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cod black ops prestige 4

cod black ops prestige 4. Call of Duty: Black Ops
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  • Mac'nCheese
    Apr 9, 08:11 PM
    It's 2. Deal 288 people.

    You are 100% wrong. Ask any elementary school math teacher.

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  • balamw
    May 3, 07:12 PM
    So what would you call 500ml of beer at a bar?

    Somehow I don't see that becoming popular pub lingo...

    Growing up in a metric country (French speaking Switzerland) it was a canette, and Wikipedia reveals a veritable plethora of other colloquial terms in French depending on your location.


    Including: Demi, Pinte, Distingu�, V�ritable, Baron, Mini-chevalier, Chope, S�rieux, Canette, ... (the bold one should look somewhat familiar ;) )

    It's just like I said earlier about the pound. In everyday use there's not much difference between a 454 g pound and a 500 g "pound".


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  • r0bert99
    Sep 15, 04:58 PM
    MacShrine? Who?

    What's their record?

    they're alright. they had exclusive pictures of mac os x 10.3 and 10.4 before wwdc, and got lots of iPod things right (like dropping the gold mini, size bumps...) as well as as Mac updates such as Xserves, iMacs and iBooks. the only real fiasco they've had was that whole ipod video thing in march, but to be fair everyone fell for that, even thinksecret and appleinsider, macshrine were just the first to publish them.

    i'm psyched about the updates, i want a magnetic latch!

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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 11, 01:41 PM
    Man, I tell ya... 2 years+ ago when I wanted a new laptop, that's ALL I ever heard... I think Apple should build a one-off G5 laptop just to appease us crazy people in here, LOL! It would be an awesome tip-of-the-hat to us, don'tcha think? ;)

    Yeah, and it would really put all those heat issues MB and MBP owners are complaining about in perspective...

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  • mrdice87
    Sep 16, 10:47 AM

    Why is there no 12" mbp? It seems the 12" pb was a great seller...

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  • Stella
    Apr 18, 04:24 PM
    NO It's not, are you crazy. That looks horrid. iOS icons have unique look to them, placement is not patented. The look is.

    The lawsuit goes after Samsung trying to replicate and confuse customers into thinking that it's an iPhone.

    I said *conceptually* they are the same, they both share the same common properties and looks - i.e., grid, shortcuts, status bar etc ( as I pointed out ), yes, the placement it different - but that is irrelevent?

    It doesn't matter if it looks 'horrid', thats an opinion - by today's standards OS9 looks 'horrid' - IMO.

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 11:15 AM
    Making it free would be a smart move by Apple. It would help bond iphone users more effectively to Apple ecosystem.

    At the moment, I don't use the MobileMe service (though I'd like to have findmyphone and perhaps back to my mac services) but if I had it free, it would be a thing that would make it less likely that I would switch to RIM/WIN7 or Android.

    Does anyone know if the Windows version of this similar service bundle is free?

    The download for the Mobileme control panel for windows is free. It's very basic but all people really need is to link with Outlook contacts and Exchange. Everything else can be done me.com.

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  • iGary
    Sep 11, 06:50 AM
    To recap:

    No MBP, no MB....

    iPod video device, maybe movie service and maybe streaming device.

    That's it. :)

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  • OllyW
    Apr 20, 04:14 AM
    otherwise...why would I buy an ip5?

    You don't have to.

    It doesn't sound like there's much there to tempt iPhone 4 owners but it should be a great update for those with the 3GS and 3G.

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  • Hattig
    Mar 28, 10:48 AM
    It doesn't make sense that there won't be a new iPhone this year.

    I can understand Apple moving the introductory event away from a software developer conference.

    But they have their new A5 chip, they need to amortise manufacturing costs across multiple product lines. They're not going to wait another year before introducing an iPhone 5 around this chip. Other changes may be minimal.

    In addition the competition isn't standing still - Android, WebOS, WM7, BlackBerry, etc - they're all releasing new devices all the time. They're dual-core, better performance GPUs, more RAM - i.e., overtaking the iPhone 4 in terms of hardware (but not software, but it's improving all the time).

    So therefore there will be an iPhone 5 this year. Maybe later than normal, maybe earlier. It might not be a major change - A5, maybe more storage, aluminium back. It's the software that Apple likes highlighting, so they might sync with iOS 5 if they want a big release event.

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  • mikeapple
    Mar 26, 10:32 PM
    Releasing iPhone 5 with iOS4 would be a total fail... If this is true, iPhone 5 could possibly be launched in the fall as well.

    In my Opinion iOS5 is the most important upgrade over the hardware of the iPhone and the iPad... The software is in MUCH need for an upgrade. Nomatter how good the iPhone 5 hardware is, giving it iOS4 will make it seem outdated

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  • JesterJJZ
    Apr 22, 12:00 AM
    During the Sundance Film Festival which happens here, we were ingesting nearly 12 hours of footage and producing 6 hours of content (live shows, pre-taped shows, packaged shows) a day.

    Not to sound harsh or anything, but maybe you guys should be charging more for your services. The way you described how much work you guys are doing over there, you should be able to afford a new MacPro for everyone there...and maybe a couple grip trucks...

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  • CaptainValor
    Jul 22, 10:01 AM
    Don't get too pumped up about this, everyone. The guys on TWIT were discussing these new Intel chips the other day and the indication from the first evaluation models is that the Mobile is not as much of a leap in performance over the previous generation as the new Desktop Core 2 Duo. I just bought a MBP 2ghz a month ago and as long as the rest of specs remain relatively unchanged, I'll stay happy with this model. :)

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 7, 10:22 AM

    Unfortunately, most posters here think Apple always acts in the best interests of its customers. Kind of cute, actually.

    Yes, they have been to the most part and some times have been a bitch.

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  • spacemanspifff
    Mar 31, 03:44 AM
    I for one am not really that bothered about Lion or any OS updates - I love to have the latest thing and all improvements are always good. However, in my opinion they need to fix the OS I have before they release another one! For example with the last "update" [10.6.7] my Open type fonts are now playing up and the wonderful new Mac App Store takes about a minute to launch!

    I get very worried when I hear El-Jobso talking about post a PC world as if he has decided already that the PC is dead. I for one could not make a living using an iPad and an iPhone.

    Macs have always historically been used by content creators and designers [like me]. If, sometime in the future, Apple plan to lock down the system like they do with the iOS then I will simply stop upgrading my system. I could carry on using the system I have now until I retire, so it makes no odds to me if they want to stop making "proper" macs. I would imagine the rest of the design community would feel the same.

    Don't get me wrong, I have an iPad and an iPhone and I can see how for the vast majority of consumers these would fit the bill for all your computing needs. However, if these consumers are going to have something to look at or play with or listen to, then us designers need the tools to create stuff with and that means powerful PCs.

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  • ChrisA
    Nov 22, 01:49 PM
    Here is my prediction:

    The number one characteristic of the first generation of Apple phones will be that they a "#$+@ expensive".

    What does this mean? A concept they teach in business school is how to set a price to maximize profit. It's easy to see that if you price it to low you sell a zillion units but loose money and if priced to high you don't sell any so there is a sweet spot where the number of units sold times the per unit margin is maximized. In theory you can write an equation to model this then do some math to find it's maximum point. (remember: set the derivative to zero then solve for X from Calculus 101?) So much for theory. I doubt they will do that. I think Apple will price these higher then the theoretical "best" price. This way they sell far fewer units then they otherwise would. This let's them grow their service side of the iPhone business at a manageable rate. If Apple's business plan is sane they can't be going for a large share of the cell phone market

    OK so in short they use a high price to throttle sales to a rate their service can support. I'm thinking this will be a $500 phone with a $99/month minimum contract. Basically you ain't going to get a free Apple iPhone with your $29.00/month 2 year contract.

    Apple is partnering with an air-time provider so they will not get to keep much of the per-month fee, they will have to make money up front with hardware sales unless they can offer some non airtime monthly service like .mac

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  • DeaconGraves
    May 4, 03:40 PM
    the past 3 OSes can't be copied, and so far there's nothing to suggest we can just make backup copies of Lion.

    Nothing suggests we can't either.

    Of the past 3 OSes you cite, only one of them has been released since Apple got serious about digital distribution with the iPhone App store. We're :gasp: entering unprecedented territory here folks. Just because something could or couldn't be done before doesn't mean it can or can't be done in Lion.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 25, 08:56 PM
    Other than confusing everyone with too many options, no.

    If you're a teenage girl, your phone has to have a camera on it, meaning you'll have to go to Apple.com to custom-order it. That's complicated.
    If you're a hiker, maybe you're going to want a phone with GPS, meaning you'll have to go to Apple.com to custom-order it. That's complicated.
    If you're a huge multitasker, you're going to want PDA-functionality, meaning you'll have to go to Apple.com to custom-order it. That's complicated.

    Very few people, I feel, will want a bare-bones phone... meaning most will have to go to Apple.com to custom-order it. That's too complicated for most people to do.

    So in short, no, I don't think that'll work. Good idea, though. That way you'd get a phone with the features you want without the crap that you don't want. Unfortunately, as far as a particular model of phone goes, it's either all or nothing... and I don't think Apple will want to release 18 different models of phone, each with different capabilities... that's worse than BTO.


    I agree with you totally on this one, Clive.

    The problem with "the masses" out there (especially in the U.S.) is that they are so uneducated, unsophisticated, unsavvy, and generally lazy, that ANY solution that isn't served up to them, lock stock and barrel, on a silver platter, automatically will wind up excluding probably a bit north of 70% of the population, and that might simply be me being a bit generous.

    Heck, in this country, people don't even educate themselves enough to know not to put scorchingly-hot coffee between their legs in a fast-food drive-through. And having had five years' experience as tech support at Sony Electronics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_CISC) I can tell you that most people don't know -- and don't want to know -- anything about the devices they use. They've grown up and been raised to simply hand the keys to their lives over to someone else. Otherwise, if they had to actually use their minds and *think* something through, well, they don't have time for all that.

    Sorry to rant here a bit, but it's the truth. Heck, I've dealt with that at every retail company I've ever worked at, at least to some extent.

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  • mattnotis
    Apr 20, 01:49 PM
    I honestly don't understand where some people get their logic from.
    I just skimmed through this thread and i saw posts like "The next iPhone will be an iPhne 4S/iPad 2 type upgrade, so it won't be big". Or "the next iPhone should be called iPhone 4GS or iPhone 4S, because it won't be a big upgrade".
    I'm sorry but a Dual Core processor itself makes it a huge upgrade. The iPhone 3GS was the biggest upgrade internally, the iPhone 4 has more RAM.

    Don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Btw, why would Apple go back to messing up with their names? iPhone 3G was almost the exact same as the Original iPhone, except it had 3G functionalities. So they had to emphasize on "3G", hence the name.
    In a marketing stance, it didn't make sense for Apple to go from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3, people want to see improvements not a removal of a letter.
    And now finally they came back to the numerical way of naming the iPhone, and i think it'll stay just like that. It makes no sense for Apple to mess it up.
    Otherwise the iPad 2 according to some people here should've been called "iPad 1S" :rolleyes:

    This should make sense:
    iPhone = iPhone 1
    iPhone 3G = iPhone 2
    iPhone 3GS = iPhone 3
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 5

    Makes sense? Now how messed up would this be..
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 4S = iPhone 5
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 6

    In other words, don't undermine the iPhone 5. Due to the leak of the 'prototype' iPhone 4 last year, Apple has been very strict with their next device, by this time last year we knew a lot about the iPhone 4.
    So we can only wait until a date closer to September (from what it seems), to see the actual features of the phone.
    Keep in mind guys, Apple is going to add things to make current iPhone 4 owners upgrade, it's all marketing.

    They don't have to do squat really. They can just call it the iPhone 5 and people would still buy it if it only had a slightly better camera in it.

    Apr 21, 02:33 PM
    OMG it's xServe ProBook G5!

    Apr 25, 04:43 AM
    This is for a development in the future and the cost may not go up.

    Apple usually outwaits developments until the cost fall into their range.

    BTW: I do find it funny that you want to fault Apple for "gaming" a field that they clearly did not want to be in.

    BTW2: The iMac for the masses is a clever space saving design. Their sales success shows it!
    The Pro type tower boxes with separate monitor are just big clunky boxes.
    They take up desk space or are usually hidden under the desk.

    Also, in any good design Form follows Function. Apple follows that principle well and then some.

    The secret of excellent design is actually what is not there:-)

    Well, we will have to disagree there :)

    I think Apple puts form/Style above function, and will make a device that does not work very well, or is comfortable/practical for a human to use, simply so that it looks cool and people want to buy it.

    Apr 9, 07:24 PM
    Definitely 288.

    And no, it doesn't depend on how you read it. Actually, I suppose that's not true. Anyone who looked at the equation and figured out it was 288 was right, and everyone else who sees it otherwise was wrong. :p

    Mar 28, 11:42 AM
    I'm surprised at the response, I'm personally looking more forward to Mac OS then anything else, I couldn't care much for the next iPhone..

    Mar 29, 06:07 PM
    The cost of living in Japan is very comparable to that of the United States. VERY. And I speak from experience, having lived both in rural and metro America as well as rural and metro Japan.

    And you are the one who brought up "happy" employees. How do you objectively measure "happiness"?

    I would ask the same question of you when you say that most Japanese are by in large happy with their jobs. Have you gone around and surveyed thousands of Japanese people who gave that response?

    Saying happy employees are good employees is an idiom, like a penny saved is a penny earned.

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