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  • MovieCutter
    Apr 7, 09:31 AM
    Apple is probably one of the most strategically intelligent tech companies in the world right now. Not just forward-thinking in terms of disabling their competitors...but just wicked smart.

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  • mrsir2009
    Mar 30, 10:21 PM
    Yay Lion is getting closer.

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  • danerh
    May 7, 06:12 PM
    What seems to be the standard with most services is that you get the basics for free, and pay extra for additional storage... If apple were to make anything free it would follow this same concept in some way.

    Apple however is in the business of selling hardware as has been mentioned many times in this topic, and if the basic version is free, I envisage them handing out additional storage with hardware purchases.

    Buy an iPhone, plug in the serial code and you get an additional 10GB of storage... Also have a mac at home, you get another 30GB, get yourself an iPad too and theres another 20GB. Pay an additional subscription and get even more as you need it. (the gb amounts aren't important in this discussion).

    That way there's an additional incentive to go and stay in the apple hardware ecosystem when you're looking to buy your next gadget. Most people here no doubt already have a mac and iPhone, but there are a lot of people with one or the other and any proverbial carrot (or apple) dangling apple can do to get people to buy something with their logo on the back in this way makes sense.

    And we'd all get loads of free storage!

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  • bedifferent
    Mar 30, 10:30 PM
    no no no, we want useful ui improvements not ios fluff.


    That's a shame. I'd like to get a 3rd party SSD but would prefer to wait till using TRIM with it is officially supported by Mac OS X.

    TRIM Support for third party Solid State Drives with SandForce Processors will be coming in future builds

    I gotta agree. Something about going with IOS as a touchy-feely just doesn't rub me right. There are improvements that I really welcome - but I don't think using an Mac App Store for application deployment is required. The Restore feature is just Time Machine augmented in my narrow mind.

    I'd like for you to explain how iOS implementations as a UI are actually useful to the desktop OS?
    - Keep in mind that drawing characters on the Trackpad is already in Snow Leopard; Auto Save/Restore like I said is just Time Machine in a different direction, Mission Control is a Task Manager for Expose (I feel its the WRONG direction really; this is not a classic smartphone), and Lion Server seems to be more a "home server" with features stripped or missing.

    Agree 100%

    Don't hold your breath, it's neutered & softened courtesy of iOS, there'll be no roaring.

    Perhaps there will be modified fart app that sounds like a fake roar.

    The simple minded will love it, no thinking required.

    The tech enthusiasts, not so much.


    Agree 100000000% and is SPOT ON re: mindless masses vs. power users (and made me laugh, I needed that today, thanks :) )

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  • Arcus
    Apr 25, 10:31 AM
    1. People who are scared by the media and do not think it through enough to see the media have it wrong.

    There are quite a few things the media has wrong, but what it does have correct is asking "what is the point of the location database"

    2. People who like to stir up trouble for the sake of trouble.

    Unfortunately with every one of these issues these people exist, on both side. The people who make too much of an issue and make it seem as though people with legit concerns are just being too anal and those who downplay a legit issue and call EVERYONE else trolls or etc even if they have legitimate concerns and are not caught up in the hype. I see both types posting here.

    3. People who hate Apple and use any excuse to blast them, true or not.


    4. People who are paid to provide misinformation against Apple.


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  • peeInMyPantz
    Jul 31, 12:27 AM
    I don't think the flip phones are fads. Look at all the phones on the market, and the most of them are flips. The most desireable ones are usually the flip phones and have been a while. I remember the first Nokia candybars were extremely popular but those never had that good of features and were cheap. In my opinion, flip phones are more durable (in most cases) and look better.
    if you are talking about nokia.. it's sinking..
    candy bar is still the best... esp those from Sony Ericsson..
    I hope apple phone is good enough to replace my love for Sony Ericsson phone

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 11:04 AM
    Google, Dropbox, Teamviewer. Good enough for me and free.

    Eric Schmidt on privacy (http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/48975)

    "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

    What Eric like posting my pics of my son up on a page yet not wanting the freakin' world to see? Or how about my list of friends exposed to the world with the automatic opt in of Google Buzz (http://www.businessinsider.com/warning-google-buzz-has-a-huge-privacy-flaw-2010-2)

    Google and Facebook are nothing but data mining scavengers. Try this...if the shat hits the fan on either site tell me how quickly you can call and talk to a human? I'll wait.

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  • ravenvii
    May 5, 10:42 PM

    1. Rosius: Level 3, 3 HP, 3 AP
    2. Dante: Level 3, 3 HP, 3 AP
    3. Beatrice: Level 3, 3 HP, 3 AP
    4. Rhon: Level 3, 3 HP, 3 AP
    5. Wilmer: Level 1, 1 HP, 1 AP
    6. Loras: Level 3, 3 HP, 3 AP
    7. Jorah: Level 3, 3 HP, 3 AP

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  • kxbcvoi
    Apr 23, 11:47 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    So I gonna have a hard time finding wallpaper.

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 25, 09:01 AM
    Any smart phone with GPS will track/store data.

    Thinking you can get away with this simply by switching brands is mental.

    Bottom line, if you don't want to be "tracked" (location recorded) don't own a cellphone. Those cellphone towers always know where you are =-O

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  • teme
    Jul 21, 02:48 PM
    About MacBook... when Merom is released, Yonah's price will drop. That would help Apple to make a

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  • URFloorMatt
    Mar 27, 04:17 PM
    These are just RUMORS! They will do at least some. Most likely, NFC, antenna fix, and IOS upgrade.I know. I'm just pointing out how the rumor flow on Apple products this year has been extremely negative (in the sense that speculated features are not coming/have been delayed).

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  • Gatorman
    Jul 21, 03:31 PM
    I'm just burnin' doin' the Merom Dance!

    Sing it with me, now! :D

    Regardless of what happens on the 7th, I'm ordering a MBP. Though, things look like they're shaping up for that! Apple would be nuts not to put that chip in the MBP now that it's shipping.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Can't wait....

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  • Reed Rothchild
    Mar 29, 02:48 PM
    Those idiots at Amazon probably still think that iOS is a close ecosystem where Apple restricts competitors in order to be able to rip off their loyal customer base.
    Yep, In the case of this Amazon app/offering, that's exactly what iOS is.
    The Amazon Android app lets you:
    a. stream music from the cloud
    b. using the mobile app, purchase music from the amazon mp3 store and
    c. download that purchased music to your local android devices music library.

    You simply cannot replicate that functionality with an ios app and get it approved by Apple.

    There's one Apple approved way to get music onto your iPhone/Pod/Pad's local music library. Itunes.

    Now I buy all my online music from Amazon and it get's into iTunes and onto my iPhone, iPad and various iPod's just fine. But only by using a computer and then syncing over the wire.
    Wouldn't it be so much easier if I could just buy the damned music from Amazon ON my iPhone and have it sync BACK to iTunes and then onto my other devices, wirelessly.
    Would Amazon jump at the chance to offer me that ability?
    They most certainly would.
    Would Apple aapprove that app?
    Not a chance.

    I highly suspect that lilo777 was being sarcastic :). Agree with your points though.

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 29, 04:27 PM
    Link please.



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  • stockscalper
    Apr 25, 09:36 AM
    Where was all the uproar when Dick Cheney and company was reading your emails and tapping into your phone conversations? Nobody raised an eyebrow about that. When that was made public the Fox News/Wallstreet Journal response was "well unless you're doing something illegal you don't have anything to worry about." The government is still doing it by the way. Apple, on the other hand is not tracking anybody's movements and the Wallstreet Journal and their like minded ilk are having a cow. In the words of GW Bush, "they're nothing but a bunch of hypocrizers."

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  • Machead III
    Sep 16, 06:58 AM
    MacBook please.

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Aug 12, 06:43 PM
    Not sure why you guys think you will get a free iPod with a new MBP.. Did you read the Terms and conditions? Where does it list the new MBP ?


    They did add the Mac Pro so you guys still have hopes to get a free iPod if released in time.

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  • Erwin-Br
    Apr 26, 02:38 PM
    Once again, the seperating into 'smartphone' and 'tablet' markets makes little sense.

    As the capabilities of both devices grow we'll soon find that the only difference between the two is screen size.

    That's bending the definition of a phone to the extreme. I can make phone calls on my Mac Pro too. It's only a teeny bit bulkier than my phone :rolleyes:. Should I consider my mac Pro as phone? Of course not.

    Look. A tablet is not a phone, okay? Nobody is going to carry an iPad in his pants all day.

    A tablet is much closer to being a replacement to a laptop than to being a phone.

    Manic Mouse
    Sep 11, 08:51 AM
    I really think they should have a seperate app for the movies/tv shows, or rename and overhaul iTunes. Making things too complicated and hard to use is something Apple strives against and by incorperating too much functionality into a MUSIC player will make it hard to use and confusing for customers. iTunes, strangely, should be for "tunes". It makes no sense, at least from the name, to think that there would be movies/tv shows in there.

    Why not take the DVD-player app in OSX and turn that into the new TV show/Movie player (as well as DVDs) while iTunes plays MP3/CDs. That makes much more sense. You should also be able to rip DVD's though this new app as you would CDs in iTunes.

    Mar 30, 07:27 PM
    Always been confused as to why the menu bar across the top is slightly transparent but window title bars are grey. Doesn't really match, but I guess I'm just knit-picking...

    May 6, 06:49 AM
    Of course they will move to ARM, everyone will. Google is allready running their data centres on ARM based servers, Windows 8 will run on ARM as well, Apple is investing huge amount of money into their A4, A5 chips. The main problem of computers nowadays is power efficiency and not computing power, because most of the computers allready are overpowerd for what their users usually do with them.

    Nov 5, 10:34 AM
    Now Sophos can begin developing viruses against which their software can defend us.

    Now that is cynical ;)

    Apr 7, 10:20 AM
    So, what is Apple doing with a bunch of 7" touch screens, since Jobs said "7 inch tablets are dead on arrival"?

    I also don't recall RIM ever giving a date before April 19th.

    Well, perhaps it's not 7" screens Apple is buying, but production capacity, which consequently hinders competitors from having their orders produced.

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