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60th Birthday Cake For Men

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  • 8CoreWhore
    Apr 25, 04:17 AM
    I guess everyone is stumped.

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  • Consultant
    May 4, 04:55 PM
    Archive and Install

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  • Dagless
    Mar 22, 09:32 AM
    Well film to game brought us Goldeneye.
    game to film... zip!

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  • Kilamite
    Jul 26, 08:25 AM
    It is as a developer-only beta.

    I know.

    I imagine he means the fast task switching part of the "multitasking" APIs.

    Which the iPhone 3G can take advantage of, of course...

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  • bluebomberman
    Mar 24, 10:34 PM
    It pays to have an extra set of nunchuks. So far, no problems.

    I'm too lazy to test my old nunchuk with other games (all I have are Zelda and Wii Sports) to see if I have a Madden problem or a nunchuk problem, so I'm not sure I have cause to go to Nintendo and ask for a replacement nunchuk...

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  • hajime
    Sep 6, 07:36 AM
    No, just quality. I bought one on eBay for a friend and it fried her iPod. But Monoprice makes great quality cables. And super cheap too.

    Thanks for sharing the experience.

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  • BrianKonarsMac
    Oct 13, 10:56 PM
    the default allotment of ram on apple's entire line up is an embarrassment, you HAVE to have a minimum of 512 and preferably higher, yet they give you a useless amount forcing you to upgrade right off the bat. what's even more embarrassing is they provide tester's and store displays with only 256mb making any testers believe these machines are POS's because they don't know any better!!

    apple, shame on you.

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  • clayj
    Jan 24, 10:17 PM
    Even though the product numbers are different I can't tell the difference between these:

    As you can see one is $30 more than the other, hmm.Looks like Best Buy is trying to dump them... may be a discontinued item for them.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 25, 04:43 PM
    Which applications do you use?

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  • eastercat
    May 5, 02:18 AM
    There seems to be a reading comprehension failure on your part.
    You can either set up with a clean slate or use your backup. In this case, restore has a different meaning. :rolleyes:

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  • AppleNewton
    Jun 25, 01:00 AM

    1) Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard:

    Price: $45 shipped [standard shipping]- SOLD to asencif!! thank you!

    2) Apple Mighty Mouse Wired:

    Price: $30 Shipped [standard shipping]

    Both are still in original plastic wrap

    PayPal only, PM for details.

    Sold here before, and 100% eBay feedback

    thank you!

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  • Horrortaxi
    Jul 23, 01:34 AM
    At home I have a wireless network and everything is great. I visit a few different wireless hotspots and everything is also great. At work if I need internet access I have to plug my iBook (700mhz, 256MB, 10.2.6) into ethernet. I did that today and got nothing. Restarted, still nothing. Created a new location and changed network preferences to try ethernet first, turned off AirPort--nothing. Any ideas here? I'm not ruling out a network problem at work, but a problem on my end seems more likely.

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  • sparkyms
    May 2, 02:54 PM
    I know you're probably after a SIM free one, but o2 have loads in stock... I managed to nab one on day 1 from Southampton Apple Store, they didn't seem to have any stock problems either!

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  • homerjward
    Feb 25, 08:08 AM
    wow. i really love that new coloring. when i saw on the apple online store that the click wheel buttons were colored i didn't believe it, but that's really cool. probably my favorite part about the way it looks. it makes the click wheel look clear in those parts or something :D

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  • sydcansam
    Jun 25, 02:58 PM
    I'm freezing my butt off on the sidewalk out front the Apple Store in downtown Sydney waiting to get my hands on a rare iPhone... Unlocked from Apple - Available for outright purchase. 32GB = $AU1040 ($US829).

    The store opens in 2 hours - Here are a few pics: ( (

    This is a first for Apple... The Never-Locked iPhone.

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    May 5, 07:28 AM
    but if i hook up an ACD with minidisplayport it does recognise the USB ports... right? so does it also recognise USB ports on my imac? when i use it as a screen?

    im not going all on thunderbolt i was just implying that that would be what i use. i know the imac only has minidisplay.

    If you're using the 27" ACD, then you're plugging in a the MiniDisplay Port, and a separate USB cable; the USB cable where it recognizes devices and sends it back to your Mac via the USB.

    But, that's assuming you're using the latest ACD (which does not have ThunderBolt, but a MiniDisplay Port).

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  • yg17
    Apr 27, 11:46 AM
    I'll be there on May 22nd to laugh at them.

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  • Jolly Giant
    Apr 2, 06:47 AM
    found this ( doing a google search.

    another read here (

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  • thonarsignals
    Oct 18, 02:26 AM
    I got the idea from the time 11 or so years ago when my kid brother and I just finished making something on my performa 5200 together. As we did a high 5, my brother said "Now We're Mac'n!". The idea of a person being the fin of a dolphin is from a lucid dream I had 10 years ago where I ran around the dream looking for good paintings to memorize. I made the ad by buying stock photography. You can see my hundreds of other lucid dream paintings at

    Dec 7, 06:52 AM
    is there a total postcount displayed anywhere?

    Apr 3, 01:02 PM
    No. The X1900 is 25% stronger. The Quadro's only good point is the extra ram. Its not worth the extra money.

    Hello (again) 300D.

    We already talked about this. Where do you get the 25%. Tests have shown that the card is about as fast as the 7800.

    Jan 8, 08:18 PM
    Hello I'm new to the forums and to Motion and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make a constant thin sparkly line.

    1. Library -> Particle Emitters -> Glitter Sparkles -> Apply
    2. Open Layer Panel
    3. Delete bottom 2 layers
    4. Click on Glitter Sparkles main layer group
    5. Go to Inspector tab -> Emitter tab
    6. Set Shape to Line
    7. Set Start Point X to -(1/2 of the size of your canvas)
    8. Set End Point X to 1/2 of the size of your canvas.
    9. Change color over time features to suit your color needs
    10. Adjust Life parameter to suit your needs.

    I've attached a render of what it might look like.

    Sep 6, 05:05 PM
    They were in the middle of a knee replacement, i know i would be pissed to be the doctor, had to continue along with it via flashlights

    May 5, 10:48 PM
    If color is important to you then you shouldn't be looking at used monitors.

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