Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

funny statuses for facebook

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 12, 01:38 PM
    Anybody can be as racist as they want in their own private warped little mind and world.

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  • zMudvayne
    Apr 30, 12:19 PM
    So, how long does GameStop take to send the beta code? I just preordered... wish I could start the download while I'm waiting for the code...

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  • shigzeo
    Nov 12, 11:04 AM
    どうもマックです。   - Nice to meet you, I'm a Mac.

    今日はパソコンです。 - Hi, I'm a PC.

    っオ、iPod、何聞いてる  - Oh, an iPod, what are you listening to?

    Eurobeat. - Eurobeat.

    Eurobeat? - Eurobeat?

    いいですよねiPod. iTunesは使いやすいし、Podcastも楽しみだし。 - iPods are great. iTunes is easy to use, and I can look forward to my Podcasts.

    マックなら、iPodと同じぐらい簡単に写真やムービを楽しめる。iLifeが付いてるよ。 - You know, for a mac, we enjoy things with pictures and movies just as easily as using an iPod. I come with iLife.

    へ〜iLife。私もクールなソフトが色々付いてますよ。 - Oh, iLife? I also come with all kinds of cool software.

    オ〜例えば。  - Oh, for example?

    計算器。    - Calculator.

    後は?     - What else?

    時計。 - Clock.

    今日はパソコンです doesn't make much sense, sure that is what he said? kyo ha pasokon desu? hmmm...

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  • alamein
    Nov 22, 11:09 PM
    seeing the success of these kids i'm sure apple will start selling them too (only better quality)

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  • revjay
    Sep 25, 10:39 PM
    whenever i hear podcast i immediately think of apple, so why is apple shutting down free advertising?

    Ever think that Apple might not want you to think of them when you download some of the crap podcasts that would be, and have already become available???

    Apple would lose control of something they have been able to, for the most part, control up to now.

    Like Janet Jackson, Apple likes control.

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  • AhmedFaisal
    Apr 8, 05:45 PM
    Interestingly, Paul Ryan's proposal decidedly does NOT include any legislation forcing private payers to insure elderly people at reasonable rates. Talk about death panels.......... what most of these morons in the Tea Party don't realize is that the net effect of the Ryan plan is that the vast majority of elderly people will simply NOT have insurance because either they can't afford it or no private payer will take them, which translates into no access to healthcare especially if they have their way with medicaid. Congratulations USA, you are about the reduce your average life expectancy to that of Russia, but hey, it will fix social security because there will be no one left alive to receive retirement benefits.............

    The argument is using Tax Dollars to pay for the abortions as it is forbidden by Federal Law for Planned Parenthood to use the funding in that way...of course they have found ways around it, which is the cause for concern..Me personally, I am on the fence on the entire issue as I am not a woman. That stated, I don't believe abortions should be used as a birth control device either....

    If the laughably few moronic women who indeed believe this to be a form of birth control do not procreate because of it, I am happy for the genepool. No harm done I say. You people do realize that every abortion has a significant risk of causing infertility and other complications, right? And these risk compound with every procedure....... I'd like to actually meet a woman that thinks this is a good way of contraception... just saying...........

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  • bobr1952
    Mar 13, 10:41 AM
    How can something like this be for "some phones?" Doesn't make much sense to me--seems more likely to be a problem with the carrier--mine did fine figuring out it was now daylight savings time. :confused:

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  • vartanarsen
    Apr 19, 11:47 AM
    Who cares about Expose. Give me Multi-Touch Gesturing like I have on iPad 2. 4-5 finger swipe accross apps, 4-5 finger swipe up to show the mult-tasking pane; 4-5 finger pinch-close to get to the home screen........What can beat that??????

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  • erck24
    Apr 25, 10:37 PM
    Let me preface this by saying that I am, in fact, a moron.
    I have a macbook pro and I just partitioned my hard drive to install windows 7. It was all going good and I had my copy of the disc in there running but when it restarted i got an error message. (here it comes)

    I got an error saying "bootmgr is missing, press any key to restart" but the keyboard no longer seems to work. I restared multiple times but it didnt help. I held down the C key and control alt delete, nothing. I even tried a usb keyboard and nothing. The computer won't start up, I just get that message. Anyone know what's going on? I need help please:confused:

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  • Digital Skunk
    Mar 1, 07:15 AM
    From the talks I've had with people from the Apple Professional Services group Apple feels that real world use of OS X server is very limited. Most of their work is integrating Active Directory with Open Directory. They see most of their customers using OS X Server as the authentication, group policy, and file servers for the mac units in their customer's businesses.

    I would have to agree with that assessment. It's pretty much the task I am trying to set up at the university I work in . . . . if they would only give me the resources to do so.

    I don't think there's too much heavy lifting and heavy customization going on with OSX Server in the SoHo, SMB, and enterprise sector.

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  • joebells
    Sep 1, 09:18 AM
    well apple did do some stuff about osx86project.

    But anyway it would be nearly impossibly to track and go after someone with the semi widely distributed wwdc beta as people are allowed to install it on laptops for one so that right there leads to a multitude of different ip's from just going from hotspot to hotspot and two I can't imagine apple had people write down their ip's when they signed up for wwdc and many times you do have a changing ip so that whole argument is out the window.

    Now if apple really wanted to go after the leakers they could have made it all download based and embedded a serial number in the download corresponding to the adc membership and a counter appended to the end. Then when they saw multiple copies getting the update all with the same serial number then they could go after the originating adc membership holder. But otherwise they cannot track you based on your IP thats just foolish to think as they can't determine legal copy from illegal copy.

    For the record I do not have it but I wouldn't feel worried about getting it.

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  • Sun Baked
    Sep 16, 07:35 AM
    Originally posted by fragiledreams
    Please stop the stability ************. We are not living in the age of windows 95 any more. Some of you guys live with illusions.

    But sometimes fantasy can be so much better than reality.

    And if you deviate too much, the drugs they'll give you in the looney bin will really warp your mind.


    Note: the above post has no basis in reality. But for those that have always used Apples, sometimes it's really hard to think like a PC user without drugs.

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  • benpatient
    Apr 14, 02:16 PM
    I'd say that's also the primary design flaw of the PC, although it wasn't very hard to overcome. Every normal person DOES tend to have a tech friend/relative just to keep their PC working/updated. I'm that tech friend/relative in most of my social circles, and if you're posting here, you're sure to be one too.


    that's not the same thing at all. If your mom calls you on the phone and says "i can't run this new app because it says i need to update" you can walk her through it from 2000 miles away. If she's got an ipad and the next version of Angry Birds requires a new iOS version, and she doesn't have a computer, you can't talk her through that. unless you think this would work:

    "OK, Mom, what you need to do is go to Best Buy, and go to one of the macs, and then open iTunes, and sync your ipad with it, and then do software update on it, and then erase your account info from the best buy mac, and that's all you have to do!"


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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 12, 06:42 PM
    I have the first gen, Mysore has the second gen, we LOVE them:eek:

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  • diederik85
    Jun 14, 11:54 AM
    Not everyone in the Netherlands and Germany is happy with it, but T-Mobile has been our exclusive provider of the iPhone 3G and 3GS since their launch and there is no end in sight for us. It would however be very easy and logical for Apple to choose to use T-Mobile in the US, not only because no hardware modification is necessary (I noticed myself last week in Boston that my European iPhone 3G 16GB defaulted to the T-Mobile network or alternatively AT&T when there was no coverage), and it would be a matter of adding an additional country to an existing contract with a company you are already dealing with as opposed to starting from scratch. You Americans may not like it but it is the most logical move for Apple even if it's not the preferred one.

    :apple: 13" Macbook Pro 2.4 (2010), iMac 20" 2.66, iPhone 3G 16GB, Black Macbook 2.0, 600 & 900MHz 12" iBook G3's, G3 + G4 iMac's and much more going back to 1987 :apple:

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  • Thomas Veil
    Apr 26, 06:01 AM
    No thanks. Looks like I'll be voting for Bill the Cat again.
    Image (http://thfd.smugmug.com/Other/Forums/7305329_XAcTU#858186861_umpyA-A-LB)Do y'all remember when Donald Trump got killed by his own boat anchor and doctors transferred his brain into Bill the Cat's body? One of the more memorable Bloom County storylines. If I can find it, I may scan a few for us.

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  • kgeier82
    May 23, 08:13 PM
    Hope everyone is enjoying the beta. I pre-ordered from gamestop about 3 weeks ago, and went to get my key Thursday of last week.

    Guy told me the last day to pick up a Beta key was wednesday. Missed it by one day! WTF.

    My dates could be wrong, but I believe it was thursday.

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  • Lex Yu
    Apr 30, 07:47 PM
    And a Apple branded USB Thumb drive makes no sense cost wise! DVD makes much more sense as an installation media.

    I don't think Apple will be bothered by a few bucks because Apple is the cash king.

    OS media on the USB stick makes sense because it is a lot faster than DVD-ROM.

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  • Peaceful
    Sep 27, 12:15 PM
    Ya, who says they won't use hex? Although if they have been using hex all this time it would have been OS A instead of OS 10 :) :)

    No, no. You misunderstood. They switched from using a single base-ten number (OS 8, OS 9), to using a BINARY number and a base-ten number joined by a period. The binary number indicates the theme, while the base-ten number indicates significant os revisions.

    So to illustrate, we currently have OS 10 (that's a binary ONE): FELINE

    10.0 Cheetah
    10.1 Puma
    10.2 Jaguar
    10.3 Panther
    10.4 Tiger
    10.5 Leopard
    10.6 Lion

    Next will be OS 01 (That's a binary TWO, and don't even try to tell me my endianness is wrong, because there is no wrong endianness for OS X, we all know that now). Anyway, the revision numbers will have to start over, and we'll have to go with a new AQUATIC theme, so you get:

    01.0 Stingray
    01.1 Jellyfish
    01.2 Orca
    01.3 Shark

    And then OS 11 (That's a binary THREE, people): AVIANS

    11.0 Kite
    11.1 Hawk
    11.2 Osprey
    11.3 Eagle

    Beyond that, I won't say, because I wouldn't want to break my NDA. But let's just say that OS 001 will have a killer theme, but we won't see that until 2022...


    Apr 16, 02:58 PM
    So, famous people can do what they want. Nice, Apple.

    That or they realized it was time to remove their head from you know where because they are not capable of judging an app's true worth...

    Apr 17, 10:12 PM
    I have heard of Folding@home at it sounds interesting. I like the idea of helping scientists with their experiments.

    Unfortunately I have two problems with this.

    1) Ultimately where does all this research go? Who is benefitting from it all? I can't help but think that all this research will just enable some multi-billion dollar drug company to come up with some pill that they can patent and make billions of more dollars. I tried reading the faqs of Folding@home, but it does not really say where all this research is going. I am sure the scientists mean well with their research, but ultimately they will not be the ones creating the drugs to cure these diseases. Drug companies will be doing that, and they are strictly profit oriented.

    2) My electricity prices are going up by about 10% so I really don't like the idea of my iMac running 24-7 eating up electricity, and adding to the wear and tear of my system. I'm not sure what the monthly cost would be running Folding@home, but I'm sure it adds up.

    Can anyone here comment on these concerns?

    Well you do have a point. I can't really comment about it, other than that I don't know.

    And yes, electricity costs do add up. But I still believe that it's a good thing to do

    Nov 1, 11:29 PM
    For the specific Mac models (like the oogles of PowerMac revisions), would it be wise to just link directly to AppleSpec instead of making our own? We already have [[PowerMac]] with links to [[PowerMac_G4]] which then links to [[PowerMac_specificModel]]. Maybe the links on the PowerMac_G4 page should be to the AppleSpec PDFs for those models?

    What if apple takes that information down?

    I would think it would be good to make our own local DB of information so we don't need to rely on others for information.

    Just my .00000002

    Feb 28, 08:07 PM

    yeh that is that stupid Server.app. what an insult!

    Mar 13, 12:55 PM
    my att iphone 4 was set to automatic time for phx az and it moved my clock ahead by an hr today even tho az doesnt do daylight savings so it shouldn't have to change ever.. the clock app has had problems since the beginning which is just ridiculous..
    to fix all i had to do tho was turn automatic time off then back on and it corrected itself.

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