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  • trrosen
    May 7, 12:27 PM
    Most people don't understand the fundamental differences between iDisk and Drop Box. If Apple was to build a front end to iDisk that stored the file locally and then sync'd over WebDAV in the background they'd be able to offer the same performance.

    Prefrences > mobile me > iDisk ...Set iDisk syncing on and a local cache of your iDisk is created and synced automatically. Just like dropbox.

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  • kxbcvoi
    Apr 20, 10:56 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    otherwise...why would I buy an ip5?

    You don't have to.

    It doesn't sound like there's much there to tempt iPhone 4 owners but it should be a great update for those with the 3GS and 3G.

    Of course, for iPhone 3G user, like me , iPhone 4s or 5 will be a big upgrade.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 20, 11:43 AM
    Calendar wise it is... but most people don't view the middle of September as "summer". Meteorological summer is over by then, and that's MUCH more important, IMO.

    That's not "Calendar" summer, it is based on cycles of the sun, precisely, the solstices and equinoxes. ;)

    It just so happens that the Fall equinox falls in mid-september while Summer solstice is on the 21st of June.

    This is true the world over, it is not a "US thing".

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  • JoeG4
    Apr 21, 10:15 PM
    I always thought the case was one of the best things about the Mac Pro.

    If only Apple would do what tons of people have been whining and screaming and begging Apple for - shove a regular i7 + nice board with some PCIe slots + REGULAR DDR3 in there and sell it as a Mac Sorta Pro.


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  • deconstruct60
    Apr 21, 10:01 PM
    Why spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on redevelopment for an audience of, lets say 50,000 customers when you can spend the same amount on an audience of 1million+ customers.

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  • mrzippy
    May 7, 12:27 PM
    I joined Mobile Me (.Mac) in 2003 and haven't looked back.

    What I like:
    1. Amazing SPAM filtering (less than 25 SPAM emails since 2003)
    2. Keychain sync between my 3 Macs
    3. Calendar sync between my iPhone / Mac
    4. Bookmark sync between my iPhone / Mac
    5. Preferences sync between my 3 Macs
    6. Secure iChats
    7. Disposable email aliases
    8. Find my iPhone / Remote wipe (could be very handy)

    What I don't like:
    1. iDisk whenever I have used is painfully slow and unreliable
    2. iPhoto album publish is slow and unreliable
    3. Price

    Just my opinion and I intend to pay again this year if it's not free, if it is free I hope they maintain the good points and improve the bad points.

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  • Hastings101
    Apr 20, 01:37 AM
    I hope they call it the iPhone 4S or something like that instead of iPhone 5

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  • bdkennedy1
    Mar 28, 10:02 AM
    So? Do any of those phones have 1/10th the user experience of the iPhone? Who is standing in line for them? Do you question the speed of the electronics in your TV set? No because it does what it's supposed to do.

    Yes, precisely. Android and other handsets are moving to Tegra 2/Orion based platforms with maybe quad core SoCs coming in Fall '11 from nVidia. An A5 equipped iPhone shipping around September would be outdated the minute it hits the shelves as far as hardware is concerned.

    With Pocket Legends already reporting that gaming on Android is making them more money than on iOS and this delay in Apple's usual release schedule, it could mean that iOS gaming could lose out to Android and set the pace for future developments, just like what happened to Apple in the 80s with the rise of the PC.

    While I doubt we have anything to worry about short term as iOS device owners, if they keep this up in the long term and keep losing ground to Android, it might become a problem.

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  • extraextra
    Jul 29, 10:08 PM
    Any ideas on the price tag for this phone?

    Hopefully they release it with Cingular. I've always had wonky connections with Cingular though, maybe it's my phone. Ironically, I've noticed that the signal is the worst inside the mall - next to the Apple store. :p

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  • Bonte
    Apr 18, 04:01 PM
    Looking at the TouchWiz UI, I see your point.

    But, at what point does an interface become too generic? For example, the concept of pages of icons in a grid isn't really new or innovative. The concept of swiping across screens is simple and intuitive and should be standardized
    (e.g. copied) for that exact reason. Should other phone makers put the icons in a circle, "just because" they need to be different? Should they force you to do something differently just because the best and most intuitive way was "already taken"?

    We had smartphones, tablets and organisers years before the iPhone, if the layout and form-factor was so intuitive it should have been used before. Apple also uses the the start-screen a lot in promotions, it has become a logo for the device. Samsung also copy's the advertising to make it look like an Apple device, more than once i have to look more closely to a billboard to confirm it's not an iPhone. Samsung is the biggest copycat of them all.

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  • ddeadserious
    Apr 26, 02:46 PM
    iOS is stale.

    They haven't made an significant UI changes since 2007.

    While Apple can continue to release a beautifully engineered and sleek phone, they need to focus on making iOS up to par with the features that Android offers.

    In terms of OS, the only thing iOS seems to do better is simply being more stable.

    I sold my iPhone 4 last month and bought an Android phone. The only thing I miss? The retina display and the Facebook app. I'm willing to deal with a bit of instability for the immense amount of extra functionality that Android offers.

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  • ticman
    Dec 4, 07:30 PM
    I have 3 apple stores in my state. One about 25 miles and the others at the opposite end of the state. None have the car kit in stock and suggested ordering online. Last time i checked it was a 2 to 3 week delivery time. Now it appears from above post that 7 to 10 days may be new ETA.

    I am thinking of giving BLT another week and then biting the bullet and ordering from


    BTW 30% off of something you not receive suddenly doesn't look like such a bargain.

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  • flipperfeet
    Apr 26, 03:58 PM
    And yet the entire Android platform generates less revenue in a year than iTunes does in a single quarter.

    The iPhone and iOS have never been lost leaders used to gain market share so Apple could have more eye-balls looking at search ads. Android is a trojan horse to expand PPC revenues as rapidly as possible; the public potshots about "open" and "curated" are just a distraction while Google fosters an increasingly fragmented ecosystem that encourages users to treat Android phones like disposables to be replaced with the newest shinny bobble from HTC, Motorolla, Nokia, Samsung every 8 months. The only winners in the Android hardware/OS race are the carriers and the manufacturers who can count on the vast majority of Android users to upgrade two or three times more often than iOS users, each replacement extending their contract and extracting revenue on non upgradable, but incrementally better handsets.

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 26, 09:50 PM (

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  • chrfr
    May 4, 07:13 PM
    Everything I heard said this image is not bootable nor usuable as a recovery media/installation media.
    Everything you heard is wrong, then. It works fine.

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  • ravenvii
    May 4, 09:20 PM
    Can we get an explanation from the gods, since this is the first game in this format?

    Explanation of what?

    EDIT: The villain is done. ROUND THREE BEGINS NOW!

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  • nagromme
    Apr 23, 04:24 PM
    This sounds like planning FAR ahead, but I like it!

    My eyes! My EYES!!!
    Retina display means the opposite of what you may fear: it doesn’t mean tiny menus and unreadable text, the way traditional computer displays look when tons of extra pixels are crammed in.

    Instead, it means MORE readability: added sharpness of the same, nicely-readable, text sizes. Like an iPhone 3GS vs an iPhone 4.

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  • KnightWRX
    May 4, 07:51 PM
    Speed. (Of course, you do have to download it first.) ;) But you don't have to wait for the disk to arrive.

    Entirely dependant on your Internet connection. Some people can go grab the disk and be back home much faster than it would take to download all 8 GB. ;)

    And speed doesn't make something easier or harder.

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  • Weaselboy
    Aug 7, 06:19 PM
    Just ordered with the X1900 upgrade, memory upgrade, and Bluetooth. Says three to five weeks to ship.

    If I check the order status twice a day, will that make my system ship faster? :)

    Apr 18, 04:08 PM
    couldn't Samsung simply get back at Apple by NOT making Apple's stuff? I mean, come on.

    Unfortunately they could. At the moment part manufacturers hold lot of power especially when in comes to screens. In all honesty I find it very strange that Apple hasn't found some other way to deal with Samsung.

    If Apple wants high resolution AMOLED screens for their future products then Samsung could easily say "No" just because even with their current pace they are working very hard trying to meet the demand. For example HTC was forced to use Sony SLCD screens for some of their products because Samsung couldn't manufacture enough AMOLED screens to meet the demand for all of their customers.

    Apr 22, 01:41 PM
    Half of their profit comes from the sale of one device. Say that the iPhone 6 was a flop, imagine having to tell your investors you're losing 50% projected profit nearly overnight.

    I would not think it would be fair comparing cell phones to computers as their designed for much different markets. As more adults own cell phones then computers you would expect higher profits off of it. Apple was doing quite well even before they entered the phone market.

    A more realistic comparison would be phone to phone or computer to computer.

    Don't panic
    May 4, 10:50 AM
    The other downside is we have half our health and action points. I'm not sure how big of a trap we can see early in a game, but if it has 3 or more that wipes out a whole team possibly.

    if we explore, we automatically disable any traps, no matter how big, so there is no damage sustained by us.
    but if the group that goes ahead in the room encounters a monster, then you are right: our AP are split so it would be harder to kill the monster, and all the damage would be only sustained by the entering party.
    on the other hand i don't see any risk to the party that follows.

    that's why i had proposed an asymmetric split, with a stronger party going in the other room (to face a possible monster) and one or two people remaining behind to explore, including you who are likely an essential asset (for now ;)), so we need to avoid that you become damaged goods.

    right now this is moot, though, as i have already communicated turn 1 officially, and we are all searching this darned room.
    so get back to exploring your side! i don't care about the spider. as far as i am concerned they are just another form of proteins!

    well? did anyone find anything interesting?

    Aug 4, 02:16 PM
    I don't see why Apple would put a mobile chip into the iMac. I bought one for my work around a month ago and yes, its portable but not that portable,

    Well, there is a portable chip in it right now...

    Remember, a chip is not "portable" because it is less heavy, but because it takes less power. Conroe takes twice the power of Meron. There is a heating problem with twice the power in an iMac. I am not saying it cannot be cooled down, but it would be really hard to cool it down without making it louder.

    Apr 18, 03:32 PM
    LG was first (before iPhone) to release smart phone with capacitive screen and UI that looks suspiciously close to iPhone. Here is Prada:

    If Apple prevails in court. LG would be stupid not to sue Apple (and they would probably get more money considering iPhone volumes).

    The iPhone 1 was announced before the Prada phone. Patent dates showed iPhone implementation of a capacitive touchscreen phone at least a year before LG showed their Prada phone in 2006. The Prada shipped in small shipments before the iPhone, so that is their only claim that it was technically released before the iPhone even though real shipments occurred months later. Technically, if Apple wanted to, they could have sued LG.

    Also, the Prada isn't a smartphone. It can't load apps. It doesn't even have a qwerty keyboard. You input text through the phone dialer like old school SMS.

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