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The Pros and benefits of short hair girl

Short Hairstyles Trends presents The Pros and benefits of short hair

Short hair has both its advantages and disadvantages, as does long hair and this is why it is perhaps rather difficult to work out what kind of hairstyle or rather hair length would be better for you. We are going to take a closer look at why short hair is better than long hair.

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Short hair is shorter
so therefore takes less time to both wash and dry. With hair that is of a shorter length, it needs just a little bit of towel drying and a few minutes and the hair will be practically bone dry, unlike long hair which can sometimes take hours to completely dry out.

This also means that maintenance with short hair will be lesser giving more time for the important things in life rather than being sat in front of a mirror trying to work out what to do or where the hairdryer is.

Although short hair doesn’t have quite the styling opportunities as short hair, it can still look wonderfully elegant and fantastically gorgeous. Look at Victoria Beckham,she had both the graduated bob and the pixie cropped look, bothof which looked fantastic and was livened up or dressed down with the help of a few hair accessories. Although you can curl long hair better and also have more elegant up do’s, it is quicker to make short hair look pretty, which should prove a godsend to the busiest of people in the world!

The Pros and benefits of short hair

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