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  • Cygnus311
    Jul 30, 11:27 AM
    I'm in the same boat as the guy that just wants to talk. I don't want a camera, a web browser, CRAP games, ketchup dispenser, and can opener. I just want a PHONE. It drives me crazy because I want something small I can hardly feel in my pocket and not something that's a foot long when I "flip" it open (Razr). BUT...with ALL that being said, I would buy an iPod phone. It would be SWEET to not have to carry around my iPod and cell anymore but have them both as one. What happens if I'm listening to a song with my headphones and a call comes in. Will it pause the song and allow me to answer the call? Will I be able to use the headphones for the call? Will they build a microphone into that I don't have to hold the thing up to my head like some cell's speaker phones do?

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  • worldfar
    Aug 4, 08:17 PM
    although the Merom is average faster than Yohan 10%~20%:cool:

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  • emotion
    Aug 11, 10:22 AM
    Well i know i can get the chip, but then don't i need a new motherboard too, and who/where would i get that put in?

    No, the same chipset is used for Merom at this stage (Santa Rosa won't be around until next year). I think a firmware update might be needed but possibly not. Those Core Solo Mac Minis look good to me for a makeover.

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  • mcrain
    Apr 15, 10:07 AM
    So, the United States should start a football program?? ;)

    How about a bank. There are several proposals for State owned banks, similar to N. Dakota.

    See for example this discussion: Link to HuffPo ( or if you don't like that source, here is another. WebofDebt (

    (edit) I heard a radio discussion about this, and the guest said that California could eliminate its deficit by handling only 20% of the mortgages in California.

    selena gomez bikini and justin bieber. selena gomez bikini and justin
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  • My1stMacWasLisa
    Nov 25, 05:48 AM
    To the posters who say antivirus sioftware is 'unintrusive' I have to disagree. If you have it set to be live/active rather than passive then it is in the very nature of antivirus software to be intrusive. That's what it does, it intrudes into the normal functioning of your OS to add extracomplexity to perform intensive checks and or scans on every IO, local or remote, activity. If it didn't intrude it wouldn't work.

    You may respond by saying well it didn't intrude to the extent that I noticed, well never the less it intrudes and it slows down the performance of your system. Your system is having to do extra work, the work of the AV software, perfromance is unavoudably impacted. You can't bend the laws of physics to give AV software a free ride.

    As for those who say "you should at least have it installed so you don't pass viruses to other users". Well those other (windows) users have AV software installed, right? If they don't, they should, according to you argument. And if they haven't and they get a virus it's their fault not some Mac user way down the chain.

    It is inevitable that Mac OS will eventually be more frequently targetted, however I have 'faith' the it is more secure than windows. And if and when the great Mac Virus Outbreak occurs, I'll install AV software, until then. NO.

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  • lilo777
    Mar 30, 02:14 PM
    So let me understand this. You pay to buy your music, you pay to store it 'in the cloud' and you pay data charges (with ever decreasing unlimited data plans) to listen to it.

    This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

    Obviously you do not consider all possibilities. Some people have unlimited data plans (or do not have time to listen to music to often so even the limited plan could suffice). Combined with free 5GB space, people have to pay nothing. Then there are people for whom hundred bucks is not an issue but convenience is. This World (outside Apple ecosystem) is all about choices. And if not enough people will find this service to be attractive, Amazon will close it. Without your telling them.

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  • griz
    May 4, 02:55 PM
    How so?

    The current method is "the OS DVD you buy can be used anywhere, as often as you like, forever."

    How could it be worse than that?

    Not as often as you like. You buy one copy of Snow Leopard and it is good for one Mac. Family pack gets you 5.

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  • seenew
    Aug 3, 11:34 PM
    Man, and I got an iMac in late June because I was told they wouldn't get Merom's into iMacs until 2007.


    I can still drop one in, can't I?

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  • 0815
    Apr 7, 10:15 AM
    I wonder if this affects HP's Touchpad. HP has deep pockets as well though.

    Deep pockets alone are not enough ... you also need some strategic planing to know ahead what you need and make sure that you get it.

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  • emotion
    Aug 2, 11:02 AM
    I like this guy. He's being reasonable. However, I'd bet that Apple does NOT update any other Macs to Core 2. Yet. Save that for Expo Paris.

    Don't forget that apple dont just compete with themselves but other PC manufacturers now, and that release schedule would put them way behind. I expect speedbump/updated MBP and iMac at least. Probably on a random Tuesday soon.

    selena gomez bikini and justin bieber. selena gomez bikini and justin
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  • shaolindave
    May 4, 06:12 PM
    I said it in the other thread : All for a download version of OS X Lion, but it should not be through the app store like the current DP. Checkout should provide you with a disc image that you burn to your own DVD/USB Thumb drive.

    It's how Linux distributions have been doing it for the last 10 years.

    Or if it really must be through the app store, provide a small disc image download that when booted off of, just provides an interface to sign-in to the App Store and install Lion, like RedHat was doing in 1996 with its "NetInstall" floppies that were just an installer than fetched its media over FTP or NFS.

    i'll have no problem with it being in the App store, so long as disc backups will be allowed (and easy to accomplish).

    Currently, 0% of app store products come with the option to make a physical backup. sure there's ways to do it, pretty easily in fact, but no apps are sold with this in mind because there's never been an app that'd need this feature before.

    I personally wouldn't buy Lion from the App Store with the current store's setup, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else either.

    selena gomez bikini and justin bieber. selena gomez bikini and justin
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  • Freis968
    May 7, 01:14 PM
    This would be great. I cancelled my home phone a couple years back and also cable TV. These cuts saved me close to $100 per month. To save an additonal $69 per year, the amount I paid last year on Amazon for MobileMe, would be another great savings.

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  • digitalbiker
    Aug 4, 09:09 PM
    Who cares for Quicken - it's not performance critical. It probably wasn't worth the effort given the gains probaby wouldn't even be noticeable.

    I'd think that all Apple's Pro apps market to the same small intel mac userbase, and they're done. They weren't cross platform so I'd think they weren't easy to port.

    We all know Adobe's reasons - but still, two years is a long time.

    First, Apple's apps were easier to port because they were already XCode. So it was fairly easy for Apple to just recompile with the new compiler.

    Second, Adobe was using a lot of CodeWarrior code and it would be far more difficult to convert. Also having X86 code compiled using MS VStudio doesn't help Adobe to be ahead in generating X86 code under XCode because they run under a completely different GUI and access different libraries.

    Third, even Apple released the UB code with a new updated version of their pro apps. Adobe's CS3 was not due for a year and a half.

    Fourth, Adobe announced their plans early on so that everyone would know what to expect.

    My point about intuit is that Apple announced the transition before Intuit even began work on Quicken 2007. Quicken hardly relies on any graphics code, is mostly text, and number based. Yet they chose to ignore converting to UB code even though now would be perfect timing to do so. In addition they have not announced any plans to create UB's in the future.

    Sure quicken will run with Rosetta, but is that what we want from developers. Forget about modernizing their code because they can make it run in an artificial emulated environment.

    With that logic Intuit should have stuck with OS9 versions of quicken as it could always be run fine in classic.

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  • shawnce
    Jul 21, 03:45 PM
    * Compiler optimizations to take full advantage of multi-core processors.

    You don't know much about this topic do ya :p

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  • Skoal
    Apr 18, 03:25 PM
    Good God Apple, whatever!

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  • Bengt77
    Aug 4, 06:55 PM
    Sounds like someone wants an iMac Ultra! (Really final Propaganda)

    All for under AU$4 Grand.
    Yay! I'll take one the minute it comes out! How much is one AU$ in €? Let's see... AU$4000 is about €2400. Sounds reasonable to me. But I'm all for stretching it a bit. Let's say €2100/AU$3530. That's €400 more expensive than the current top model, which is €400 more expensive than the low-end iMac. Seems logical to me, maybe not so reasonable, but reason is soooo overrated these days! :D

    Anyone else here interested in an iMac Ultra?

    Anyone else have an extreme and probably unwarrented hatred of the Pentium moniker?
    Yes! (And yes to c.q. about that Pentium name, too, by the way.)

    selena gomez bikini and justin bieber. SELENA GOMEZ BIKINI AND JUSTIN

  • Tonsko
    Dec 14, 02:21 AM
    No, we do NOT have any responsibility to protect Windows users from viruses. It is each computer user's responsibility to protect themselves. Even if every Mac ran antivirus, Windows users are still at a much greater risk from other sources of malware. The common sense approach is for every Windows user to run their own antivirus to protect themselves from malware, whether that malware comes from a Mac user or another source. Mac users do not have a responsibility to burden their computers with AV apps, just because some Windows users may be careless enough to run without AV protection.

    Speak for yourself mate. It's easy enough to say that, but what happens if I go to a small client's site, and they're not on the case: I end up with a virus nestled on my hard disk. Then I end up going to a data centre, plugging in and... OOPS! The virus gets into the DC. I would be liable. I am insured, but it's easier to prevent than deal with the fallout. Additionally, as a security consultant, it might not look to competant, if you follow :)

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  • Bye Bye Baby
    May 7, 01:01 PM
    I must say that mobileme is essential for me. Laptop, desktop, media centre mini, iphone and one day an ipad- i need a way of syncing contacts/ email/ calendars/ documents and settings that no one else offers so easily.

    I do not like google as a company. I simply don't trust them and don't like their business model.

    Both back to my mac and the iphone locator have beed precious tools for me.

    there is a lot there but I think they could upgrade the service for us.

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  • MacRumors
    May 7, 10:02 AM (

    Apr 19, 01:15 AM
    I don't think anything will get done with the extreme left and extreme right fighting it out.
    Where is this "extreme left" of which you speak? The furthest left we have in government is probably Dennis Kucinich, who is really barely left of center, AFAICT. The problem is that we have people who think compromise means " Just do what we want any nobody gets hurt." rollercoasters belong in the funpark, not the capitol.
    An example (with simplified numbers):

    Government Income: $1 billion
    Government Spending: $1.50 billion
    Total government debt: $5 billion

    Please forgive me for being crass, but your math, you have to buy me a new calculator, it made my old one explode. ;)

    Nov 26, 01:04 PM
    Not mentioned in any of the speculation (but I'll put money on it):

    eBook reader. If Apple can manage some arrangements with the textbook publishers, this would move Apple back into the driver's seat in the Education market.


    Mar 30, 08:10 PM
    Still downloading (10 more hours to go)...

    Those who experienced non-quitting iCal in DP1, can you quit it in DP2?
    Also, can the Launchpad icon be dragged out of the dock?

    Please, say 'yes' to the above 2 questions. :o

    iCal keeps opening up on me until I log out and log in again. And no, you can't drag Launchpad out of the Dock, but you can edit a file to remove it. I know I saw it in some other thread.

    Mar 28, 11:06 AM
    Maybe they want the iPhone and iPod Touch to come out at the same time?

    They are almost the same product.

    Sep 16, 01:46 PM
    If there IS an upgrade/redesign/whatever do you think there will be a 12" MacbookPro or do you guys think Apple is not going for that on the Pro line?

    (also are both 15" and 17" upgrades to be expected or just 15"??)
    I'll guess 12", 15" and 17". I read somewhere they're expecting a 12".

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