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Celebrity Short Hair for Women

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Celebrity Short Hair for Women in 2009

There are a number of celebrities with short hair styles that have become trend setter for many. The top celebrity hair style for women include Katie Holmes hairstyle, Rihanna hair style, Victoria Beckham hairstyle, Mariska Hargitay, Drew Barrymore hairstyle, Halle Berry hairstyle, Meg Ryan hairstyle and Alyssa Milano hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles: Rihanna

It is essential to get the women celebrity hair style from only an expert, experienced and established hair stylist. By getting celebrity hair style, one can look as gorgeous and sexy as never before.

Short Hairstyles: Halle Barry

Different celebrity hair style can suit on different face shapes such as Victoria Beckham hair style can suit only on faces having oblong, oval, heart and square shapes.

If you are having diamond or triangular shaped hair then Mariska Hargitay hair style will suit on your face. The chin level bob hairstyle of the sexy Drew Barrymore is also one of the most popular celebrity hair styles among women.

Short Hairstyles: Katie Holmes

If you have medium hair texture then you can apply Halle Berry hair style on your face. Women must try to imitate the pixie look of the Alyssa Milano hairstyle that can make a girl look as cute and sweet as never before.

Celebrity hair styles require high as well as medium maintenance so you must be ready to devote a substantial time for hair maintenance in case you are planning for a celebrity hair style.

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