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  • pyounderfire
    Apr 24, 12:54 AM
    I knew someone would suggest that... LOL! In user accounts under my name the only thing I see is ituneshelper and some speech thing. But, would ituneshelper prevent my IMac from sleeping, I wonder?



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  • gr8tfly
    Apr 7, 09:08 PM
    Snow Leopard 10.6 is a full install, so you can start with an empty HDD (since your machine shipped with 10.5, there's no chance of having a newer/special build of 10.6.x).

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  • sushi
    Oct 18, 10:55 PM
    Would like to join you guys.

    However, I have a meeting this evening and probably won't be able to make it down there in time.

    One favor, can you check out the supply of iPod Touches -- specifically if they have the 16GB model in stock. TIA.

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  • armanjt
    May 6, 06:40 PM
    So I'm looking into a new iMac and my budget is 1500 so I'm wonder whether to get the 2.5 ghz and get some ram from OWC or just go with the 2.7 ghz please help me decide

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  • firestarter
    Mar 10, 02:31 PM
    And you live in which country, OP?

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  • notjustjay
    Apr 24, 11:31 AM
    What model is the miniDV camcorder? Many (most?) of them have AV inputs, but most of them require a special cable that breaks out the RCA jacks. For example, my Sony cable looks like this (

    Assuming you do have an AV input, and cable, then you can connect the VHSC output directly to the AV input from the miniDV camcorder. Then connect a Firewire cable from your camcorder to the Mac, and fire up iMovie (the older version, iMovie HD, is actually preferable, but you can capture with the newer versions too).

    What you do next depends on the model of miniDV camcorder you have and whether it has "AV to DV pass through" capability (note: sometimes this is a setting that you have to turn on in the camcorder menus). If it does, then just start playing the VHSC tape, and you'll see the playback in iMovie and you can begin capturing right away.

    If you don't have the passthrough capability, then you'll need to dub the VHSC tape to a miniDV tape, then rewind and playback the miniDV tape to get the output into iMovie.

    If your DV camcorder doesn't do AV inputs, then you might also consider getting a USB video capture device that accepts input directly from RCA jacks. There are plenty of them around (like this one ( but I don't know what the quality is like.

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  • hvfsl
    Apr 4, 06:29 PM
    Well its possible they are talking about the PowerBook G5, especially since someone at Apple accedently released the G5 specs a few days before they were released.

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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 3, 09:12 AM
    I keep reading on various posts that some people use a wet application method on dry films (PS and SGP).

    Can you share your techniques and experiences using the wet apply on these films? Also is the adhesion as good as when applied dry?

    I am interested since I have never had problems with dust, but I do have problems aligning it properly.

    Aslo some questions about the SGP oleophobic:

    1. Meltdownblitz mentioned in another thread that now instead of the single large speaker/cam cutout they have two separate ones. Do you have any pics? That single cutout was the only thing keeping me away from the oleo.

    2. Why there is no back protector version of the SGP Oleo?

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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 18, 02:37 PM
    My zs3 is up in 2 secs and focused 1 sec later. I used to go around with a tz-1! You had to physically remove the lens cap before shooting but I still thought it was great.

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  • shenfrey
    May 6, 04:31 PM
    Just run it at its native resolution, if the something you find is to small to read/see you can always zoom in or of course change the font : )

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  • myjay610
    Mar 8, 06:38 AM
    Are you hosting Apache on port 8080? You could just set up a virtual server at *.:80 and any requests to there could be re-directed to the virtual server on *.:8080.

    Otherwise I can't think of a way to handle it from something other than the receiving application layer.

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  • Falleron
    Oct 30, 02:05 PM
    Well, its good to see. Hopefully this will gets Apple lots of profits.

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  • Gokhan
    Dec 16, 06:52 AM
    looking at it are you sure there is a airport card installed check sysytem profiller i think its not there !!

    also if there is one it should just be open flap pull cord attched to ther card and press in it should click out

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  • germanjulian
    Jun 17, 01:24 PM
    Yikes - did the paperwork and so on take hours?


    there was massive problems last year with the computer system crashing! it was all over the news.

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  • nagromme
    Sep 16, 03:09 PM
    You'll get it. Just not THIS week :D

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  • Palad1
    Oct 27, 03:18 AM
    I bought one of these for my G5, love it. Looks cool and has very nice action, I seem to fly on this board! 2 USB ports (one at each end). Pretty cheap too.... $39 at Newegg I think. It gets my vote. :D

    Sounds too good to be true ;)

    How does it compare to an alubook keyboard? Does it have the same feel to it? I'm a bit worried that the keys will not feel as 'soft' as the alubook's.

    I tried this one, and it really feels horrible (like a VAIO.. *shudders*) :

    Thanks for the link, I'll try to find a shop carrying it in Europe!

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  • evoluzione
    Sep 14, 08:46 AM
    i never knew that, i'm in NY state and have been looking at diesels lately, but not had much luck, now i know why.

    i've been interested in a VW Golf, and running it of biodiesel/fryer oil etc.

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  • Peyote
    Dec 22, 09:33 AM
    Well that's it. I guess we graphic designers will soon be obsolete models!

    I imagine some day Honda will invent a robot that can conceptualize and that has an imagination. Then we're really screwed.

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  • Blackheart
    Apr 4, 08:07 PM
    Yeah, i'm getting quite anxious about this PM update. I'm still wondering about ATI's involvement in this possible delay. Saying they're going to release the Radeon 9800 Pro Mac SE by the end of January but it's still nowhere in sight. tisk, tisk, don't be such a tease.

    Apr 18, 12:28 PM
    If you're entirely happy with a smartphone camera and consider replacing your P&S, you must be happy with mediocre quality photos. Myself, I'd rather have my Canon for when I know I'll be taking photos, and my iPhone for "okay quality" snaps suitable for Facebook.

    Sep 9, 03:42 AM
    I don't care what they do there...I just ordered a 20gig iPod so I'm happy++

    Apr 28, 12:41 AM
    I have installed Windows through bootcamp on my Mac. Is there any way to "ask" what disk to start up on so I don't have to hold the option key.

    Apr 22, 04:36 PM
    I guess Judgment Day is over, but how will I know whether or not to come up out of this bunker?

    Just in case I think I'll stay down here. I have a 3-year supply of water and canned food.

    Is this why we have a ratings system now?

    Skynet took over MacRumors!!:eek:

    Mar 14, 01:42 PM
    I have three letters for you.... DRM.
    The Netflix app is very well protected.
    They do this to prevent stream recording/capture.

    I have a fairly old flat LCD TV. Is that is what is causing the problem? If I use a new TV would that solve the issue?

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