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Goten Super Saiyan 10000

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  • tkermit
    Dec 3, 11:22 AM
    Some artists have their very own category on my iPod because they have very extensive library's.
    Frank Zappa - FRANK
    Bob Dylan - Worship Anthems of the Christian Faith
    Grateful Dead - The Dead
    Lou Reed - The Man
    David Bowie - Bowie
    Have fun with labels like Cat Stevens is listed as Radical Islamic Singalongs, no offense to Islam and it's followers, just my sense of humor :p.


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  • wPod
    Aug 27, 03:29 PM
    Not entirely sure on this, but I think you can set the cross fade feature in iTunes to eliminate the gap and then (and here's where I am not sure) those settings are synced to the iPod (maybe?).

    in iTunes>prefs>audio there is a crossfade check box. unchecking it will jump directly from one song to the next, cross fade will blend one song into another. i think you want to jump from one song to the next, like the CD, otherwise you will be fading the end of one song with the begining of the next, and the only way that will sound good is if you are the DJ that created the CD and did the crossfading manually (which im sure they did during some part of production) but i really dont know if this effects the playback on the iPod

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  • robbieduncan
    May 6, 05:34 AM
    When you say "works fine when I set those rules manually in Firefox but not when I set them under network settings" do you mean Firefox ignores the settings in network settings? Does Safari correctly use the ones in Network Settings. If so I suspect the fault lies with Firefox and you have no alternative to use it's own settings. Such is life with not-quite fully Mac native applications.

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  • theappleguy
    Nov 12, 07:22 PM
    So the error occurs when you login to your account using your browser? If so, you should probably contact Apple and ask them if there is a problem with your account. :)

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  • Surely
    Feb 2, 02:03 PM
    Probably safe to buy, but keep this in mind:

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  • Poogis
    Mar 19, 07:06 AM
    I always tend to have all at once (not because I'm rich but because I'm greedy) but experience has told me that having a computer, Mac or PC, is more important just because it's more versatile as someone has already stated and can do so much more.

    When I was having problems with my G5 and waiting for a replacement I had never known panic like it. With a console (my 360 recently), you just don't notice as much.

    And it depends if you like the games on a mac which are somewhat limited to ports of two year old PC games and RTSs - which I love by the way. Consoles do the beat-em-ups, driving games etc.

    Mac over everything though. Just make sure your Mac is fully specced for games if that's what you'll use it for. By the way, I found out recently that the Mac Star Wars: Empire at War will only run on the latest Intel Macs. Gutted! That's a lot of Mac users frozen out.

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  • mrzeve
    Dec 19, 05:58 PM
    I don't think he was trying to sound like a jerk, its just that you didn't answer the question...

    People really do this these days, he was just trying to clarify... Nothing to take offense about.

    Yeah just trying to make it clear to myself and to others.

    And I think I helped your auction get up pretty quick with my 200 max bid haha.

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    Aug 20, 10:18 PM
    Am I the only one that thinks 2MB isn't that much???

    Oh well... I might be the only one here with 1500/256 internet ;)

    Uh, I don't think 1500/256 is that fast internet...that's like slow DSL speeds over here.

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  • titatom
    Apr 24, 06:16 PM
    I haven't found a reason not to use Safari yet...I mostly do light browsing on my iPhone and no real need for flash...

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  • Jolly Giant
    Apr 2, 06:47 AM
    found this ( doing a google search.

    another read here (

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  • Spulture
    Jul 1, 06:33 PM
    Adobe Photoshop CS5 works just the same on 10.6.4 as it did on 10.6.3. I haven't experienced any problems at all.

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  • gilligan
    Oct 7, 11:59 PM
    Originally posted by MacBandit
    Doom III was demonstrated by John Carmack using the ATI9700 and at the time he said that he would only use the best and fastest hardware available to demonstrate it and that the ATI9700 was it and is and was the only card that would play the game properly. ]

    Nope... they tried running doom III on a laptop with a mobile ATI 9000 and were actually very impressed. I just wish that the powerbook would switch to rdram or at least DDR... and better processors- motorola sucks. Then the powerbook would really be a fine gaming machine when it gets the mobility 9000 in the next couple-few months.

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  • j-hov
    Jan 11, 02:34 PM
    random47 what macbook dock is that?

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  • Mudbug
    Aug 18, 10:10 PM
    because it's hard to make one that doesn't look like you're impersonating arn.

    I give you: The Granny Smith version of our logo.

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  • oakie
    Apr 23, 07:18 AM
    Is there a remedy for this issue?


    wear your reading glasses.

    you can also turn on "Zoom" in the accessibility settings. this allows for pinch and zoom to work anywhere in the OS, especially for the hard of sight.

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  • edesignuk
    Sep 15, 02:48 PM
    Originally posted by Spock
    Say again...I didn't quite hear :p :D

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  • Consultant
    Jan 21, 12:15 PM
    Another option would be to get a really nice printout of some of your illustration work and photograph various closeup details of it..

    Great idea. And include contact info as part of the image of course.

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  • superbovine
    Sep 13, 06:30 PM
    upper cache.. i was told by a friend that it is a way to download images to a computer only once, even though you may have it in many places. for example, a title bar. so it doesn't have to download the image again every time they go to a new page wasting your precious bandwidth. if anyone can tell me what it is better, how to do it, or where to find out how to do it, i would really appreciate it..

    your browsers does all that for you...

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  • wwjdbk
    Oct 26, 09:43 AM
    I'll be there. And Sam I will take one of your FASTMAC t-shirts from you as long as you have a medium! See everyone about 4-430


    Mar 6, 03:30 PM
    What client are you guys using on your macs? I went to the stanford site to download their mac client and all I got was a page not found error. There download list works but when you click to actually download the program the page isn't found.


    Mar 27, 08:52 PM
    WRONG. Accessories can let your Mac have USB 3.0:

    Thanks for the kindhearted correction.

    Dec 12, 09:32 PM
    Go to itunes preferences.
    Click Importing.
    Import Using: MP3 encoder.

    Then put the cd in and click import.

    Apr 23, 07:02 AM
    3G Juice. I own two and they came in very handy while I was at the airport. You can find them on

    May 4, 12:37 PM

    I have an email account that uses the Gmail interface thing, for lack of a better phrase, but is not actually I want to add it to my Mail app but can't figure out how to do so. It seems as if I need to do some stuff with imap or pop or something like that? Any help would be appreciated.


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