a must to add essential depth and dimension.So by balancing the lowlight to highlight ratio, even women with subtly warm skin tones can give this shade a spin.

Vanilla Ice Cream
The lightest blonde of the pack recalls natural white blonde childhoods and summers in teh sun. The touch of vanilla bean prevents the color from washing out.

Desert Sunset
This light warm blonde hairstyle is easy, fresh and feminine that's the best way to describe this slightly long jaw length bob that's suddenly turning up everywhere. Perfect for baby, fine, straight hair, the look is lightly layered to add lift. this blonde hair can be blown-out, to boost volume, finish by popping in hot roller. Light, side bangs that spill into one eye.
Trendy Blonde Hair Styles for Spring 2009

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