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  • islanders
    Jul 23, 02:50 PM
    I lost my post up above. So, I�ll try and rephrase.

    I don�t think we will see any portables with Merom for MWDC.

    Don�t expect Apple to announce early then be up to 6 weeks behind demand on delivery. This could attract negative publicity, negative image.

    Historically, Apple has been reluctant to upgrade portable lines, especially ibook, that had strong sales.

    Anyone waiting for MBP Merom should be prepared to wait until November/December.

    Apple is advertising stability, user friendly, integration with digital cameras�

    As far as the transition into Intel, it must be going as well as could be expected. Apple may want to keep their powder dry and update when there is a falter in sales, or just before.

    They may wait to update everything at once, November/December, which will give smooth sailing into next year when 3rd party apps will be fully developed.

    I also don�t think we will see another 12� MBP.

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  • marvel2
    Jan 13, 04:50 PM
    Not yet... I get a little beep and they are paired within a few seconds.

    I get that beep too, but after I MANUALLY pair the phone to the dock. I'm going to try to erase the TomTom Kit from the iPhone's BT paired devices and start from scratch.

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 10, 02:40 AM
    Should you distribute first?

    no you do this....

    1) (9+3)=12
    2) 48/2=24
    3) 24*12=288

    Multiplication does NOT take precedence over division

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 20, 12:31 AM
    I'll be buying that phone as my first iDevice :)

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  • McGiord
    Apr 10, 01:18 PM
    Well it is an equation as it is the same as as saying x=48/2(9+3)

    Well the OP said it is an equation. Guys you are failing the reading questions also.

    Now if we said it is like stated by dukebound85.

    What will the value of X in order to obtain 48 on the right side of the equation, please take your time and move all the numbers to the left side of the equation.

    Have fun.

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  • BC2009
    Apr 26, 03:04 PM
    There are phone models that run some variant of Android from ultra-cheap to ultra-high-end. That clearly makes Android-based phones applicable to a wider audience. But what's more is that some manufacturers have developed their own operating systems based on Android source code without the Google services -- basically using Google's code as their own jumpstart. All these phones are counted as "Android" -- the sheer size of the umbrella that is known as "Android" clearly makes this the new defacto standard for any manufacturer other than Apple, Nokia or HP.

    The problem with these statistics is that they make the assumption that there is an "Android Experience" and an "iOS Experience" -- this is hardly the case since the Android experience is varied, and Google does not benefit from every Android device sale, where Apple does benefit from every iOS device sale.

    Certainly, one can cite the fact that every manufacturer puts their own spin on "Android" and they run a specific version with a specific UI overlay and they have a specific set of supported resolutions with a specific set of apps that will work for that device (hardly the Microsoft Windows scenario of the 1990s). These manufacturers will likely be falling in line with Google's new rules with regards to timely access to the latest Android version and will continue to produce good and better phones with less-varied experiences.

    But looking further than that, Android (pre-Honeycomb) is open source and many have taken the opportunity to force Google completely out of the Android equation.

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  • munkery
    Dec 28, 02:54 PM
    Does this mean I shouldn't bother installing Sophos for my mpb?
    So many conflicting opinions.

    Some think, including myself, that AV software at this point in time does not provide very much extra protection so using AV software is just a waste of system resources.

    But, I use ClamXav anyway given that it uses very little cpu cycles. ClamXav does fail to release RAM after a scan but should give up those resources if needed by another process. ClamXav only chronically uses these resources if you set up the Sentry. If the Sentry is not used, then it only uses resources during an on-demand scan. On-demand scans can be set to run automatically at a specific time via the ClamXav UI that adds the scan settings to cron. ClamXav gives you more options related to how it will take up resources. Other AV software, such as Sophos, for Mac includes full on-access scanning that doesn't give you choice in how resources are used by the AV software.

    I use AV software to prevent accidentally spreading Windows malware to Windows users. There are trojans for Mac OS X but these can be easily avoided by not password authenticating install prompts that you have not explicitly initiated (double clicked), not installing pirated software, and not installing free software from untrusted sources. Also, Mac OS X, as of Snow Leopard, includes a basic AV scanner that detects these trojans when you attempt to install the malware.

    Do not run AV software if you do not want to give up resources to most likely only prevent the accidental spread of Windows malware, such as by forwarding an infected email. Or, run AV software most likely for little benefit to yourself. Additionally, ClamXav does include new definitions for Mac malware a fair bit of time prior to those definitions being included in XProtect (the AV scanner in Snow Leopard). Also, XProtect can not be used for an on-demand scan to check for malware after it may have been installed, so AV software may give you peace of mind if you do not feel comfortable not having AV software on your system.

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  • Jeevs bost
    Jul 31, 06:30 AM
    Yeah, agreed, but I'm just saying that there's no truth in the "photographer" crap. This is totally false.

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  • okboy
    Apr 23, 06:08 PM
    We should stop using this as proof. Remember the iPad 2 was supposed to have a Retina display because of this? To make it worse, it's a beta. Slow news day I guess, but look how worked up people get about it. Just stop.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 23, 05:18 PM
    Very good news!:apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::D:D:D:D:D:D

    Love that top picture! Its all about Retina!!

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  • navguy
    Jan 29, 01:31 AM
    I purchased the TOMTOM app early on and paid $99 for it. One week later, I found it posted in the App Store for $49.99 and today, a couple of weeks after that, the price is $59.99. I have searched the App Store site, iTunes Store AND the Apple site and do not understand how to find a Customer Service Link to ask about a refund for the difference in price. Does anyone know how to reach Customer Service for the APP Store? Thanks in advance...

    also you're mixing two different Apps ... if you purchased the TomTom app early on fro $99, then you purchased the USA + Canada app ... the $59 app is USA-only ... so in effect, you're actually negotiating the purchase of a different app

    your USA + Canada version is $79 currently

    i agree w/ wclyffe, good luck ... they don't make it easy

    not sure it'll work this late after you originally purchased, but you might ask for your "one-time, no questions asked" app refund ... then repurchase the USA only version, if that's what you're interested in

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  • CosmoPilot
    May 6, 12:16 AM
    How does this affect T-Bolt? How about the tri-gate technology released by Intel the other day. Sounds like Intel is making huge strides in their processors.

    I hope this is just a rumor.

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  • toujames
    Apr 21, 11:22 PM
    Steve: "Introducing, the new iRack!" :D

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  • Renverse
    Apr 18, 03:39 PM
    You are funny. Do you know that Samsung spends 10 times more than Apple on R&D?

    Indeed. Apple spends less on R&D than many of their competitors.

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  • RMo
    Nov 3, 09:57 AM
    I've never heard of this company
    That's because you need to get out more. (Actually, it's because they target business customers, not home users. Lots of large organizations--my old college, for example--site-license their software.)

    are they reputable, does anyone know? I've heard all sorts of stories abut these types of things being spyware or some such, don't want to pollute my Mac with any of that garbage!
    Thanks for the morning laugh.

    Anyway, what I think people aren't realizing is this: while there aren't any in-the-wild viruses for OS X, you always have the risk of unknowingly carrying Windows viruses, which could be important if you have PCs at home or work or otherwise interact with some 90% of the computing world.

    I don't understand why so many people are rating this negative.

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 7, 10:57 AM
    For some strange reason you think monopolies are good for consumers.

    This from someone who just recently ventured outside the Windows world? ;)

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  • Sweetfeld28
    Dec 5, 12:14 AM
    i think this would make a good revision of the newly rumored 12" MacBook Pro.

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  • ender land
    Apr 14, 11:08 AM
    So we have websites that allow us to track where a dollar goes, how about letting us see where all the money the government spends is going

    You mean like

    or any other websites easily found via google?

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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 26, 04:09 PM
    Yes I know that they operate under their parent group so what's your point? I salute you for having the ability to google that information.

    I didn't need to google, that's something I know.

    Which you obviously didn't since your argument was why Apple should worry about their market share when Ferrari and Porsche aren't. They should just continue to make exclusive products.
    I bet they worried right up and until they got bought by a company that didn't worry about making cheaper products.

    Apr 26, 03:21 PM
    But if Apple had gotten on board with Verizon a year earlier, those numbers would probably be reversed.

    That extra year that Apple sat on their ass with AT&T was the crucial year that allowed android to gain traction and mindshare.

    Neither your or I know what contract details with AT&T prevented Apple from opening up Verizon earlier than they did, so claiming Apple "sat on their ass" is just your silly opinion.

    Once the 'greatly anticipated' Verizon launch finally did come, it was met with a large chorus of "who cares?" from the crowd - the crowd that had gotten their droid phone 6 months earlier.

    Again you make a wild-assed leap of logic. I, like many Verizon users, met the news that the iPhone was available on my favorite carrier with, "Oh dam, I'm locked into a two-year contract with a ****** Android Incredible."

    Your basic point that Apple needed to open up the iPhone to more U.S. carriers to avoid market share loss is correct and generally regarded as such by most analysts. However, from the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has struggled to meet the accelerating demand for its products, so adding more U.S. carriers may have not been as smart as us outside the company might second-guess.

    Mar 30, 05:59 PM
    Enjoy your brand new 129$ Mac OS X latest revision (the most advanced, the most unique, the most... bla bla bla bla...) carrying more than XXX features (aka... just making the Mac OS X experience more iOS-alike so you get used to AppStore since soon you'll have to go through this method of delivery as there won't be any other one, because Mr. Jobs wants more money...)
    Yep... I think that 129$ sounds quite ok, for nothing :D

    Though I'm not surprise... there's nothing shocking that they can implement. This "update" is aimed at training people into AppStore (aka money)... and they even charge for it :D

    I lol'd. No matter what people will complain. When Snow Leopard was released people wanted more UI changes and more features. Now when Lion is released all people want is under the hood improvements. SMH

    Apr 20, 04:09 AM
    Apple copying the power of the HTC Sensation. They should also concentrate on the IOS because its a joke compared to other new smartphone operating systems.

    Nov 22, 03:35 PM
    im pretty sure thats what steevie boy has in mind ;)

    I never buy "locked" phones anymore. Yeah, unlocked ones cost more because they're not subsidized by the cell phone companies, but if service sucks or I go overseas (which I frequently do), I can get another company's SIM and put it in my phone. Voila! It works!

    I have a Sony/Ericsson W810i with 2GB memory card. Its tiny screen only allows 176x144 video (MPEG-4 or 3GP at 30 frames per second), but that also becomes an advantage. Full-length movies at that screen resolution only take up 150-200MB. I use FFMpegX to compress movies for my phone.

    The phone also has a 2 megapixel camera with true autofocus and macro, and plays MP3 and AAC/MP4 audio files with its built-in speaker or outstanding earphones. It has a FM radio with RDS, plays Java games, has Bluetooth and can be used as a Bluetooth controller/mouse or modem on Macs and PCs, it supports EDGE high-speed Internet, it can run the Java version of Opera but it also has a decent built-in browser, and is fully supported by iSync. And it's tiny.

    Okay, Apple... that's your yardstick. Come up with somethings significantly better. I know you can do it.


    Aug 2, 02:21 PM
    This is a DEVELOPERS' conference!! Steve usually announces something on ONE new/updated product. You guys who are "predicting" that Apple will update everything in the lineup are asking for a let down.

    ONE new thing (Mac Pro) will be announced -- speed bumps and other updates usually happen 2-4 weeks AFTER the Developers' Conference. iMacs and MacBook Pros might get bumped in early September but that's it.

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