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  • shingi70
    Apr 7, 10:01 AM
    Wow I'm suprised that people. Are saying it sucks before its out. Could anyone tell me why excatly its a bad product. Seems that it will be great for enteprise with the bb bridge.

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  • raysfan81
    May 4, 04:20 PM
    I would want it on a disk or at least a usb key. :cool:

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 25, 08:56 PM
    Other than confusing everyone with too many options, no.

    If you're a teenage girl, your phone has to have a camera on it, meaning you'll have to go to to custom-order it. That's complicated.
    If you're a hiker, maybe you're going to want a phone with GPS, meaning you'll have to go to to custom-order it. That's complicated.
    If you're a huge multitasker, you're going to want PDA-functionality, meaning you'll have to go to to custom-order it. That's complicated.

    Very few people, I feel, will want a bare-bones phone... meaning most will have to go to to custom-order it. That's too complicated for most people to do.

    So in short, no, I don't think that'll work. Good idea, though. That way you'd get a phone with the features you want without the crap that you don't want. Unfortunately, as far as a particular model of phone goes, it's either all or nothing... and I don't think Apple will want to release 18 different models of phone, each with different capabilities... that's worse than BTO.


    I agree with you totally on this one, Clive.

    The problem with "the masses" out there (especially in the U.S.) is that they are so uneducated, unsophisticated, unsavvy, and generally lazy, that ANY solution that isn't served up to them, lock stock and barrel, on a silver platter, automatically will wind up excluding probably a bit north of 70% of the population, and that might simply be me being a bit generous.

    Heck, in this country, people don't even educate themselves enough to know not to put scorchingly-hot coffee between their legs in a fast-food drive-through. And having had five years' experience as tech support at Sony Electronics ( I can tell you that most people don't know -- and don't want to know -- anything about the devices they use. They've grown up and been raised to simply hand the keys to their lives over to someone else. Otherwise, if they had to actually use their minds and *think* something through, well, they don't have time for all that.

    Sorry to rant here a bit, but it's the truth. Heck, I've dealt with that at every retail company I've ever worked at, at least to some extent.

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  • inkswamp
    Nov 22, 02:31 PM
    "We've learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,'' he said. "PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in.''

    Oh fercrissake! These corporate types just never learn, do they? Remember when digital photography came along and Kodak said it was not worth the time to bother with? Remember when music stores and music player companies sat around and ignored the iPod and iTunes? Remember when Microsoft wasn't so sure about this new fad called the Internet?

    You either learn from history or you repeat it. If Apple unveils some interesting new take on the cell phone, these same guys are going to be crying foul over it, and yet they've had all the time in the world to prepare for it and--better yet--do something really innovative on their own. I hope Apple does pull off another iPod-style shake-up. I despise the way most cell phones are (over)designed and don't function the way you would expect. I'd love to see Apple come at it from their own design viewpoint and freak everyone out.

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  • vigilant
    Mar 30, 07:45 PM
    iCal has been visually overhauled to look like the iPad version

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  • McGiord
    Apr 10, 07:07 AM
    So...2 it is.

    2 means that there are two answers:
    1) the wrong one: any other answer
    2) the right one: 2 itself
    I love my Mac.

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  • Don't panic
    May 5, 09:11 PM
    Maybe there is a special secret door in that closet. Or maybe it's the Lair and we win!

    i would settle for a level treasure ;)

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  • lPHONE
    May 6, 12:28 AM
    This story broke 5 minutes ago and I'm already over it... Who cares if Apple wants to use something they think is new and revolutionary? Your opinion isn't going to stop them. While you're over here thinking "I can't do bootcamp with ARM" Apple is thinking "Bootcamp will be obsolite when we get done here" :apple:

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  • generik
    Sep 15, 08:39 PM
    I checked the store after I saw this. 17'' BTO ship in 5-7 business days, so that is the 25-27th. 15'' ship in 1-3. All stock models ship in 24 hours.

    For as long as I can remember, it has never taken that long for BTO, even durning the back to school rush.

    Very nice evidence, thanks for the post.

    Does that mean that no updates for the 15"s? :o

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  • DakotaGuy
    Aug 4, 11:54 AM
    You are the perfect consumer. "Must ... have ... bright ... shiny ... new .... thing", whether you need it or not. So what if apple comes out with a new computer every 6 months? If the one you have does what you need it to - why do you care? If your self-worth is tied up in having the latest computer, you just need therapy. And please don't blame Apple for your debt situation.

    I never said that I WAS going to buy one and I probably won't...I usually run a computer 3-4 years, except for my iMac G5 which turned out to be a lemon and that is why I have my Intel one now.

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  • gkarris
    May 4, 03:31 PM
    Usually, "Preferred" means one will be more readily available (download) than the other (Physical).

    So will this mean waiting in long lines and trying to beat scalpers?

    Apple items are the quickest way of making money lately... :eek:

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  • iZac
    Apr 20, 05:57 AM
    Apple potentially ships new iPhone 2-3 months outside of loose, self imposed schedule.

    Users worlds fall apart, swear bitter revenge, Apple goes Bankrupt.

    ...Makes sense.

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  • ReanimationLP
    Aug 3, 01:37 AM
    Play nice now boys and girls.

    Does it really matter how much extra battery you'll get? Jeez. o.O

    I'm sure you'll be able to crank out some more, but battery life all depends on real world usage more than anything else.

    Now that I think about it, I'm willing to bet they will be upgraded shortly to Core 2, the mini and the iMac that is, since its socketable.

    Maybe thats why the MBP Pro is not socketed, they wanted to design a new casing for the Core 2 Macbook Pros, and didnt want people
    just opening they're Core 1 models and just dropping the new Core 2 into it.

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  • iScott428
    Mar 29, 01:59 PM
    You guys got me there, don't really have an answer for that one. I wasn't aware that other countries looked down on products manufactured here, that's a shame.

    Well hopefully the companies that manufacture products here step their game up in the near future!

    Yeah sorry, the two previous and my opinion were a bit harsh and all back to backs!

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  • wd89
    Apr 23, 04:24 PM
    I hope this means an increase in resolution of iTunes artwork. I know it's unrelated to the OS but one can hope!

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  • applesith
    May 6, 12:39 AM
    This is the biggest load of ************ I have ever seen on this site. Why would Apple redesign everything in their notebooks to make this switch? What is gained by switching?

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  • BRLawyer
    Nov 28, 04:31 PM
    How do you define a REAL tablet?

    A thing the size of a notebook, with an open screen for handwriting...not just like a PDA or vPod.

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  • tipdrill407
    Aug 7, 07:14 PM
    There are many of you I want to beat with a spiky stick right now. Let's consolidate you into one bullet-point list of whiners:

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  • Squire
    Nov 26, 04:43 PM
    The likelihood of an Apple tablet increases with time because the technology gets better. Here are some of my rumblings from some similar threads started in 2005.

    I think the tablet idea is plausible. Here's why:

    -Many people wouldn't think twice about buying a new iPod. One problem is everyone already has one. Another problem is that you can't do any "computing" with an iPod.

    Enter the tablet. It has a pod-ish name to keep people interested. It plays video, if that's your thing. It's cross-platform compatible (files and stuff) and the bundled software is amazing. Non-Mac users weren't afraid of buying an iPod. Non-Mac-using iPod owners will not be afraid to buy this. It will give them a little taste of what OS X is all about.

    I think Apple needs a product like this, especially with Palm's new LifeDrive out (a PDA with a 4GB hard drive).


    hmmm....maybe it's some sort of glorified remote control with a touch-screen interface to manage all your media via wi-fi and/or BT between yor mac, airport, stereo & tv?

    Some random thoughts:

    Good point. I seem to recall reports of Steve just grinning when asked about the problem of getting up and walking to your computer to change tracks (Walt Mossberg referring to the AirPort Express).

    The thought of a video iPod doubling as an AE remote, although initially interesting, seems a bit out of whack. I wouldn't want a remote control any larger (width-wise, anyway) than a normal iPod. And I wouldn't want an iPod video any smaller than the current iPod.

    Ever notice how Steve gives a reason for almost everything they do, especially if they were originally against doing it?
    * entering the mp3 market: The devices had a limited capacity and/or terrible UI.
    * iPod photo: Finally there was some content to display (while there was no content providers for portable video players) [Now, of course, there are music videos.]
    * Flash-based mp3 players: They have crappy little screens and cumbersome controls. Solution= ditch the screen and make simple controls.
    * Tablets: Who knows? They'll refine them or give us a good enough reason to want one. Same goes for video iPod, I guess.


    Apr 26, 03:55 PM
    Just a sample size of one, but I'm a good example of a customer that Apple might not get:

    Sprint user for years. Good discounts, etc. and the service has worked fine for me over the years. For me to switch carriers for an iPhone I'd spend $40-$50 a month more. As much as I want an iphone (I own a 3gs I use internationally and really like it), unless Apple and Sprint make a deal I'm probably gonna end up with an Android phone to replace my barely functional Palm Pre. I'm heading out of the country for a couple months, hopefully Sprint has the iPhone when I return, haha...

    Another name for a sample size of one. An anecdote... ;)

    May 2, 09:08 PM
    We need to switch to the metric system, what we have now is ****ing crazy when looking at the rest of the world...this is coming from a bio major who has to deal with SI units daily

    At least we're not as bad as the UK...

    Mar 30, 07:16 AM
    I think a major concern for Apple right now is the possibility they may have NO products to sell by July 2011 for many of their product lines due to the lack of parts coming from Japan. I wouldn't be surprised that Apple may have to aim for a November 2011 simultaneous launch of the iPhone 5, 5G iPod touch and 7G iPod nano so they can assure themselves of supplies of the right parts from manufacturers in South Korea and China for Foxconn.

    May 4, 05:13 PM
    If they are using the App Store for distribution then I'd assume a new feature of Lion is "Build a Recovery DVD". That means you can write your own install DVD to be used after a crash.

    Apr 21, 05:19 PM
    The current case size is perfect imo. I know Apple likes their products to be as small and quiet as possible but you have to wonder if heat will be an issue with two six core processors in such a small case.

    exactly, not to mention throwing in a decent GPU and several HDD's

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