Minggu, 22 Februari 2009

How to Have Better Conditioned Hair for summer 2009

Short Hairstyles Trends presents How to Have Better Conditioned Hair for summer 2009

The worst problem for girl's hair is poorly conditioned hair. This leads to dryness, frizz and many other things which just simply will not do. Honey and olive oil mixed together in equal parts is a great concoction that can be used to achieve better quality of hair. This is best for the roots of the hair and should be applied to dry hair and then leave the head wrapped in a towel for around thirty minutes before shampooing out with the mildest shampoo that you can get your hands on.

How to Have Better Conditioned Hair

Five teaspoons of mayonnaise is perfect for sorting out hair that is flaky or dry and when applied to the hair around half an hour before you are due to wash it and this can help to get rid of the ugly hair that you do not want anymore. You can even follow this up with a mixture of a liter of water that has about half a teaspoon of honey in it as a conditioner which should be rinsed out but rather left overnight.

Lemon is great for blonde hair and can not only help to really bring out the color of the blonde but can also act as a natural conditioner which can be added to commercially bought conditioners or added to cold tea as another great conditioning product for the hair.

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