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  • hipeye01
    May 4, 01:54 PM
    Well, I don't know about the calendar syncing, but the best Verizon feature phone is the LG enV3.

    Unfortunately there does not seem to be a good way to sync most LG phones with a mac computer. The only thing I have come across is Bit Pim and its reviews are pretty spotty.

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  • dscuber9000
    May 25, 07:55 PM
    Almost five years late, my friend. :D

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  • jbrown
    Jul 6, 09:16 AM
    I second those who like to partition....very useful for test files, OS 9, obviously Panther beta ( but only if you are a developer mind...:rolleyes: ) ......and booting into if your main partion fails....good luck

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  • tytanic11
    Jun 25, 08:06 AM
    I bought this MBP; its currently on its way via UPS. I just want to let everyone know we had a very quick, smooth transaction and I'd definitely do business with this seller again. I'll update this thread when the MBP arrives (UPS says tomorrow)

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  • Cpt.Oliver
    May 5, 12:25 AM
    For people that installed 4.3.3 on their iPhone is the upgrade? Is it better than 4.3.2? Does it help with animation stutter, lag and battery life?

    I am contemplating whether to upgrade or not as the last two upgrades messed up my perfectly fine iP4 which was running like a champ on 4.2.X.

    I updated to 4.3.3 no problem , run like a charm

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  • Lord Appleseed
    Apr 22, 09:04 AM
    Has anyone noticed if Facetime is less CPU intensive and runs cooler than Skype?

    I don't think either Facetime or iChat are that CPU intensive as Skype is.

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  • nintapple
    Oct 21, 09:45 AM
    as early as 3:30
    no later than 5:30

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  • awulf
    Dec 21, 11:46 PM
    On the screen it had the usual style buttons, but it says "Auction" on one of them, maybe they are starting auctions on their site too.

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  • laomehe
    Apr 29, 10:38 PM
    With the release of iPhone 4, plenty of smatter iPhone apps are welcomed by millions of iPhone fans, although lots of those apps are smart and powerful, there are some difficulties or inconvenience when users try using them, especially for beginners or some fans who don not know much about software. According to this, ********* Studio has released iPhone Manager, one multifunctional iPhone app which is really easy to use!

    ********* iPhone Manager (http://www.*********.com/iphone-manager.html) brings three main functions to you: transfer iPhone to PC, transfer PC to iPhone, and convert DVDs and any videos to iPhone. That's to say, it takes easy to backup iPhone files to Computer, export files/folder from Computer to iPhone, and and make iPhone ringtone for sharing with your friends or other purpose.


    As one professional app for iPhone transfer (http://www.*********.com/iphone-manager.html), ********* iPhone Manager takes more editing features. It can display your iPhone info automatically, like the iPhone type, capacity, version, etc, create new playlist and edit playlist. In order to find your file quickly, this iPhone Manager can allows you to browse your video/audio easily (Genre, Album, Artist), etc. Moreover, it is available for iPhone OS 3.0/3.1, iPod Firmware 3.0/3.1, and it can also highly support iPhone 4G, iPad and iOS 4!

    Compared with many other iPhone transfers, this iPhone file manager has cared much more about the convenience of users, especially beginner. it has fast rip speed, friendly user interface and it has been designed really easy to use, even beginners! For those iPhone users, with this iPhone Manager, it will be much easier to enjoy your iPhone world!

    just have a try first and hope these info can really be helpful.

    Some more related and useful tools here may help you as well:

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  • donga
    Jan 12, 08:59 PM
    macbook air. may sound stupid, but as mentioned before we've gotten used to names and branding before as they make big marketing pushes.

    with the air part, does nike air sound stupid? nike air max? nike air jordan? nike air (insert almost any name here)? i think there is a legitimate possibility for an apple product named with air in it

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  • thesmileman
    Apr 30, 07:38 AM
    Come on by and join me!

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  • bildio
    Apr 30, 06:58 AM
    I setup Time Capsule & Time Machine & it did a backup of my iMac. However, I don't think it did a backup of the Windows virtual machine on the iMac.

    How do I setup the Time Capsule/Time Machine to backup the iMac & Windows virtual machine, & setup a separate partition for file sharing amongst the iMac, Macbook Pro, & Window virtual machine?

    I'm new to the use of Time Capsule & Time Machine, so I hope I worded my question properly, & what I want to do makes sense.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 06:02 AM
    Get over to OWC and get one of those dual drive adapters, they are the future

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  • Disc Golfer
    Mar 19, 12:41 PM
    I've gotten a g4 imac power supply off ebay before without any hassle but it could be a crapshoot. It seems like these guys sell imac parts-

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  • adityashah1989
    Apr 24, 07:08 PM
    Is there a software similar to Expat Shield for a Mac. I want to play the BBC iPlayer outside the UK, thanks.

    EDIT: Found solution, Firefox add-on Stealthy (set location to GB(UK))

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  • EGT
    Dec 28, 05:01 PM
    Just to be safe, i'll travel 20 years into the future with my tardis and bring back a nano sized 120GB flash drive.

    I wish :rolleyes:

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  • mr evil brkfast
    Oct 30, 02:46 PM
    This is definetely a surprise. It is great that a universal product such as the ipod is getting sold by more than Apple specific vendors- even Dell.

    Maybe more Dells will ship with firewire as a result!

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  • macmikey2
    Apr 13, 05:45 AM
    Mine did the same thing. Both preview versions.

    I would restart, blue hang, then restart with SHIFT and it would start normally. Restart again, 50% of time it would hang at blue screen.

    Verbose did not help as the screen mine hung at was after OS X stops loading scrolling text, so could not see where it would stop (looking for 'we're hanging here...' message).

    Finally gave up on Lion yesterday and went back to SL. Not worth trouble. Reported a bunch of stuff so I did my developer thing, now I'll just wait it out until release is near.


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  • spham
    Mar 10, 08:14 PM
    I will definitely be there but not till 4:15. Hopefully everyone else decides to order online.

    May 6, 08:17 PM
    What kind of ports are used for each graphic card and it's corresponding monitor, ie, DVI-to-DVI, etc.? Have you tried different video cables?

    Jun 24, 08:31 AM
    They chopped off a good number of nonreserved people. That Probably means no more nonreserved today.

    Oct 17, 12:28 PM
    your own post and you dont like it?

    Jan 16, 05:59 AM

    I just received my macrumors email... at 3AM EST!!! 1/16/08. :(

    Man, glad I didn't wait.

    Apr 12, 09:30 AM
    Corona SDK could do it pretty easily. You'll want to watch tutorials from them at this site: to make sure they cover what you want.

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