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  • AlBDamned
    Jul 21, 01:57 PM
    up the chips in the MBPs and up the speeds in the MBs?

    seems likely to me.

    Yup, possibly the cheap 2.0GHz Yonah's across the board in MacBooks and the 2.16 and 2.33 Merom's in the MBP. Plus a new enclosure at WWDC for MBP.

    Get saving Al!

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  • CyberB0b
    Sep 16, 08:21 PM
    If MacRumors keeps predicting MacBook Pro updates, it will eventually come true. (:

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  • Don't panic
    May 3, 02:09 PM
    i'll go with drunken dwarf.

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  • jfmartin
    Sep 11, 09:05 AM (

    Apple is hosting ( a media event on Tuesday, September 12th 2006 in San Francisco, CA at 10AM Pacific. The event will also be simulcast to a location in London ( where journalists have also been invited.

    The invitation to the media was entitled It's Showtime ( -- suggesting Movie-related announcements. Rumors sites had originally expected ( iMac updates during the event, but Apple surprised everyone with iMac ( and Mac mini updates ( last week.

    This leaves iPods (, a Movie Store ( and the possibility of a new streaming Media device ( for the Tuesday event.

    As usual, a number of anonymous images have been circulating claiming to represent upcoming products, but these are all considered to be fake. Other circumstantial evidence ( has been reported, but no definitive information on the event.

    As always, MacRumors will provide continuing coverage, however, access to these events have become more restricted, so please contact us ( Coverage) if you are attending.

    I think Apple is going to show impress us big time tomorrow. Here is what will be announced.

    * The iTunes Movie Store (iTunes 6.5 ou 7.0) with a few notable reworking of the iTunes Store to allow the integration of movies. I think if Apple is going to charge 10 buck per movie, it will add a few interesting twist to the 'DRM license' that goes with it and that would be part of the reason why only disney will be offered at first.. . The license is what makes Apple apart of the others... Studios will have to wait a see that the 'relaxed' DRM license Apple is proposing for 9.99$ is better than the others and people will realize that by buying 'in mass' so other Studios will come in... and leave Amazon Unbox... well, in a box !

    * iPod nano second gen. Larger screen, new enclosure. 4, 6, 8 gigs. May be a few more surprise in the nano (radio ?, movies playable ? we don't on this one, isn't it ?)

    * iPod Video full screen size

    * all the iPods with a color screen will be declared iTunes Movie Store aware...

    All this will be the first part of the show... then one more thing...

    There will be a 'media center' kind of box that will tap Airport Express technology in it and that will tie with iTunes as the source of the movies in the living room... the main interface will be Frontrow 2.0.

    I think this the exactly the kind of incremental approach is going to take once again tomorrow to bring us Movies in our living room. A well integrated approach that includes all the piece (iPod, iTunes, Macs, and PC)...

    iTunes is definitively the new plateform for content delivery...

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  • MattInOz
    Mar 31, 06:06 AM
    We were all wrong but we won't admit it so now we say that it's an internal secret ... :rolleyes:

    It's funny if Apple is going to use App Store then the GM can be a month or mre closer to release date than when they distributed on disk. Why would they in that case make it months earlier?

    It was all very silly, but how many of us expect reasonable journalism anymore anyway.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 03:56 PM
    They could, but that would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

    Not at all. They can use those components for producing Galaxy devices. And they can use free Foxconn resources (since they would not be assembling iPhones anymore) for assembling. :D

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Sep 16, 10:00 PM
    I also think that this return policy is rather asinine.

    I agree. I think a much better policy would be you have to pay the restocking fee no matter when you return. So that way they break even when they resell it at a 5% discount (plus labor to check and make sure you did f-it up).

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  • iCrizzo
    Mar 29, 11:22 AM
    Dropbox is the same, only difference and it is a big difference if you purchase music from Amazon and store it, you can re-download all your music, that is huge. I can't tell you how many times I have lost music purchased through iTunes.

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  • robotx21
    Sep 16, 10:27 PM
    As I have always known it, the standard configuration gives you a 14 day return policy, full refund, or 15% restocking fee if it is opened. A BTO machine is considered an "Opened" machine by apple, since they take the standard configuration and change it. So if you buy a BTO machine, you can return it, but you will be subject to the 15% restocking fee. Just take it back to an apple store, show your receipt, and it should be fine.

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 4, 10:13 AM
    I have been wondering the same thing. No matter how good the news is, there are still a bunch of negative votes. It just re-inforces my belief there is an organized effort to discredit Apple on this site. If it was just individuals, I would wonder why waste time on an Apple website if you did not like Apple? It makes no sense in that scenario. I do believe the PC establishment is worried about the possibility of Apple gaining more of a foothold in corporate America.

    Downvoters have been around here and doing this exact thing for a loooooooooooooong time, this is nothing new. And everytime it happens someone comes in here asking "How could someone vote this a negative?!!?"

    Again, not to pick you out of the crowd but Im just saying....these neg. voters are nothing new.

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  • miamijim
    Nov 10, 08:06 AM
    I have installed this and am running it now but I do have 1.75 TB of data on my drives to go through, I will update this when the scan is complete.

    It all looks nice and simple anyway so far.


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  • radesousa
    May 6, 01:18 AM
    Hell, Apple has so much cash they should buy AMD. :D

    Apple can then sell CPUs to the PC manufacturers such as HP, Dell, etc. :D

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  • nastebu
    Mar 29, 04:07 PM
    Sorry, there is no comparison. US agriculture does not have anywhere near the level of protectionism as Japanese agriculture. Nor does any US industry, with the exception of defense contractors.

    And what makes you think a small farmer is somehow superior to DelMonte?

    As for who subsidizes agriculture more, I'm unsure, but it's probably close. From the wikipedia article: "A Canadian report claimed that for every dollar U.S. farmers earn, 62 cents comes from some form of government, with total aid in 2009 from all levels of government adding up to $180.8 billion." What's the comparative level in Japan?

    The small farmer vs. delMonte is an interesting question. It's a question of values. DelMonte produces cheaper, lower quality food. Small farmers produce more expensive, generally higher quality food. So which you subsidize is a question of social policy.

    In Japan, there are lots of small farmers who have kept their farms, and a very strong bias to eat locally. This means that food is of better quality and supports local communities. In the US, massive supermarket chains have tended to dominate food retail, and since they rely on national distribution, food tends to be very processed and have an enormous carbon footprint. It also means lots of mcJobs instead of local businesses.

    I prefer the small farmer.

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  • Ger Teunis
    Mar 31, 03:50 AM
    Inverted scroll and no lights on appications running can be turned on in system settings.

    Sure, I know. It's just plain stupid default-settings if you ask me.
    I can't imagine this is a better default setting for new users.

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  • stridemat
    May 7, 02:05 PM
    hmmm ............. is free.

    maybe some combined functionality setup soon?

    Over the air syncing for iWork documents on the iPad?

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  • Don't panic
    May 3, 12:22 PM
    In the meanwhile, the villain...

    so is the turn of the villain simultaneous to the heroes (meaning he can communicate/implement his moves at any time) or do turns alternate (and if they do, do they in singles or in pairs)?
    what's the point of having 'rounds'?
    is there a time-limit to the villain's decision before it defaults in no-action, 1 point accrued?

    (i know i am a pain, but i want the rules to be clear)

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  • casik
    Mar 26, 10:09 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    They just need to bring the ability to edit photos from my aperture/iphoto library on my ipad, while syncing those changes back to Mac after!

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 10, 05:49 PM
    Anything can be confusing and "ambiguous" if you throw enough uninitiated at a situation. It's just that people that lack proper knowledge or training would rather say something is "ambiguous" than admit that the problem lies with them.

    Always blame somebody else for problems, never yourself.

    Pretty much

    You get 288 if you know what you are doing and do not make the necessary assumptions that you have to make in order to get 2

    Having passed through college or any math class doesn't prove anything, even that someone is working in a particular field doesn't necessarily make it an expert in the subject.

    When your job relies on solving equations and manipulating them, you can bet it does as far as understanding the fundamentals of solving equations

    Math is a language we engineers, scientists, economists, etc... are fluent in.

    To us this is not-ideal delivery method, but it has a definite meaning.

    Looking at the thread, I think there is a clear dividing line. Native math speakers: scientists, engineers, programmers, etc... say 288. Others who are effectively non-native speakers may interpret 2 due to their lack of fluency.

    I agree

    If the person who wrote the equation meant 2, he would need to rewrite the expression with () encompassing the entire denominator

    When dealing with equations, you can not guess what is implied. You have to use a consistent framework and follow it verbatim.

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  • netdog
    Jul 30, 03:23 AM
    If Apple get it right it will be the fashion phone of choice.

    What will be really great is that, in addition to the above, something that is the critical factor as it was with iPod, it will also sync beautifully with Apple contacts, calendars, etc., driving more people to purchase Apple computers, even though I do expect that they will also bundle a nice piece of Windows software (a must).

    Apples are already climbing in sales and many of my Windows-using friends are considering Macs for the first time now, not because of all the stuff endlessly debated here, but rather because the iMac and MacBooks are so bitchin'.

    Steve Jobs is indeed finally capitalizing on "taste", an obcession of his from the early days. He was right when he said in the 80s that "the problem with Microsoft is that they have no taste. I mean that in a big sense." Now his company is poised to take a large portion of Microsoft's sales by exploiting that vulnerability.

    People aren't realizing that OS X is better. They are falling in love with the new stylish Macs, obscure objects of desire. The fact that they are getting better and better, and that they are making a line of easily interoperable products (much more of this to come in the coming 12 months - media center, phone, and maybe even a UPMC) that just make life easier is just a plus that will help to sustain the brand.

    Sharp. LOL.

    Apr 18, 05:07 PM
    Odd, the link you included in your argument states the Prada was "announced" on December 12, 2006.

    The iPhone was announced on January 9, less than one month later.

    And the Prada looks more like a BlackBerry than an iPhone to me. The Prada and iPhone are almost nothing alike, aside from the size and shape of the earhole.

    LG Prada won a DESIGN award (meaning image was released) for LG Prada in Sep 2006.

    LG Electronics has claimed the iPhone's design was copied from the LG Prada. Woo-Young Kwak, head of LG Mobile Handset R&D Center, said at a press conference, “We consider that Apple copied the Prada phone after the design was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the prize in September 2006.”

    Apr 28, 03:21 PM
    I think that is not quite true.. hot air rises and the top compartment is not fully closed, last time i saw, there are vents for the HDD's in the "shelf" they slide in that allow hot air to go to the top compartment keeping them a bit fresher, and the PSU even warmer.

    Feel free to correct me on this since i only opened the case once and it was like an year ago

    while the PSU will get fresh air from the front, it will also get the hot that rises from the bottom, Hot HDD's included.

    I'm not exactly sure why Apple put those "vents" in the plate, they sure don't go through the whole panel, though. The compartment to the top is indeed closed apart from a few tiny holes.

    Sep 11, 03:25 PM
    That being said, DVD quality downloads now (or in the near future) are a distinct possibility. Again, bandwidth is a mofo. How do you offer so much content, with such large file-sizes, to millions of customers simultaneously, while also maintaining bandwidth for music downloads.

    Will there be a download queue, so we have to wait in line to download content?

    What if you get a $2 discount on the movie if you allowed Apple to point up to 10 customers to your machine to download that movie, bittorrent-style? (Obviously this would be secure Apple technology, not bittorrent per se.)

    Apr 7, 08:54 PM
    The idea here is that NO ONE else was even considering making a tablet until Apple, and the iPad. They didn't want to be left behind like they were with the iPhone, so now everyone's jumping on board. It's RIM'S fault for not coming to market sooner with a tablet. You can thank Apple for creating the current modern day tablet. Everyone says apple needs competition to keep them from getting stagnant as a company, but they didn't need it when producing the iPod, or the iPhone, and they certainly didn't need it for the iPad. No ones fault but their own that they aren't smart enough to innovate like Apple.

    Apr 5, 01:12 PM
    I can understand Apple's concern here it could give the impression to an uneducated user that it is OK to jailbreak their phone since they are being encouraged to by what would seem like a legitimate source. I don't think it's much of an issue for Scion owners though as they are probably used to sub-par performance.

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