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cool iphone 4g cases

cool iphone 4g cases. cool iphone 4g cases.
  • cool iphone 4g cases.

  • bbeagle
    Apr 7, 11:27 AM
    Apple would probably HURT the competition more by easing up production of iPads allowing competitors to buy up more screens.

    See, the competitors would buy too many screens, then never be able to sell their crappy devices, thus lose a lot of money and go bankrupt.

    Then Apple would have the whole market to itself. Genius. :D

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  • Phil A.
    Apr 18, 03:11 PM
    Have you seen Windows GUI? It's also almost identical - rows of icons and task bar at the bottom. Did Microsoft sue Apple? No.

    That's a hell of a stretch - there's far more similarity between iOS and OS X (not surprisingly) than between Windows and iOS. Apart from that, Microsoft and Apple have extensive cross licensing agreements in place after the events of the early '90s.
    If you decided to release a new OS that looked just like Windows 7, or a UI that was a copy of Windows Mobile 7, you'd have Microsoft's lawyers on your back in the blink of an eye...

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  • iFanboy
    Mar 30, 05:41 PM
    Dear Apple

    PLEASE can we have a UI update, even if it's a minor one (for instance, iTunes 10 scrollbars rather than the blue aqua ones). Just some extra polish really.



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  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 04:09 PM
    Yeah while talking about Japan's protectionism of their agricultural production really adds to the topic of discussion... cause everyone here who clicks on this thread via the main page wants to hear about Japan's agriculture.

    Let's "evolve" the thread to encompass kamikaze pilots, kabuki theatre, zen Buddhism, sushi and whale hunting too...:rolleyes:

    Well the beauty of this is that you don't make the rules. So if a topic changes and people want to talk about, simply disregard the comments.

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  • paul4339
    Apr 7, 06:30 PM
    .... They're always playing catchup in regards to Apple and Google. Where is their relevance in today's computing world? I'm having a hard time seeing it outside of a few specialized applications. MS has become IBM. ....

    yes... i see where you coming from and agree ... In the consumer market can MS transition from a 'post-PC era' to services & consumer electronics?

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  • mmomega
    May 4, 02:52 PM
    I would hope that creating a bootable DVD/flash drive would be part of the installation process.

    How is it handled now for developers with the Lion preview?

    So far you must enter a redemption code in the app store which allows you to download Lion.
    If you want to install it on multiple computers you can copy the install file to another Mac but it needs to use the same app store account info.
    I haven't found a way to burn or make it bootable since they don't offer a full dmg file on the developer page like they did with SL.

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  • alent1234
    Mar 28, 09:58 AM
    They also will start having 3GS users come off of AppleCare contracts.

    Nobody will buy a new iPhone if their's breaks after AC is up ...knowing that maybe in the Fall we will see an iPhone5.

    Again, leaves to much of an 'open window' for defections based on frustration, etc.

    ...and as pointed out already by others... I agree, iPhone4 is already a dated design. delaying will just erode Apple's lead in the ever growing mobile hardware market.

    Everyday another competitors comes along... it is no longer 2007... their lead is not what it use to be.

    us 3GS users have been eligible for upgrades since last month

    i was going to wait for the iphone 5 but my 3GS had water damage so i went over to android

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  • amols
    Aug 4, 01:34 PM
    1 - I don't know what overheating you talk about, apart from some cases that have been dealt with under AppleCare;

    2 - Apple has probably the best battery life of the industry for such a notebook range...and no, don't tell me about 10" microbooks;

    3 - the SD thing is due to the thin enclosure, a clear design paradigm at Apple...nothing else.

    1. If you check Apple's knowledge database or the manual that come with MBP, it actually says not to put this laptop on top of your lap, or it'll cause discomfort and potentially a burn with prolonged use. Now that's a new thing for a Powerbook or iBook user. Almost all the reviews of MBP state one con throughout, and thats the heat it dissipates. I own a MBP 2.16 Ghz and let me tell you it is very uncomforting to keep this on lap even through the clothing. Forget about using it in shorts unless you are in Alaska.

    2. Less than three hours is not outstanding when you compare MBP to its predecessor and not PC notebooks.

    3. The 17" MBP is as thin as 15.4". Why does it have faster D/L SD ??

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  • GeekLawyer
    Apr 18, 03:02 PM
    Here we go again! Stupid Lawyers :(A lawyer is only as "stupid" as her client.

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  • macdragonfl
    Jul 29, 10:05 PM
    Maybe the key would be to offer the IPhone for all providers, make it run
    a mobile version of OS X with IChat video. I have Sprint and their music store downloads in AAC format. I have wondered if their music store is actually ITunes and they resell it as their own. Does any other carriers download in AAC?

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  • coolbreeze
    May 6, 01:12 AM
    Here we go again...

    Hint: Intel is your winner, AAPL. Understand that.

    Edit: for you young'ins, this a panel of IBM G5 processors. Specifically designed for Apple. The processor partnership was supposed to be groundbreaking.

    Soon after, Apple went begging to Intel and, well, what's the processor brand in the Mac you are reading this on?

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  • rdowns
    Apr 14, 09:44 AM
    Long and very interesting article on taxes. Very good read. (http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-17350-9_things_the_rich_dont_want_you_to_know_about_taxes.html)

    As millions of Americans prepare to file their annual taxes, they do so in an environment of media-perpetuated tax myths. Here are a few points about taxes and the economy that you may not know, to consider as you prepare to file your taxes. (All figures are inflation-adjusted.)

    The Internal Revenue Service issues an annual report on the 400 highest income-tax payers. In 1961, there were 398 taxpayers who made $1 million or more, so I compared their income tax burdens from that year to 2007.

    Despite skyrocketing incomes, the federal tax burden on the richest 400 has been slashed, thanks to a variety of loopholes, allowable deductions and other tools. The actual share of their income paid in taxes, according to the IRS, is 16.6 percent. Adding payroll taxes barely nudges that number.

    Compare that to the vast majority of Americans, whose share of their income going to federal taxes increased from 13.1 percent in 1961 to 22.5 percent in 2007.

    (By the way, during seven of the eight George W. Bush years, the IRS report on the top 400 taxpayers was labeled a state secret, a policy that the Obama administration overturned almost instantly after his inauguration.)

    A corporate tax rate that is too low actually destroys jobs. That�s because a higher tax rate encourages businesses (who don�t want to pay taxes) to keep the profits in the business and reinvest, rather than pull them out as profits and have to pay high taxes.

    The 2004 American Jobs Creation Act, which passed with bipartisan support, allowed more than 800 companies to bring profits that were untaxed but overseas back to the United States. Instead of paying the usual 35 percent tax, the companies paid just 5.25 percent.

    The companies said bringing the money home��repatriating� it, they called it�would mean lots of jobs. Sen. John Ensign, the Nevada Republican, put the figure at 660,000 new jobs.

    Pfizer, the drug company, was the biggest beneficiary. It brought home $37 billion, saving $11 billion in taxes. Almost immediately it started firing people. Since the law took effect, Pfizer has let 40,000 workers go. In all, it appears that at least 100,000 jobs were destroyed.

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  • LoganT
    Mar 27, 10:29 AM
    There are already multiple iPads.....18 of them to be exact. Why would u think Apple would want to add to this already rediculous number. This whole idea about a iPad pro line needs to stop. It doesn't make sense. It's only 2011. Want an iPad pro.....get an AIR.

    There's 18 different models of the same iPad.

    An iPad Pro would have different hardware.

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  • RMo
    Nov 3, 09:57 AM
    I've never heard of this company
    That's because you need to get out more. (Actually, it's because they target business customers, not home users. Lots of large organizations--my old college, for example--site-license their software.)

    are they reputable, does anyone know? I've heard all sorts of stories abut these types of things being spyware or some such, don't want to pollute my Mac with any of that garbage!
    Thanks for the morning laugh.

    Anyway, what I think people aren't realizing is this: while there aren't any in-the-wild viruses for OS X, you always have the risk of unknowingly carrying Windows viruses, which could be important if you have PCs at home or work or otherwise interact with some 90% of the computing world.

    I don't understand why so many people are rating this negative.

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  • phantom5251
    Dec 6, 03:23 PM
    Apple has changed their site now to say it would ship in 1-2 months.

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  • Plutonius
    May 3, 05:22 PM
    [QUOTE=ravenvii;12507483]CURRENT KNOWN MAP:

    map confusion - I'm assuming the yellow marks are three doors. but is our start position inside the mansion ?

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  • adbe
    Mar 29, 02:51 PM
    I agree. Given the last Ford we purchased leaked and after 6 months of trying to fix it, the Ford dealer said "well, everything leaks" and said they'd give a good deal on it to trade it in if we wanted. And the last GM we had stalled every morning when you were pulling out on to the road and the dealer said that it was "just the way the car was made," and could never fix it I wouldn't buy an American made car unless they started getting good reports both for quality upfront (they just sound cheap compared to a Honda, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, or Toyota) and for quality over 5-6+ years of ownership. And the previous American made cars we had were of similar low quality.

    To be fair (and way OT) Ford really do seem to have upped their game, and GM are at least trying.

    I'm actually seriously considering the new 2012 Focus, or the Fiesta as a second car. I wouldn't even have looked in Ford's direction two years ago.

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  • OdduWon
    Sep 15, 04:50 PM
    I hope the 2.33GHz processor comes standard in the 17" since it�s the highest-end model...:D
    i thought merom went to 2.66 :confused: or was that conroe?

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  • vincenz
    Apr 10, 09:39 AM
    I got 24 * 24. Which is 288. I can't believe how long this thread is. And someone needs to fix the way the Mac does math...

    Apr 18, 03:57 PM
    From Wikipedia:

    Samsung: Net income US$ 8.33 billion (2009)
    Apple: Profit US$ 14.01 billion (FY 2010)

    Apple's profits are higher but that's because they spend about $8 billion less on R&D than Samsung ;)

    Apple's profits are higher because they waste less money on fruitless enedevaours. Sad with all that spend, Samsung still had to copy Apple.

    Apr 18, 04:52 PM
    Also consider these designs:


    that bar of soap sure looks a lot like the Mighty Mouse.. get on it Apple!


    May 6, 08:12 AM
    Moving away from Intel in their notebooks and desktops would be a HUGE mistake in my opinion. Intel is the big dog and they have the resources to keep innovating. I guess if they plan on making everything iOS then it makes a little more sense, but for true blue OSX machines Intel has the muscle.

    I think they can pull it off. I watched as they went from Motorola 680X0, to PowerPC (which was huge) and then to Intel (hell froze over!) So this happening would not be the least bit surprising or concerning.

    Apr 25, 09:21 AM
    I have to wonder if this email is accurate. It could be another bunch of FUD being put out there in an attempt to make it look like Apple isn't taking this seriously.

    Is it serious? Yes and no. Sure the data isn't being sent to Apple but there is no way to "opt out" of it and that is what many people have issues with. Then again, they will have issues with it until they need to track someone - like a lost loved one or a cheating spouse (I'm sure this has majorly freaked out some cheaters!).

    I also have to wonder how long before we get proof many other phones do this - not just android either, I've got a sneaky suspicion more phones do this than people realize.

    Jul 23, 04:14 PM
    Personally, i'd love Apple releasing a intermediate desktop solution (between iMac and Mac Pro) sporting a not-yet-released 3.2GHz Conroe porcessor. That would be my dream machine BUT this is unlikely as its clocked higher than the top Woodcrest chip which tops out at 3.0GHz.

    I might just get a windows box and dump linux on it....after all i already own a mac (PowerBook) with lots of life left. So if i miss Mac OS X i'll simply use my PB.

    Other alternative would be to buy any conroe machine and just swap out the CPU with the 3.2 GHz chip launches. Too bad conroes will most likely be launching on iMacs though.

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