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  • Peace
    Sep 1, 09:02 AM
    I'm starting to question the validity of any keynote.There's only one story about it and it's not even on the radio shows webpage.Why are there not more media types getting "invitations" ?

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  • Machead III
    Aug 31, 02:08 PM
    There will are not relay organized at AppleExpo

    LMFAO! http://www.starshipbuilder.com/forums/images/smilies/laugh.gif

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Apr 12, 03:52 PM
    I'm confused... What will this give us in XBMC that we don't already have? Since I'm assuming you're running XBMC on Apple TV2, Airplay already works just fine...

    Airplay and Airtunes are two different things AFAIK. I was under the impression that AUDIO was routed ONLY through AirTUNES and that AirPLAY was purely the VIDEO portion of the stream. Thus, you could stream a video to XBMC from an iPad, but you would get no audio and/or music could not be streamed with it. At least this was the jist I got from a thread on the matter when Airplay functionality was first added. Cracking the Airtunes key would enable XBMC to be seen from within iTunes as a full fledged audio device and thus you could output audio to it and other speakers at the same time, etc. and control it all from "REMOTE" on an iOS device.

    Come to think of it, I see the thread title is "AirPLAY Private Key Exposed". So either that is a misprint or this thread is terribly out of date. AirPLAY has been known for quite a long time and it has NOTHING to do with an Airport Express, which is only AirTUNES so I'm assuming they mean the Airtunes key has been exposed (Airplay was not encrypted to my knowledge, only Airtunes). AppleTV Gen1 only has AirTunes, not AirPlay, for example as does Airport Express.


    Not simultaneous control like AirTunes. You can stream to multiple computers, but it will need to be controlled separately -- as far as I know.

    I can't think of a good reason to stream strictly audio to multiple computers, even if each is connected to speakers. Seems very clumsy to me, and you'd be better off getting an Airport Express ($69 refurbished (http://store.apple.com/us/product/FB321LL/A?mco=MTY3ODQ5OTY)) for each speaker system or getting AirPlay-supported speakers.

    Why would you want to buy another device and/or set of speakers for a given room if it already has a good set of speakers connected to a computer, especially if that computer is already turned on? You'd need switching of some kind (e.g. receiver) to even use the same speakers with another device and it would just be a waste of money (unless you never plan to have that computer turned on and/or that is not the main speakers in that room). For example, my whole house audio/video server is on 24/7 and has Klipsch THX speakers connected to it. Why on earth would I want an Airport Express in that room, especially when it's normally the computer that is spooling out the iTunes information to begin with?

    It makes me grin a little when I see posts like in this thread posted by people who obviously have no shortage of money (with their multiple mac systems) and yet dont want to hand over a little money for something thats been out for 5 years and makes the audio elements of airplay completely redundant.

    Sonos. Easier, way better quality, more options, fully upgradeable, completely unrestrictive. And it just works.

    For videophiles get a popcorn hour, 1080p streaming goodness which plays formats Apple TV can only dream of.

    To host the content (if you dont want to buy an internal hard drive for Popcorn Hour) a simple NAS.

    - Sonos is not "way better quality" (AppleTV2 output is DIGITAL and so the "quality" depends entirely on the stereo you connect it to. So sorry but you have no point there.

    - It may not be better quality, but it IS "way more expensive". AppleTV2 costs $99 (same price as an Airport Express which is "audio only" like Sonos). Sonos OTOH costs $349 for a basic receiver which then still requires to either be connected directly to a router (wired) OR you have to pay ANOTHER $99 for a "bridge" to send a separate wireless signal off your router just for Sonos devices (waste of bandwidth and clutters the band with more wireless signals instead of just using your existing wireless router, which most people already have (how many used a wired only router and if you did you cannot use the Sonos wireless for anything else). So already you are at LEAST $450 in the hole for a single room with Sonos and you have ONLY AUDIO capability.

    -But then I would be forgetting you need a SOURCE of music. You tout the use of an NAS, but most NAS devices aren't exactly cheap or anything. For all intensive purposes they are a just a headless computer and most run Linux. AppleTV2 is out of the box a PITA if you don't want to leave a computer on, but you can put XBMC on it which will use any NAS or networked source. You then have the same functionality as Sonos BUT you also have full video capability. You could instead get a cheap Netbook for $250 (cheaper than most NAS devices) and connect a hard drive to that and run iTunes and the full Apple interface if you'd like and still have XBMC available as well. Personally, I just use an old PPC G4 PowerMac as a server and 24/7 Internet terminal. Intel machines can also be set to Wake On Lan, so you can have your machine sleep while AppleTV is not in use. In short, NAS isn't as great as you make it sound (most are also dog slow compared to a real computer) and there are alternative options even with Apple software like a cheap Netbook as a server.

    -Now I come to the heart of the matter...VIDEO. You suggest a Popcorn Hour in ADDITION to the already out of this world priced Sonos system. They start at $179 and go up to $299. That brings your total minimum price for a wireless system for a single room to $629 AND you have to switch between two separate devices to listen to audio and/or watch videos. With AppleTV you have all your movies, tv shows, photos, music, music videos, YouTube and Internet Radio (plus the options of XBMC with a quick hack including non-Apple formats) and your TOTAL COST for **one** room wireless using an existing wireless router is $99. $629 versus $99...Hmmmmmm. And then there's the matter of Popcorn Hour's crappy interface versus Apple's polished one. XBMC makes Popcorn Hour look bad as well. Bugs or popcorn? :confused:

    So for the price of your ONE room audio and video, I could have SIX rooms using AppleTV2 with both video and audio and still have $29 to spare. With XBMC installed, it can play any format (just like Popcorn Hour). With the Apple interface running, it can sync audio to all rooms or play independently (just like Sonos). And it all can be controlled by an iOS device as well or programmed to accept the signals from any IR remote out there with extra buttons available.

    Using ONE device (AppleTV), I have menu access to ALL my media collection without even having to switch the input on the receiver. I can play slide shows to my music collection and watch my entire video library (including VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-Ray conversions) and rent HD movies at the push of a button (Netflix is available on ATV2 as well).

    I see ZERO advantage to Sonos and it costs a LOT more (what restrictions are you referring to with ATV? iTunes handles WAV, AAC, MP3 and Apple Lossless and seamlessly plays DTS music CDs that have been dumped). 3rd party formats like Flac are easily converted or they can be played in XBMC. Popcorn Hour's only advantage (once you figure XBMC into the fold) is that it can output in 1080p (ATV2 downconverts the final output to 720p at the moment, although my Gen1 ATV can play 1080p with XBMC using the Linux OS install and a cheap Crystal card in the one room where it matters here with a 93" screen).

    In other words, I need lack nothing here at a fraction of the price and way better integration than your solution.

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  • cleric
    Apr 22, 01:45 PM
    I think the big advantage to this downgrade will be buying clearance and refurbished Nvidia-based MBAs for 25% discounts... Unless Apple somehow fits a standard voltage SB CPU in the 13" MBA, I think most will be better off with C2D and Nvidia 320m at discounts.

    Exactly what I was thinking I'd much rather have the 320M it makes youtube and other graphics accelerated apps so much better than the 9400M, can't imagine downgrading to igp.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 30, 04:45 PM
    Go "matte.....easier on your eyes under all lighting conditions, more accurate representation of what will be printed or show on other people's monitors."

    Bold part. Explain how Matte offers such a thing if "other people's monitors" are glossy ? How does matte better represent the content as displayed on glossy monitors ? :confused:

    Photographers and people who don't like sparkled/ full of reflection monitors go with matte.

    Those guys must not have existed before the advent of LCD monitors... what did those guys do with the big glass tubes ?

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  • RMo
    Apr 25, 01:08 PM
    If taking cues from the MacBook Air means having a tapered front, then no thanks.

    I have to say the current design is pretty good, and I'm not sure what else they could do--but I've always thought that in the past, and they've usually blown me away each time. So, I'm excited to see what they are planning.

    I'm sort of on the fence about the optical drive. I don't use it every day, but it's definitely nice to have it built-in when I need it. I'm not a fan of having more cords and external devices on my laptop.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 17, 04:27 PM
    Hi people. Take a quick look at this working prototye.


    I understand that Synaptics is a company Apple already has a working relationship with.

    It kinda gets the juices flowing when you consider the possibilities. No more crap mobiles, I hope.


    Yeah, that candy bar picture has been floating around awhile. I'm just not a fan of it though. It doesn't look comfortable unless you use a hands-free device, and it seems as if all kinds of fingerprints, dust and dirt, and muck would show up way too easy on its' surface. All the pretty lights and images just make it too busy looking.

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  • Tapiwa
    Mar 22, 02:00 PM
    I want to know where to get a list of products that hook onto Thunderbolt.


    No problem, here's the list for you:


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  • children
    Apr 25, 06:39 PM
    i knew i should have held on a year longer :( i guess its ebay time in 6 months for my quad 17..

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 18, 01:41 PM
    I commented on a friend's facebook post where he was lamenting such high taxes and having to support social programs. My retort involved how I would rather live in a country where people got paid livable wages and were able to support themselves and each other instead of driving all the money to the uppers while leaving the rest practically bankrupt. Someone else commented "Stalin and Lenin would be proud of you," referring to me. That's kind of what we live with.

    Amazing! I totally agree, I don't mind paying higher taxes here for better services and better rights.

    I know someone who works in the public sector was told to get his working hours down because he was working more than the amount he was supposed to by law in his job. Was told to get it down to 42 hours a week I think.

    Guess that would never happen on your side of the pond!

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  • poppe
    Sep 5, 12:32 PM
    So no mermom MBP's on September 12 then?

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  • hypmatize
    Mar 11, 03:56 AM
    I think the bottom line is don't download anything that you don't trust like on any other platform and 99% of the time you will be fine. Believe it or not all platforms are pretty safe as long as you use common sense.

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  • GGJstudios
    Mar 23, 04:13 PM
    ...You will now predictably reply with yet more BS nonsense about how great your arguments are and how stupid everything I say is. Sorry, but I'm done playing your games.
    Thanks! I needed that laugh! :D

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  • BornAgainMac
    Oct 12, 12:33 PM
    Why is U2 so big with iPods anyways? The only group to have their own iPod. :confused:

    (I don't mean to be disrespectful to the U2 fanboys out there)

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  • Lukeyy19
    Apr 4, 12:31 PM
    i honestly can't understand people who say there was no need to kill him, he was armed and shot at the security guard.

    A criminal shoots at a security guard who is just doing his job of protecting the public? and a Security Guard shoots at a criminal who is shooting at him, endangering the public and stealing, and somehow the Security Guard is the bad guy here?

    this criminal had no respect or regard for anyone but himself, he was a CRIMINAL, that was his choice to make, if he'd of made a better choice, he'd still be alive.
    If the Security Guard had of made a different choice he may not still be alive.

    it's just like the whole Raoul Moat thing here in the UK, he killed I don't know how many people, injured others, shot a Police Officer in the face with a shotgun, and people still said it was wrong to kill him, SERIOUSLY!

    I say well done to the Security Guard, i just hope he is commentated for doing the right thing, and lives the rest of his life peacefully.

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  • gnasher729
    Mar 30, 12:14 PM
    What about "Burger Store" ?

    Let's say you have a conversation with a friend like this "I'd really like a burger right now. " "Ok, where shall we go? " "To the nearest xxx, of course!". Which of these could you imagine saying without your friend thinking you are weird:

    Burger King
    Mc Donald's
    burger place
    burger store.

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  • Miles513
    Apr 4, 09:20 AM
    Having been bitten numerous times by McAfee, I never believe their press releases.

    Way back, I subscribed to their virus and firewall software. I tested the firewall, and it worked. Until they updated it to a slicker looking interface. Some sixth sense made me test it again, and bingo, my computer was exposed. McAfee customer "support" was not interested. They had my annual subscription, and that was all they wanted.

    After ripping all McAfee code out of my PC, I was dismayed to find that my employer signed up for McAfee products.

    Months and months of slow PC, followed by bricking thousands of employee PCs with their encryption-at-rest software.
    co-sign, same thing happened to me

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  • caity13cait
    Sep 19, 02:57 PM
    Did anyone else notice what the guy who wrote that article said.
    "My home DSL connection clocks in consistently at around 4.9 gigabits per second - fast by American residential standards - and it still took me five hours to download a movie from Unbox."

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  • macenforcer
    Oct 12, 03:24 PM
    Ah, classic manipulation of an idea. At no point in that post did I say "helping people" is a bad thing, or that it should never be done. Quite the contrary... I actually said:

    So please, don't cherrypick. Education is the only answer to this problem, nobody disputes that. But to say there is absolutely no correlation between the death and suffering going on in Africa, and a large portion of that society which is beyond help and beyond the limitations of education would be naive.

    There are times in human history when, despite all our better efforts, nature is going to run its course, and those groups who have not adapted their lifestlye and way of thinking are left behind. I'm certainly not saying don't try, nor am I saying that saving even a single life wouldn't be worth the effort. I'm merely saying that Africa's problems are deeper than education. There's a culture there that has been in place a lot longer than even our own system of education and medicine has existed. To think that we can change that by giving them some condoms, explaining how they work and why it's important, is foolish. I'm saying that Africa will sort out it's own problems in time, when those individuals who recognize the problem for themselves get a voice. We can help, and every little bit helps, but it's not ours to fix. This is FAR FAR more complex and rooted than a kid who hurts his knee on a skateboard.

    AMEN brotha!

    Apr 4, 12:46 PM
    Coming from a "Gun Person" (Own a HK .45 USP Tactical w/ GEMTECH Suppressor)

    ...All this "well they had it coming" BS is totally misplaced, the man who died was a human being. I only hope that the guard did not instigate the shooting.

    Apr 25, 05:57 PM
    Hopefully they get rid of the sharp needle points where you open the cover. I know a guy who slashed his wrist open on the sharp point.

    Sep 14, 09:26 AM
    There is no way in hell that they will introduce laptops at this event.

    I have repeated that a couple of times already...doesnt help.

    Sep 1, 03:58 AM
    Same here. I'm not waiting beyond Paris, but I won't be able to afford an MBP, unless I bought the current models on eBay proceeding an update.

    Ugh... it would just be so much simpler if Apple "revealed their hand" all at once so i knew where I stood. No point in delaying a MB update, it's already been out longer than the average MBP cycle.There isn't going to be a MacBook update until late Fall when they have enough Meroms to feed the MacBook line with exactly the same speed and L2 cache Meroms. So if you're waiting for Paris to see if there will be Merom MacBooks then, you can forgetaboutit now. Ain't gonna happen 'til the MBP & iMac pipelines are saturated.

    Merom C2D processors are on allocation for a few months. LIMITED SUPPLY guys. Means MacBook is next to last to get Meroms followed by mini at the end of allocation time - probably November-December time frame.

    Apr 25, 02:24 AM
    Well I will openly admit that I have a low opinion of those who get burned in investment scams. If you're stupid enough to think you're going to get the kind of returns promised to you by the likes of Madoff, then you deserve to lose your money. But that's off topic.


    Why are you so cold hearted?

    Why do you feel you are somehow better than everyone else?

    Why do you not feel you need to abide by society's laws and furthermore, why do you not have any sense of ethics or morals?

    I am especially shocked that you have these views after stating you have volunteered 2500 hrs (or over 100 continuous days) in the last 2 years...I would think that this experience would have you develop a sense of compassion, not make you more cold hearted...

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