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Lady Gaga Xmas

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  • Mackilroy
    Mar 18, 08:38 AM
    My fave traditional RPG is Golden Sun 1 and 2.
    Those games were awesome. :)

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  • AJ Muni
    Sep 27, 07:54 PM
    any1 kno a good program for resizing pics?? does iphoto do it?? i cant figure it out...thanx guys....

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  • Kilamite
    May 2, 09:07 AM
    I've created an A1 size poster (150DPI) with the width and length dimensions matching that of A1. I'm getting it printed at a place in town, however they said they preferred it to be in PDF format.

    I'm not sure how to save it as an A1 PDF - if I go to print then 'save as PDF' I don't get an A1 option, or the ability to enter custom info.

    How would I go about doing this?

    EDIT: DOH! Found it under Export options which I overlooked! Problem solved!

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  • Diatribe
    Dec 29, 02:48 PM
    Oh well, thought I had a chance :( ;)

    Doesn't matter, I'm approaching the big 500 anyway, so you'll be able to see it soon enough. :)

    It was fun anyway!

    Lacero get's my vote out of this lot btw.

    Yeah definitely don't worry about it. I think you made a pretty cool tar. Though in my book Lacero still has the edge. But a very awesome numer 2 you created there. :)

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  • teameurox
    Apr 28, 06:49 AM
    I see the 12 south magic wand just curious what else is out there. Is there an aluminum solution?

    Sent from my Evo 4g

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  • mad jew
    Nov 3, 07:48 AM
    I think you'd probably be able to reset it using the OSX install disks, booting from them and then selecting Reset Password from the Installer menu which will give you a list of passwords you can reset. :)

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  • wordoflife
    Feb 24, 10:31 PM
    The clickwheel basically is what makes an iPod an iPod.
    Now they aren't iPods, they are coolapplestuff.

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  • Plumbstone
    Mar 17, 03:29 PM
    As ALAC is a lossless format you are fine to convert to AAC straight from them.

    If you already have all the lossless files in itunes just switch your import settings to be 320-AAC , then select all the files you want to convert and select "Create AAC Version" from the Advanced menu.

    As for having a whole separate library it is probably easier to simply sort by kind and stick all the AACs in a new playlist, then you can manage your music manually on your iphone.

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  • jcarm24
    Mar 22, 07:46 AM
    Hmmm...a GoW movie would be quite gay. Literally, quite gay. A bunch of Muscle Mary's prancing about with their big guns. They could just make it into porn.

    Queers of War?;)

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  • Grey Beard
    Sep 24, 01:39 AM
    why can't america get topless girls in newspapers :(
    For that one I'm afraid you'll have to ask your president, or perhaps your local baptist minister.
    Grey Beard

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  • brendu
    Apr 3, 07:55 PM
    You have a lot of options. Intel is supposed to be among the most reliable, but slower than many others. I went with the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 120GB SSD and it has been extremely fast. Well worth the upgrade IMO. Only suggestion I have is not to stress about getting the newest SSD's that work with SATA3 connections because your won't be able to take advantage of the drive. Any second gen. SATA2 SSD's will work well.

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  • vga4life
    Jan 29, 11:07 AM
    Dude, don't get the MacMice. It's a crappy $10 mouse repackaged and sold for 5 times the cost.

    I've heard this repeated a lot, but have seen no evidence. I have seen a lot of people with axes to grind point to clearly different mice and claim that they're identical to the macmice.

    While I've certainly owned and used better mice than the macmice product, it's the only multibutton mouse my wife was willing to tolerate (since it looks essentially identical to the standard apple lozenge). She's design-picky that way and would never accept a Logitech anything just based on its appearance (even though it's a more functional mouse).

    It works, anyhow. I have the USB version and have had no problems with it. I'd prefer a logitech MX1000, sure, but keeping the wife happy is more important.


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  • Washac
    Apr 17, 11:46 AM

    I have a 13inch Alu Macbook that unless it is plugged into the mains it just randomly shuts down (Turns itself off), there is no warning and battery is charged.

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  • broken_keyboard
    Mar 24, 05:33 AM
    So this should work as a temporary solution to my problem.

    1-Copy my user file off of my powerbook to a FW drive
    2-Send my PB in for repair
    3-Add a new user on my friends mac
    4-go into NetInfo Manager and redirect my location to my FW Drive
    5-When PB gets back, copy user folder back to PB.

    Will that work?

    Sounds good. I have no experience with Firewire drives, but as long as the OS mounts it before you log in it should be ok. My home dir is on the second SATA drive in my g5.

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  • AlphaDogg
    Apr 4, 11:27 PM
    I have a similar story. 2 years ago, I was home from school; I was sick. I was sitting in my parents' bed with my mom watching tv (at the time, it was the only tv in the house, but I still don't have a tv in my room; it's okay, I have my MBP and megavideo ;)). I went to my room to sleep. I left my Late 2007 2.2GHz White MacBook on my mom's bed near the headboard. On the headboard, there happened to be my cup of ice water. When I woke up, my mom was in the shower. My two dogs were on my parents bed, fighting (or playing, I'm not sure). This was right after I got my new dog, so my old dog was trying to assert his dominance towards the new dog. Anyway, while I was asleep, the dogs knocked over the cup of water onto the MacBook. When I left the MacBook on the bed, it was closed, sleeping. When I came back to my MacBook, the sleep light was solid (not pulsating like it should've been doing). I opened the MacBook to see if it was okay. The screen wouldn't come on and the sleep light remained solid. I removed the battery and went over to my local microcenter to get some compressed air. When I got home, I removed the L-bracket, RAM, and HDD. The RAM and HDD weren't wet. I sprayed compressed air inside the slots where the RAM would go. I used the entire can of compressed air. I left it off for another 3 hours or so. Then I reassembled it, hit the power button and I heard the famous BONGG sound. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Fast forward to March 16, 2010. I needed my display and inverter board replaced due to marks on the screen from heat and a flickering backlight. I got a call from Apple telling me that they found corrosion on the logic board (why they removed the LB to replace the screen is beyond me). My MacBook was constantly freezing and kernel panicking. They voided my warranty due to the water, so I decided against the $800 repair charge and got a new 13" MBP 2.4GHz for $400 more than the repair cost. I have since upgraded it to 8GB of RAM, a 500GB 7200RPM HDD and AppleCare. I still have the MacBook and it works fine as a backup computer. I loaned it out to my friend while his PC was broken and he used it for about 4 months without any issues. I was shocked that it didn't freeze once! He never shut it down unless he had to run an update. He liked the MacBook so much that he bought an iMac of his own.

    DO NOT wait as little time as I did to turn it on after the water. My MacBook was closed, so not a whole lot of water got into it. Your MacBook was presumably open. I also live in Colorado, a very high and dry state. On a 90�F day, you can dry a shirt (after it has been wrung out) in about 3 hours if it is left to dry in the flat position.

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  • ClassicII
    May 26, 10:11 PM
    I have 5 dual 1.0 G4 xserves I have lying around. The problem is they are heavy and big for shipping!!!!!

    Fun and powerful to have non the less :)

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  • axeldtf
    Apr 15, 11:49 AM
    I've been making a slideshow in imovie `11 but i seem to be having problems. Some of the pictures have the ken burns effect to zoom in, zoom out or pan over the pic. When i watch it back the pictures seem to be jittery almost like i can see each frame. I was looking for a more smooth quality. Is there a way to achieve this?

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  • coolg35748
    Jun 18, 09:09 PM
    They are opening at 8 am tomorrow, who else plans on meeting up there?

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  • Roderick Usher
    Aug 30, 11:11 AM
    Back in 2002 I saw a Mac Plus being used in the University of Iowa main library's shipping department. It appeared to be running an ancient version of Microsoft Excel.

    I'm more into Apple IIs than Macs, and I've seen some evidence of them in the wild. The Apple II's expandability made it an early favorite of scientists who needed to interface it with a variety of instruments, and it seems it's still hanging around. Examples:

    An Apple II Plus (manufactured 1979-1983) being used at Dartmouth for lower-level physics labs:

    The pages are dated 5/21/2004 and 6/16/2004. Identified in the equipment list:

    1 Apple II+ computer
    2 monitors
    1 video camera
    1 imagewriter printer/paper
    2 AppleStrobe software disks

    An Apple IIe (from the look of it, a pre-Platinum model, which would place it 1983-1986), being used with a Finnigan MAT-251 mass spectrometer at the Earth Systems Center for Stable Isotopic Studies at Yale: (PowerPoint file - page 3 shows the setup)

    It seems the Apple IIe was the standard controller for the MAT-251. They had this setup as of but their homepage now notes: "The system has been retired and cannibalized long ago." :(

    Another Apple IIe, used with another mass spectrometer, at the Trofimuk United Institute of Geology in Novosibirsk, Russia:

    The post is dated 12/15/2005:

    We have some troble with Apple IIe computer which is operating of MAT
    Delta mass-spec.
    Only symptom is blinking of all leds, including leds in floppy slots, in
    keyboard and power on led inside the computer.
    Power unit was checked and is Ok.
    Any advise will be highly appreciated.

    Six days later, he fixes it the old-fashioned way:

    On case anybody still playng with such old machine.
    Symptoms: nothing working. All leds are blinking. Screen is also
    blinking. Power unit looks Ok. Live looks horrible.
    Solution: do not believe to your tester!!! Replace ALL electrolytic
    capacitors in Power unit.

    Strictly speaking, I doubt it was necessary to replace all the capacitors, but as someone that still goofs around with a soldering iron, I was gratified to see him doing this level of repair. :)

    I'd bet money on the Russian Apple IIe still being in use!

    Apr 7, 03:08 PM
    I'm OCD.
    I'm finishing your parenthesis.


    there. all better now.

    Oct 9, 12:20 PM
    I don't understand what the OP is asking. Are you being silly or talking single shot weapon, what game?

    May 1, 11:39 AM
    But like MiTube, if the source changes the app becomes worthless without an update.

    Apr 13, 03:00 PM
    I was using my friends DVD studio pro until the new FCP came out, well no DVD studio pro, for now at least. I have been getting by with just IDVD when needed, gets the job done just not nearly as cool as pro.
    So my question is this for FCP users, do you all use DVD studio pro (which makes sense) or do you use a different menu builder?
    I'm curious if no pro menu program comes out for FCX and want to learn a better way to build menus.

    (I assume a pro will come out just an odd question that i thought of)


    Sep 18, 09:54 AM
    Outdoor Photographer
    Digital Photographer Pro

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