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kate beckinsale hair 2009

kate beckinsale hair 2009. Kate Beckinsale is Britain#39;s
  • Kate Beckinsale is Britain#39;s

  • dernhelm
    Aug 11, 11:12 AM
    Why would they give the Macbook that but leave the iMac with the original Core Duo? Doesn't make sense. I would think all three would get it or just the Macbook Pro.

    The report out of China was about companies supplying macbooks, not the one's supplying the iMacs. They said nothing about the iMac because they weren't in that model's supply chain. I would expect the iMac to updated at the same time as well. I'm also betting that the macbook pro and macbook both get core 2 duo chips, with MBP getting faster ones with 4MB L2 cache, and MB getting slower ones with lower L2 cache.

    kate beckinsale hair 2009. kate beckinsale hair 2009.
  • kate beckinsale hair 2009.

  • twoodcc
    Aug 2, 11:47 PM
    Sorry. That was not the intent of my meaning. I agree with you. But now that Core 2 are shipping, the 64-bit character of this new generation of processors will in the long term make a difference in the OS as well as in the Pro apps. There are also large energy management differences between Yonah and Merom giving the portables noticably longer battery life immediately.

    well i agree that 64-bit is something, but considering you can't put more than 4 GB of RAM in a Macbook now anyways, it's not going to help that much.(i know i'm just using the Macbook as an example) and by the time you need 64-bit because of software, it'll probably be time for a new computer anyways.....right?

    kate beckinsale hair 2009. Kate Beckinsale#39;s red carpet
  • Kate Beckinsale#39;s red carpet

  • Benjy91
    Apr 25, 10:10 AM
    Your context is incorrect. I was referring to the website that supposedly has a lot of information about you, not the location database.

    Thank you for the demonstration as to how almost everyone here is acting irrationally, though.

    I dont know if its intentional, but your Signature link is broken, it has 1 too many h's. It begins hhttps ;)

    kate beckinsale hair 2009. Kate Beckinsale#39;s hair always
  • Kate Beckinsale#39;s hair always

  • Erasmus
    Aug 4, 07:38 PM
    Looking closer, I can immediately see how they squeeze it into both of these computers...the trackpad isn't in the center of the laptop. How freaking messed up is that? They slid it over the to the left so that the optical drive could fit. That would bug the heck out of me.

    And obviously the guy who decided to design it that way was a leftie...
    It would be OK, if you could choose what side ou put the track pad and CD drive on. It would be OK if it was off centre to the right, as I'm right handed, but moving my right hand to the left side would no doubt feel wierd and awkward.

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  • keruah
    Nov 2, 04:11 PM
    We use Sophos at work and love it! Can't wait to start using it at home too.
    can't wait... to start using an antivirus?

    kate beckinsale hair 2009. Kate Beckinsale#39;s hair dilemma
  • Kate Beckinsale#39;s hair dilemma

  • amols
    Aug 11, 12:22 PM
    Quite incorrect actually. The dfifference is not minimal and this isn't just a "speed bump". If you read up on the Yonah and Merom chip architectures, you'll see that that Merom has significant architectural improvements over Yonah, including a 4MB L2 cache and most notably 64-bit support over Yonah's 32-bit support. This is very significant since Jobs is pushing Leopard and its 64-bit goodness. :cool:

    Umm..technically you are right, but the the difference of 5-15% is not very significant, especially compared to Conroe's 40% jump. Merom's power is limited by slower FSB which is not going to see any change anytime soon. I just hope they fix current MBP issues first like battery life, underclocked graphic card and Superdrives. CPU upgrade is just a ritual Apple has to perform to stay in the league.

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  • shadowx
    Aug 12, 01:04 PM
    why does BLACK ANODIZED ALUMINUM sound sooooo good? Tasty, I would say!


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  • kate beckinsale hair. kate

  • Duke&tank
    Mar 27, 01:01 AM
    I'm starting to wonder if a Iphone 5 is even going to come out this year i mean with the Verizon IPhone launched in February "kinda close to June - July IMO" so they might wait tell june of next year where we get AT&T and a Verizon IPhone upgrades.

    just my thoughts on it. of course Apple is a secret company so we won't know tell it happens:)

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  • iDemiurge
    Apr 23, 05:49 PM
    Doesn't OS X already support displays up to 2560x1600? Afaik that was the resolution of Apple's own (now discontinued) 30" display and the resolution of most, if not all, 30" displays available at the moment. 3200x2000 is nothing but the next rung on the ladder. This is just Apple future-proofing their OS a bit. If they release anything in the short term it will most likely be a big-ass iMac or a bigger Apple Display, NOT a laptop running that resolution. Just saying...

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  • timmillwood
    Sep 11, 01:33 PM


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  • bep207
    Aug 3, 10:45 AM
    do you think the macbook pro could get easy to switch hard drives like the macbook has? what are the odds of fitting two hard drives in say a 17" model and allowing people to carry multiple hard drives that can be easily switched via a port. like a bigger expresscard port but for hdd

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  • xfiftyfour
    Sep 11, 10:40 AM
    i'm trying to not get my hopes up on this one.. mostly because I expect that it'll just be the movie store, and that really doesn't excite me very much. I'm not the type to buy DVDs, or watch a movie more than once unless I have to.. so paying $15 for a DVD to watch on a small screen isn't as appealing as heading to my blockbuster and paying $4 to watch it once on my TV and then move on.

    But boy.. if a new iPod comes out.. I'm gunna have to go work the streets tomorrow night so I can afford one.. er. ;)

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 8, 06:49 PM
    I always have to laugh at things like this. It's akin to people complaining about having to pay $50 for 12 months of Xbox Live.

    $99 a year is a pittance for MoblieMe; break that down over 12 months and it's roughly $8 a month. I don't know about the rest of you, but I know that I easily blow $8 a week on things I don't even remember from week-to-week, let alone setting $8 a month to the side.

    It's the human way. We all know we waste money on other things. I have my sports websites that I often pay about $10 to keep up on current events. Being a working class bloke means that a certain amount of disposable income comes with the territory.

    Everyone's needs are so different. If you have one device MobileMe isn't going to make much sense. If you have a couple of Macs, an iPod Touch, and iPhone or iPad then suddenly without MobileMe you're relying on web based tools (and the weakness they come with) or your spending a lot of redundant effort in data entry.

    For me I'm at a point where I try to get things organized. My Safari bookmarks scream "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" though I'm not an OCD person in every facet of my life. What this means in the context of MobileMe is that I can be out and get notified of of an interesting web address. I add it to my phone and voila before I get home the bookmark is on my Mac where it should be.

    My motto is "never input data twice"

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Aug 2, 01:39 PM
    you have got to be CRAZY to think that he's going to intro an ipod at WWDC, when MW Paris is right around the corner! MW Paris in september is pretty much ALWAYS when they intro ipods and consumer products this time of year.
    I am still a bit curious why the last iPod-updater had text strings such as: "t_feature_app_PHONE_APP, kPhoneSignalStrength,
    if an iPhone isn't around the corner. It doesn't make sense to include that unless the iPhone is very close to be released.
    Besides, wouldn't it be beneficial, in terms of new apps, to let the developers know that the iPhone was about to be released very shortly?

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Apr 25, 09:57 AM
    In the meantime, government agencies in a number of countries have launched investigations into the situation, seeking explanations from Apple and details on how users can protect their privacy.

    - Just as you would do with your wallet and personal record files, don't loose your iPhone or lend it to someone you don't trust.
    - Don't hack your iPhone and then install software that could be unsafe.
    - Not necessary, but if you are too paranoid disable Location Services.

    Protecting your Privacy involves more than just taking care of your iPhone. Someone could call you saying you won a trip to Hawaii, get your personal information, and then you are doomed.
    Or when you purchase something, swipe your Credit Card into their device and retrieve most of the private information they need to steal your identity.

    So, don't come and make a big issue about the iphone tracking personal info and people's privacy invaded, blah-blah, without a certain proof.
    All this hype is nothing more than a publicity stunt .

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  • ampd
    Aug 7, 05:51 PM
    Well after using a Powerbook G4 for the longest time which was given to me for work, i decided that today I would make my first mac purchase and bought the new mac pro... I finally made the complete leap and soon I will be fully rid of Windows as I will be running only Gentoo and OS X. I'm overjoyed that I will be getting my first mac however I know I won't be so happy seeing the credit card bill...heres what I got:

    Two 3GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
    Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple wireless Mighty Mouse
    Both Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and AirPort Extreme
    250GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s (Ill be adding in my 2 750gb hds)
    NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB (single-link DVI/dual-link DVI)
    1GB (2 x 512MB)
    1 x SuperDrive

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  • h0mi
    Mar 29, 10:14 AM
    I was excited about this at first but... this just seems like an incredibly stupid fad. Instead of spending time to put the music on my PMP, I sync to the digital cloud, then stream the music to said player. Yeah, in an era where unlimited data is becoming more not less scarce, that's just what I need, data surcharges. This just appears to be yet another fad intending to push consumer technology in the wrong direction.

    kate beckinsale hair 2009. Kate Beckinsale
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  • derbothaus
    Apr 28, 11:54 AM
    Wow. You brought actual stats to the table. I stand corrected on the melting bit:o

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  • mcmlxix
    Apr 7, 10:53 AM
    Maybe if enterprises really get on board, then sales will ramp up. But businesses are going to run three months of tests before they role out the big blackberries for the staff.

    3 months? My company is *still* testing Windows 7. It *may* be rolled out the end of this year.

    Jul 30, 07:31 AM
    I prefer flip phones, but I highly doubt Apple would introduce a flipphone, because Steve Jobs hates moving parts.

    Nov 5, 02:01 PM
    Who cares.
    It's an epic rip off.

    I hope the next report out is how they only sold 10% of what they forcasted for these pieces of junk.

    Mar 26, 10:53 PM
    sounds plausible, but i really don't see iPad 3 coming out any time this year. it's way too soon

    I agree. The only situation I can see where this would be a possibility is if one of the "iPad killers" actually did kill the iPad 2. And they came out with specs that just absolutely blew it away. But I just don't see that happening. It looks like the iPad 2 and the Xoom are coexisting just fine.

    Aug 11, 09:04 AM
    its always next tuesday isnt it?

    here is to getting up early on tuesday morning, dragging my ass to the computer, and going to to be disappointed by the lack of the promise to be back within the hour.

    Aug 11, 06:35 PM
    And please, for the love of all things holy, retire the Powerbook G5 "joke". It never was funny and it certainly isn't funny now.


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