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Ipod Touch White Screen

Ipod Touch White Screen. just a white screen.
  • just a white screen.

  • jimbo1mcm
    Apr 26, 02:22 AM
    They work well. Very good sound. Headset. Answer with touch and control Ipod function/ IPhone function fast forward with touch. I like them. USB re-charge.

    Ipod Touch White Screen. Wait for the White Screen
  • Wait for the White Screen

  • nicroma
    May 6, 05:10 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Use redsnow to fix the 1 bar problem.

    I don't want to upgrade my baseband, I would rather keep the value of my phone.

    Ipod Touch White Screen. Your new iPod Touch has a
  • Your new iPod Touch has a

  • Sun Baked
    Jan 3, 06:52 PM
    Originally posted by crude analogy
    "I don't want this to turn into a mudslinging contest."

    --zarathustra, January 3, 2003.

    If you did not want a mudslinging contest, you would not have slung mud.Is it too late to make it a night of beer and mudwrestling instead?

    Ipod Touch White Screen. the white screen issue.
  • the white screen issue.

  • JRoDDz
    Apr 6, 10:46 AM
    Will a cheap silicone case protect the iPhone 4 or is an expensive TPU case needed?

    Ipod Touch White Screen. There has been a white screen
  • There has been a white screen

  • srobert
    Mar 22, 09:22 AM
    I wonder which are worst:

    A) Video games based on movies, or
    B) Movies based on video games.

    Tough choice.

    Ipod Touch White Screen. New iPod Touch 4G: Photoshop
  • New iPod Touch 4G: Photoshop

  • P-Worm
    Mar 17, 03:44 PM
    My personal favourite was Final Fantasy Tactics, although that isn't your standard RPG. I thought the story was engrosing and the job system ala FF5 was done to near perfection. Anyone else agree?


    Ipod Touch White Screen. eBay (US) : Apple Ipod touch 8GB White Screen Of Death, broken (item 290559829506 end time May-01-11
  • eBay (US) : Apple Ipod touch 8GB White Screen Of Death, broken (item 290559829506 end time May-01-11

  • antmarobel
    Mar 13, 03:04 PM
    They're relatively OK. Are you running in Lion?

    yes, that's why my doubt about them...

    Ipod Touch White Screen. No Flashing White Screen But .
  • No Flashing White Screen But .

  • arn
    Oct 30, 02:09 AM
    Originally posted by Rower_CPU
    Nice. Having fun yet? ;)

    Also, I just noticed, no Google ads. Is that going to stay that way, or is it temporary?

    removed for now (on front page)... just cause I thought the discussions were more important in that space.

    Just have to find a good place for 'em. ;) They may go back up top like they were before "launch" day.


    Ipod Touch White Screen. your iphone/ipod touch to
  • your iphone/ipod touch to

  • edesignuk
    Nov 15, 12:17 PM
    Yeah they can.
    I'll just shut up then :o Link to an example?

    Ipod Touch White Screen. White screen of death!
  • White screen of death!

  • Alaerian
    Apr 16, 08:20 AM
    2. Still using my original iPhone. A clear plastic shell, and the original Otterbox. I needed nothing else.

    Ipod Touch White Screen. with that white screen and
  • with that white screen and

  • bwanac
    Mar 22, 10:21 PM

    Ipod Touch White Screen. with that white screen and
  • with that white screen and

  • kftrainer
    Mar 29, 07:43 AM
    I love this feature, of resuming the apps to their open state . I have to close Mail before I reboot because a bug keeps me from using until I close and reopen Mail - I know because of the preview status I have to expect that. I cannot wait until the next update- I wonder if it will be the GM 1 as it has been rumored. Any one having this issue with Mail or any other app?

    Secondly, Apple didn't take open/close lights away, it is now an optional setting in the Systems Preferences. The reason Apple did this is because they want to remove the idea of "open"/"closed" states. The software are starting to catch up to the hardware in terms of speed that we can leave applications and return to it in the same state. Apple wants to be able to introduce the concept of *resuming* apps, not *closed*. When you restart Lion with open apps, Lion will restart with the same open apps in the same state. This is the future on Mac OS X. No more closing required, especially with a fast SSD.

    Ipod Touch White Screen. DRM iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd
  • DRM iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd

  • dogbyte_13
    Jul 26, 08:11 AM
    thanks sooo much!!!

    Ipod Touch White Screen. only has the white screen.
  • only has the white screen.

  • OllyW
    Jan 31, 08:13 AM
    What does "winni" mean?

    Don't you read the posts ( in your own threads? :)

    Ipod Touch White Screen. The iDevice will flash a white
  • The iDevice will flash a white

  • tigress666
    Mar 9, 04:50 PM
    Winner winner chicken dinner.


    Winner winner SHEEEEEEEN dinner.

    LOL I can't believe he said this.

    No, I think I was in disbelief when he said dying is for fools... does he really believe he is going to live forever?

    Ipod Touch White Screen. I have a ipod touch 4g and its
  • I have a ipod touch 4g and its

  • MacRumors
    Feb 19, 01:30 PM (

    Register Hardware notes ( that Apple has modified the iPhone SDK to specifically allow developers to include sweepstakes and lottery functionality in their App Store applications.The new rule is unambiguous:

    "3.3.17 Your Application may include promotional sweepstake or contest functionality provided that You are the sole sponsor of the promotion and that You and Your Application comply with any applicable laws"The report notes that developers must clearly state in any contest rules that Apple is not a sponsor of nor responsible for conducting the promotions.

    Also referenced in the report is The KaChing Button (, an application introduced in December that previously only served to allow users to make a novelty "ka-ching" sound. The $0.99 application was updated last week, however, to include sweepstakes functionality under the new SDK terms, allowing the application's developers to offer "up to $1000" per day in prizes over the next month to random winners selected from those pressing the KaChing Button within the application. Daily prizes ( thus far have been at the minimum $100 level and will presumably be increased should revenue from application purchases support such payouts.

    Article Link: Apple Modifies iPhone SDK to Allow Sweepstakes Applications (

    Ipod Touch White Screen. white, ipod touch screen
  • white, ipod touch screen

  • FrancisDaigle
    Apr 16, 05:17 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I have an April 2010 13' Macbook Pro with a LG Flatron W2453V as the external monitor (minidisplay port to HDMI style). The problem is, every time I wake the MBP from sleep mode, all of my windows have been resized and moved around. It's as if the MBP fails to recognize the external monitor quickly enough and defaults everything to the MBP's screen. Is there anyway to have the MBP recognize the external monitor first and keep the window positions the way they were?

    Thanks :)

    Ipod Touch White Screen. Apple ipod touch screen with
  • Apple ipod touch screen with

  • deadwulfe
    May 4, 10:43 AM
    This article is a bit dated, but it still applies. - How to mount a Windows shared folder on your mac (!247148/how-to-mount-a-windows-shared-folder-on-your-mac)

    Ipod Touch White Screen. iPhone or iPod touch into
  • iPhone or iPod touch into

  • MacCoaster
    Aug 17, 12:51 PM
    There's an rcdb? Wow, what doesn't the internet have?
    Do you seriously think there aren't any coaster enthusiasts who know at least some programming? :p CoasterBuzz ( has a similar database.

    Mar 2, 09:56 PM
    The iPhone can't handle Charlie with just an A4 processor. After all, we heard Charlie tell us what the "Charlie Sheen drug" will do to you. You need an A5 for that.

    Lmao I actually don't even think the A5 would be able to handle it. I'm not sure if you watched his interview or not but his brain is far superior than the normal brain.

    Mar 18, 07:45 AM
    Anyone know how much a Tshirt is? And if there's any way to get one other than going to San Francisco?

    Each T-shirt is under $20
    There are also hats, zipped long sleeve shirts with Apple logo, keychains, cups.

    Cupertino is about 1 hour drive from San Francisco, and maybe 30 minutes drive from San Jose if there is no traffic.

    Note VERY limited store hours, at least for those there on business. I got lucky on a business trip one day and was able to go in the afternoon otherwise count a long lunch + car.

    And in 1999 Microsoft tried to open their own store, I wonder why?

    Mar 2, 10:25 PM
    Update: Just got home, and the new box is just over half as big as the old box, and the instructions are in fact on the back of the old mini wrapper too.... strange I've never noticed! The colours are identical - not really that surprising for the silver I suppose! The only obvious difference is the inclusion of the 6GB sign on the back of tne new mini...

    No this is not suprising, Apple only actually came out with three new colors for the mini, they choose not to alter the silver Ipod. I agree it may in fact be that sillver is ..welll...silver or because it is the hotest selling color.

    Apr 18, 05:16 PM
    ... can someone please help me out with creating a logo that looks like a wispy cloud ...

    Let's talk about this for a moment. Logos need to have impact, both visually and symbolically. A wispy cloud doesn't seem to have either of these qualities.

    What are you trying to say with your wispy cloud? Is there perhaps a better way to convey what you're hoping to convey?

    Sep 26, 05:32 PM
    That jornalist is an idiot. See the Apple logo on the back of all those 'phones'? That's not Apple's logo! That's Applele's logo, and MANY renderings have come out of that website for YEARS, all bearing that logo. It's just his expression of what he think would look cool on the Apple product line. This is in no way real!

    Good day!

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