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  • bandwagon is Ivanka Trump.

  • bdkennedy1
    Apr 25, 01:27 PM
    Whatever the design, I'm sure it will be magical!

    ivanka trump pregnant images. ivanka trump pregnant
  • ivanka trump pregnant

  • spicyapple
    Sep 14, 08:04 AM
    Most likely. I'm not a betting person, but Apple usually rolls out new pro machines during these types of events and what better way to show off the MBPs running C2D than a demonstration of Aperture 2.0. :)

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  • Ivanka Trump is pregnant!

  • peharri
    Sep 18, 07:33 AM
    OK. hang on. back the f&6king truck up.

    maybe we're backwards here. but i have NEVER, EVER heard of ANY kind of phone service where INCOMING calls are anything BUT free (excluding reverse-charge, obviously).

    No, that's not true, though the way it's presented often makes you think it is.

    Sprint and a company called MetroPCS are one of the few companies in the entire world where incoming calls are in practice are "at no extra charge" (unless those calls are long distance.)

    That is, someone can call someone with a Sprint phone on a "free unlimited incoming" plan, and NEITHER PARTY will be charged (subject to restrictions, namely that mobile party isn't roaming, and the caller has unlimited outgoing calls to at the very least the mobile party's area/exchange code. This is the default with US landlines.)

    (I'm being picky with words here, because it's even worse than how I'm describing. I'm not aware of a single phone company in the entire world that offers free calls of any description save for 911/112/999 type calls. Every phone company in the world at the very least requires you pay a subscription fee before receiving any kind of unmetered service. Ok, I note the complaints I'm being picky and everyone "knows" what "free" means, but I think the word "free" is overused.)

    Most other operators in the US offer unlimited airtime at nights, weekends, and often when calls are placed between mobiles on the same network, so the other networks also provide incoming calls "at no extra charge" for a specific subset of incoming calls.

    Now, you're probably not in the US, which explains your confusion as to why someone would be wording this as it was, but don't think that because where you are the callee doesn't pay for incoming calls, that this means the calls are free. They're not. They're paid for by the caller, often at absurdly high rates. Do you never make calls to mobiles?

    You are just as likely to be receiving a call as making one to a mobile phone (ie regardless of who pays, YOU are likely to pay it. You receive calls on your cellphone, and you call people who have cellphones), so when considering the total cost of ownership, the price of incoming calls, whether paid for by the caller or callee, makes a difference in terms of the use of mobile phones.

    Because this is likely to descend to a debate on the subject of "Caller pays" or "Mobile user pays", the US system makes it harder to have a workable low-budget pay-as-you-go system, but once service-spends exceed around $40 a month, the provided tariffs are generally much, much, better value than that provided outside of the US. So there's a higher barrier to entry, but once you can afford it, even the most avid talkers can use it as their default phone. A typical tariff in the US is $50 a month for unlimited nights, weekends, and calls between same-network mobiles, plus 500 minutes for other call types. A typical tariff in the UK appears to be something approximating to 20-70c a minute for outgoing calls (the lower end for same network or landline calls, higher for calls to mobiles), with calls charged by the second and no, practical, monthly minimum call spends and everyone paying just for the calls they make. Someone who doesn't use a mobile phone very often would appreciate the latter, someone who wants to use it instead of a landline would appreciate the former.

    ivanka trump pregnant images. ivanka trump pregnant images.
  • ivanka trump pregnant images.

  • cere
    Apr 14, 01:09 PM
    Can you provide any indications that Intel is dropping support for Thunderbolt? Any reason to believe that PC makers won't provide USB ports like they do now but also DisplayPorts like they do now, only in both cases the ports are upgraded to support USB 3 and thunderbolt?

    I think it is too early to really get a read one way or the other. I am hopeful that TB will take off. But this time I think it will be more the drive and peripherals vendors that will make or break it. If they can do a USB3 drive and it will work with any system that has USB3 and/or TB, why would the also do a TB version? I am not saying they won't, but there is certainly an incentive to drop the extra sku and investment that a TB version would require.

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  • This pregnant Ivanka Trump

  • bigandy
    Sep 26, 07:58 AM
    I hope you will be able to by it 'sim free' in the uk, im not buying it if it an O2 exclusive and this will make me sad

    you will, just keep an eye on and when (if) it's announced...

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  • ivanka trump pregnant belly.

  • luminosity
    Sep 19, 02:18 PM
    it's not just new tv downloads, but also old tv show downloads that were bumped up.

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  • ivanka trump pregnant pics.

  • milo
    Sep 12, 03:59 PM
    That is the common sense reaction. You're seeing mac zealots here trying to trumpet how great these new iPods are.

    Updating a 4:3 screen with another 4:3 screen and claiming it's improved is like Yugo rereleasing their car and claiming it's improved because the gas cap is a different color. It's still a Yugo.

    Even apple admits that the iPod with video is pretty much the same box. Are you sure you're not getting confused by people excited by the new shuffle and nano? Or the software updates, which also apply to the previous iPod? I think I smell a straw man.

    Because they use the same battery, how can videos play longer and not music?

    Probably because video playback has been optimized, or they're using different video chips or screen.

    Well Folks, you all seem to be concerned about if your iPod 5G is outdated..
    ever thought about that?
    If I got Steve right, no iPod that was sold prior to this very day will be able to play videos from the iTMS sold from this day on - not if Apple hasn't been lying VERY much about the H.264 decoding capabilities of the "old" iPod 5G.

    I thought the 5G was already able to handle 640x480 movies, just couldn't display them at full resolution?

    Doesn't matter if it has been opened. I bought an iMac right before the new ones came out, it was bto with the upc cut out and sent in for the free iPod offer. They gave a FULL refund with no restocking fee, even I made sure they knew it was opened with the upc cut off. This policy is different than their normal return policy.

    Is that policy documented somewhere? Sounds like someone may have decided to be nice to you and make an exception.

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  • Ivanka Trump SGY 0091351

  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 14, 12:44 PM
    Yeah, considering we get so many posts about "Will this RAM work?". It seems like the populous is clueless about DDR/DDR2 and FSB.

    Exactly. Which is why the Ghz myth will stay for a long time. You can't market Memory or FSB or SATA or PCI-X/PCI-E, you won't get anywhere.

    Ghz, GB, "X times faster", and you can play games that look very pretty. Those will be what computer marketing will be all about for many years to come.

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  • ivanka trump pregnant belly.

  • bloodycape
    Aug 24, 03:03 AM
    I still wish they made them for Apple. Looks like they might! Awesome!!!
    New rumor!
    Well if they were already make some accessories for the ipod they might actually be tempted to make one or two products sound cards for apple. What I would love to see is Creative licensing their X-FI audo tech to apple to put in the ipod. I have been hearing nothing but good things about X-Fi.

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  • ivanka trump pregnant due.

  • davelanger
    Mar 30, 01:19 PM
    That is MS Explorer calling the iTunes.exe file an Application. It has nothing to do with Apple. Anything ending in .exe will have the same description.

    It's all irrelevant to the conversation though... we are discussing "App Store" not "Application."

    So answer my 2nd question.

    Why not just have call is the Mobile App Store? or WindApp store?
    Why does MS need to copy Apple and just call it App Store?

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  • Ivanka Trump pregnant;

  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 19, 11:36 PM

    He's even got an awesome interview with Julian Assange. His documentary "The War You Don't See" is a must watch though.

    What does he say about the coming New World Order that Bush and Obama keep talking about, and also the coming North American Union + Amero?

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  • ivanka trump pregnant 2011.

  • lexidata
    May 3, 10:37 AM
    I've just finish chatting with a person on the apple website. She told me that I can use the new imac (21 and 27") thunderbold input to use the imac as an external display. Only if it comes from a thunderbolt output (like an macbook pro for exemple).

    ivanka trump pregnant images. Ivanka Trump Pregnant, Joins
  • Ivanka Trump Pregnant, Joins

  • Bonte
    Sep 5, 08:24 AM
    Apple also lets us rip CD's in iTunes, listen to podcasts and most of us already have a VCR or DVR, recording TV-shows is just an extra option to put it on an iPod and thats way more important than those few dollars they make on a show.

    Don't hope for a $300 media-center, a PC media-center cost's between $1000 en $2000 so a $600-$800 "Mini Media" with a bigger HD and extra Front Row functionality will fit the bill perfectly.

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  • 2010 Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

  • CalBoy
    Mar 29, 01:01 PM
    I think they need to learn how to do math. How can you have an 18.8% cumulative annual growth rate when your market share goes down from 15.7% to 15.3%?

    iOS will not grow as fast as the rest of the market, so as a portion of the whole, it will shrink slightly.

    The only trouble I have with this prediction is that it assumes Nokia will be able to maintain its lead with handset marketshare as phones continue to evolve.

    Nokia hasn't done well with smartphones, and neither has Windows Mobile (at least compared to Android, Blackberry, and iOS). IDC is predicting that current Nokia owners will move to Nokia smartphones as time goes on. However, I don't think this is a realistic assumption.

    Android and iOS are already seen as the avant-garde of smartphones, and if customers can afford to update their handsets, they're going to want the best, not the mediocre. IDC's predictions would make sense if the transition were to happen instantaneously, but that's not how the world works. People in China, India, and Brazil who find themselves able to afford smartphones in increasing numbers are going to want what is widely perceived as the best or most superior device. For most people, that's either Android or iOS, or possibly Blackberry as a distant third.

    There's also HP's acquisition of Palm to consider. If HP launches a new line of phones and does something to provide a robust series of apps, it would be yet another option that could fork Nokia's current marketshare. If tablets become even more significant to mobile os development, then there is another advantage to iOS and Android (and to a lesser extent RIM).

    I think what's more probable is that Windows Mobile will capture a certain share of current Nokia users, but not all of them. Nokia's strength historically was to produce cheap, reliable, simple phones for billions of people. That's not how the smartphone market is playing out, and both Nokia and Microsoft have never been very good in markets where lowest common denominator didn't win.

    ivanka trump pregnant images. Trump#39;s pregnant daughter,
  • Trump#39;s pregnant daughter,

  • iMacZealot
    Sep 18, 12:48 AM
    I'm sure I late getting into the argument, and that fanboyism depending on what network youre own will not change, but I really think GSM does have better voice quality than any other network.

    I think the two of them are hard to compare. In this arguement, I'm not advocatinig CDMA, I'm just trying to show that there's no need to bash them as they are hard to compare.

    CDMA and TDMA both get the job done; they divide up bandwidth so that multiple users can use a base station at the same time. They way they do that is just different. That cliche phrase of "comparing apples to oranges" applies to the age old question of GSM vs. CDMA.

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  • ivanka trump pregnant due

  • redhawk87
    Apr 20, 10:46 AM
    so the program can not find the file. Does that mean my iPhone isnt tracking me?

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  • ivanka trump pregnant due. is

  • gloss
    Sep 26, 06:59 AM
    who the hell are cingular? what about orange t-mobile, vodaphone or o2? I guess it's US only again...

    They're GSM, which means the likelihood you'll get the phone outside the States is very high.

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  • ivanka trump pregnant 2011.

  • Tones2
    Mar 29, 12:33 PM
    I do find it humorous that these analysts think they can see 2015 with any semblance of accuracy.

    I find it also humorous the number of people in this forum who are positive that this WON'T happen, and don't think THAT is a prediction. ;)


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  • pregnancy. Ivanka Trump

  • bazaarsoft
    Mar 22, 04:14 PM
    What I find extremely interesting is the LACK of rumors on the MacBook - it's the oldest Mac in the lineup and is extremely overdue for an upgrade (almost double it's normal product cycle). :confused:

    Apr 29, 07:05 AM
    Three points:

    1) Microsoft is primarily a software that is transitioning from a two trick pony into a diverse company addressing many areas - such diversification will take years to occur but to write Microsoft off at this stage is simply being stupid (as some have done on other forums out there on the internet).

    2) Apple is stretched too thinly with the latest font fiasco being one of many fiascos; from the design defects in MacBook Pro's generation after generation to the design defect in the iPhone 4, the constant bugs appearing and made worse in each release and update of Mac OS X. Then there is the mountain of bugs in iOS with phones being dropped in terms of support asap and bugs once again not being fixed. Sooner or later people are going to catch onto the fact that Apple isn't dedicating the resources to their products and it'll come back to bite them in the ass. Apple is on a winning streak but remember that these winning streaks can't last forever.

    3) Lion appears to be yet another example of a rushed job by Apple where once again a mountain of bugs are introduced, old bugs aren't being fixed promptly, promises but failure to deliver, new features but old hardware unsupported even though the actual hardware itself supports the said features (OpenGL 3.x support being one example of that). Again, sooner or later people are going to hook onto the fact that once again Apple ships yet another half baked operating system that'll require minimum 2-3 combo updates just to make it useful not only for end users but also for third party vendors to write their applications against.

    Cheer all you want but there are genuine issues that need resolving by Apple but I don't see it happening any time soon. As for me, I am holding off till the end of this year to decide whether I stick with Mac's or whether I head over to the Windows world. If they can't even design a 17 MacBook Pro correctly then I don't hold out much hope that Lion isn't a complete clusterf-ck.

    Edit: For WP7 haters, I suggest you actually use one before judging it. Microsoft is like Intel, a large company that takes a while for the ship to be turned around - anyone who remembers the P4 fiasco should remember how long it took for them to get back on track again. Microsoft is in the same situation, it will take at least 1-2 years to get back on track and by that time Microsoft will have a product for the tablet that'll be running Windows and Microsoft Office. People may boohoo Microsoft but when push comes to shove the big corporates will be wetting their pants with delight when they see a tablet running Microsoft Office.

    Yes, we'll just wait patiently while they catch up. No rush.

    Oh, and Apple and Google just called and said they'll stop innovating and stand still as a friendly gesture.

    This isn't 1995.

    MS is unprepared for the current competitive situation. Google has shown just how flat-footed and out of touch MS really is. We have a mass-market commodity-ware vendor that apparently has the power to give things away for free that are "good enough." Before, MS used to be the "just good enough" vendor. Then you've got Apple on the Premium end showing the way forward.

    This "You just watch, MS will catch up eventually" tactic is currently and will in the future continue to produce diminishing returns.

    MS is Zuning it in the current tech climate. Bad management, false starts, a string of failures, continual embarrassment . . . all of this would be no problem at all, if only investors, shareholders, directors - whoever has the power - would call for the entire top-level management at MS to be terminated. THAT is positive change. But same old same old . . .

    Apr 28, 04:04 PM
    who'd thought this would ever happen back in 1997. seriously, fmita

    Apr 22, 08:03 AM
    So Apple's method could be more efficient their side, offering a spotify type model where everyone accesses the same iTunes purchased track (except this time they own it) instead of Amazon's where each indivdual track is stored in their "digital locker"?

    A nice bt of foresight by Apple if so.

    this is we have something called dedupe where the computer strips out redundant data in similar files. i bet every song in amazon's storage locker is unique but with dedupe they only store it once

    Apr 20, 10:43 AM
    LOL at everyone freaking out!! So Google can take pictures of your house, back garden, car etc and post them for the entire world to see without asking you first, Facebook would sell your soul for profit if it could, and your worried about Apple tracking your phone, most likely for it's Find My Phone feature? hahahaha.

    LOL best post yet

    Oct 12, 07:26 PM
    Some strange arguments come up whenever this Red business is mentioned. Follow the link for information on what this is really about.

    They act as a clearing house, kind of like the United Way in the US. Programs are run by other groups.

    Most of the money is earmarked for tuberculosis and malaria, less than half is spent on HIV-related programs.

    Spending is not restricted to women and children. Programs are evaluated for their ability to work against discriminatory effects, and in many parts of the world that will mean that men need less help.

    This is not only for some countries in Africa. Funds are sent to all but the richest parts of the world.

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