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  • navguy
    Jan 4, 10:12 AM
    There are numerous Youtube videos using the car kit, some that are dash mounted, and it seems to make no difference. I understand its more of a "line of sight" issue so as long as the mount is visible to the sky you're fine. I get mine by Fedex today and I'm mounting it to the dash so I'll let you know how it all works for me.

    thanks for the feedback. that would be great.

    some of the behavior of the mount that i'm noticing (by using the TomTom car kit free app) is that from a cold start, the mount takes about 20-30 seconds to achieve a satellite fix ... seems longer than the 3GS which makes sense because the mount doesn't have assisted GPS (cellular triangulation help) ...

    BUT i'm curious whether the satnav apps are waiting on the mount's fix or taking first availalble? ... i would hope they'd wait on mount since ultimately it should have more precision since it's called 'enhanced' GPS, but how can you tell for sure?

    one thing i've tried is to remove the iPhone from the mount after navigating and see if it disrupts the GPS signal w/in the satnav app ... i would expect there to be a switch over to internal GPS and see a small disruption ... but i'm not getting a disrupted signal ... can't be sure one way or the other

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  • doodosh
    Sep 16, 04:36 PM
    Looks like Kamino (

    great. thank you

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 28, 10:16 AM
    So the source with the updated info is suggesting that there will not be a new iPhone in 2011? That would stink. My crap LG versa is on its last legs. :rolleyes:

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  • Sydde
    Apr 14, 11:45 AM
    You can always donate to the federal reserve. Don't let me stop you!

    Yes, I want to donate to the Fed ( (so that my money can go lie on a Cayman island beach, since I never will be able to).

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  • jabooth
    Jul 30, 06:54 PM
    I'm with the few who feel it will be SIM free.

    Think about it - cracking into the cell phone market is a complex business. I know apple has money but setting up their own service??

    Thats a serious gamble....

    Seems much more likely to me that they would make a phone that you can just order from the apple store and shove your SIM card in.

    People think nothing of spending �200+ on an ipod - why would buying an ipod with intergrated phone features seem any different?? (if properly priced).

    Also, with simply making the hardware apple can easily sell overseas - UK networks are GSM just like USA and the rest of Europe. They can mass produce one product and sell it at both sides of the Atlantic - then they can sign on with individual providers and sell the 'iphone' it the more traditional light with contracts.

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  • koruki
    Apr 7, 05:39 PM
    I think the thing to note here is that, yes Apple has the power and money to hold down the main supply of the worlds touchscreen panels but we shouldn't go and believe they are doing it JUST to be anti-competative, they are hardly getting enough for themselves. Its not their fault everyone wants an iPad (blame the competition lol) , so at least the panels are getting used :)

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  • elgruga
    Nov 27, 12:29 AM
    There will NOT be a tablet - there is ZERO market for it.
    A device already exists that does the work of a tablet PC - its called an iBook.

    IF you want a really cheap tablet - try pen and paper.

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  • tCruzin4lyfe
    Apr 25, 10:03 AM
    Looks like something else being blown out of proportion. It makes me laugh seeing people make threats of switching to another competitor, I wouldn't have responded or just replied "Ok". Most of these people have no idea of how this location thing works, they just hear the news and then their mind starts working overtime and they panic and want an explanation or something free haha.

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  • thejadedmonkey
    Nov 26, 03:38 PM
    So there's those...

    OLED screens
    Touch input/non-touch
    Docking staton
    modular input
    ULV CPU's

    This could become a reality. I want.

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  • SDub90
    Apr 11, 05:56 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    For me:
    48/2(9+3) = 2 though i would want it to be 288


    48/2 (9+3) = 288

    I always hate it when professors leave out the parenthesis for trigonometry.

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  • MrNomNoms
    Mar 31, 04:13 AM
    I really hope they deploy some form of full screen iTunes in this build. Would be nice to see.

    Given how iTunes straddles Windows and Mac OS X I wonder what they will be doing given that a fair chunk that iTunes relies on will have to be portable to Windows. From what I understand AV Foundation has pretty much replaced the parts that QTKit doesn't provide which leaves me wondering whether they'll throw in the towel in the case of iTunes/QuickTime in favour of moving to AV Foundation for the long run.

    I lol'd. No matter what people will complain. When Snow Leopard was released people wanted more UI changes and more features. Now when Lion is released all people want is under the hood improvements. SMH

    People are never satisfied or they confuse the terms; when people want more 'under the hood' changes and you ask what they mean by that they'll say something that seems to contradict that very idea. For example, they'll demand a Finder feature but wouldn't that feature be classified as 'visible' rather than 'under the hood'? Oh well, I read through the comments and my emotions go from excitement to rage then to indifference - the clueless commenters will remain clueless and me getting into a tizzy isn't really going to change anything in the long run so instead I sit back, chill out and listen to some music.

    Always been confused as to why the menu bar across the top is slightly transparent but window title bars are grey. Doesn't really match, but I guess I'm just knit-picking...

    Then don't have a transparent menu then (I have it disabled) - I've always seen the whole idea of a transparent menu as something that is pointless and could never quite get my head around as to why it was enabled by default in the first place.

    Given that Apple sold over 4 million Macs last quarter, that must equate to around $7 billion in revenue. Macs still make up around a quarter of Apples revenue, so while iPhones might be where the most money is coming in, Apple can't ignore $7 billion per quarter...

    Of course but people keep ignoring that this 'focus' on smart phones isn't something driven by Apple but something that is driven by the media; Microsoft is getting a heap of focus on its Windows Phone 7 but the lack of talk regarding Windows 8 suddenly means that Microsoft has given up on the desktop? RIM has released the PlayBook - with all the marketing buzz around the PlayBook does it suddenly mean that they've stopped caring about the BlackBerry?

    Apple has always been focusing on Mac OS X - the problem is that the lack of communication via some sort of regular videos or blogs in the case of Microsoft does with Channel 9/MSDN has led people to fill in this void with idiotic speculation by claiming that Apple has given up on the desktop. As far as I am aware there has been only one time when Mac OS X shipment was delayed with the rest being released ontime.

    As for people whining about their applications and Mac OS X 10.6 - I read through Macsurfer and it is amazing the number of idiots who complain about problems but never actually spend the time to find out that Adobe has articles explaining for example that in the case of Mac OS X 10.6 you no longer use the PDF printer but instead create PDF's through the drop down menu found in the printer dialogue or that the issue relating to fonts in 10.6.7 has nothing to do with 10.6.7 and everything to do with having to clear ones font cache then rebooting. All these problems that people point to as Apple neglecting is ignorance.

    Oh and spacemanspifff, please, use Google, the solution has already been provided - talking about ancient problems hardly bolsters your case. Yes, a solution posted 12 or so hours ago is ancient - keep up with the play.

    You (and others) are aware that "Developer Previews", when available, have always predated the Beta releases? It's not even a beta.

    Apple says they will release Lion in summer, only Dev Previews have appeared so far, and suddenly people think it plausible for Apple to release a GM build in March?

    And btw, I'm really disappointed in the reporting of the ludicrous "GM" rumour as it's pretty obviously wrong - usually MacRumors curates their news better than this.

    The summer in the US is from June to September so it can be released anywhere from June through to September. I'd say that at the earliest we'll see a GM build (or at least very much a build very-very-very close to GM) appear at June (WWDC will probably be the place where it will be shown off in all its glory) with the shipping probably August thus leaving a month to manufacture and distribute internationally plus any extra training required for staff (although staff training is probably happening right now).

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 21, 02:54 PM
    wow, most importantly on slide 3 they say that they launched the 965 chipset. that means they can switch to the 965 integrated GPU across the board for consumer macs. that would certainly help the heat issues, make the macs cheaper and less complicated to design for apple. standard parts and boards allow for even faster updates. good news.

    mmm... GMA965. :D That should be a very nice improvement over the 950!

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  • Eraserhead
    Nov 26, 11:02 AM
    I suspect the MacTablet is the "True Video iPod" if you want to watch films on the go you need a decent screen size, though maybe it will be the "True Video iPod Pro" and cost about $500, as I doubt they could do it for $300.

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  • Don't panic
    May 4, 04:57 PM
    It's closer to 700.

    but she is heavenly :)

    btw, love the name selections
    haven't figured out wilmer and rosius, though.

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  • SLCentral
    Aug 2, 12:59 PM
    Why is everyone so convinced that there will be significant updates to the Cinema Displays? Remember how long the non-Alu plastic displays were out? It must have been five years, while the Alu displays have been out for less then two years.

    I can't see Apple making a bigger screen then 30" for desktop use. And if they were to, it would be for a multimedia center type thing, which not only is unlikely, but would never be released at WWDC. As a 30" display owner, theres no way a screen larger then 30" would be a feasible desktop display. Besides, anything larger then 30" is just too niche of a market.

    Regarding a built-in iSight, I think the Pro market is just the wrong market for that. Apple has to be aware of its market, and b/c of security reasons, cameras just aren't feasible at this point.

    Hell, who knows, I'm probably 100% wrong :p.

    Edit: Perhaps Apple will just bump the display to be HDCP compliant. HDMI is pretty much the same as DVI, for everyone who doesn't know ;).

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  • wacky4alanis
    Nov 6, 08:42 AM
    So i assume you will be carrying the TomTom mount and iPhone as one piece at all times? :rolleyes:

    Of course you need to bring a mount - you need a mount either way. When I say "carry" I don't mean I keep it in a fanny pack 24/7. I mean I bring it with me when I travel. So let's count for the slow people...

    Mount + Garmin + iPhone = 3 items
    Mount + iPhone = 2 items

    Gee - 2 is less than 3! Yay.

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  • Reach9
    Apr 20, 01:00 PM
    I honestly don't understand where some people get their logic from.
    I just skimmed through this thread and i saw posts like "The next iPhone will be an iPhne 4S/iPad 2 type upgrade, so it won't be big". Or "the next iPhone should be called iPhone 4GS or iPhone 4S, because it won't be a big upgrade".
    I'm sorry but a Dual Core processor itself makes it a huge upgrade. The iPhone 3GS was the biggest upgrade internally, the iPhone 4 has more RAM.

    Don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Btw, why would Apple go back to messing up with their names? iPhone 3G was almost the exact same as the Original iPhone, except it had 3G functionalities. So they had to emphasize on "3G", hence the name.
    In a marketing stance, it didn't make sense for Apple to go from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3, people want to see improvements not a removal of a letter.
    And now finally they came back to the numerical way of naming the iPhone, and i think it'll stay just like that. It makes no sense for Apple to mess it up.
    Otherwise the iPad 2 according to some people here should've been called "iPad 1S" :rolleyes:

    This should make sense:
    iPhone = iPhone 1
    iPhone 3G = iPhone 2
    iPhone 3GS = iPhone 3
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 5

    Makes sense? Now how messed up would this be..
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 4S = iPhone 5
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 6

    In other words, don't undermine the iPhone 5. Due to the leak of the 'prototype' iPhone 4 last year, Apple has been very strict with their next device, by this time last year we knew a lot about the iPhone 4.
    So we can only wait until a date closer to September (from what it seems), to see the actual features of the phone.
    Keep in mind guys, Apple is going to add things to make current iPhone 4 owners upgrade, it's all marketing.

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  • cyberone
    Nov 22, 11:53 PM
    the iphone will beat treo out

    i buy iphones for the whole family if they com with a full keyboard version.

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  • smoketetsu
    May 6, 08:11 AM
    Oh this rumor rearing its ugly head again. First of all is intel really stagnating so much that they would want to make this switch?

    Also doesn't anyone realize that just because an OS runs on a different architecture that doesn't mean all the apps made for it will suddenly run with 100% compatibility and speed? When I say this I mean that for Windows as well. So Windows 8 is going to have an ARM version. Good luck running Crysis 2 on that (for starters.. just an example).

    Also simpler applications may just need a recompile. But there are many others that would need much more than just a simple recompile. There are also many many others that wouldn't get either treatment and simply wont perform well or have good compatibility (or even work at all) for a long long time if ever. I know some developers who probably would laugh at you if you told them it'll just be a simple recompile for them. That kool-aid wasn't true in the transition to x86 either. We still have software that hasn't made the transition that would benefit from it but will simply by orphaned when rosetta is killed off in Lion. I hear people fretting because of that and having to scramble to get x86 versions of that software whether it be through bootcamp or WINE.

    Speaking of which; when apple switched to x86 they gained a lot of compatibility benefits that would be dumped if\when they switch to ARM. When going from PPC to x86 I quickly started finding more software becoming available or possible to get going due to the compatibility increase of the new architecture. We would be taking a step or more backwards with ARM. Like for example there was quite a bit of software had intel specific optimizations or functions that became available for use in OS X when updating them to intel or universal binaries... this includes Windows software that ran very well because no actual emulation was involved.

    Of course many casual users wouldn't care about any of that.... and there's a lot of front facing iOS software that could be easily ported. Like if an applications's engine is already available for both it's already easy to make a Mac and iOS version of the application. But the whole platform would become a lot less appealing for someone like me. I never used rosetta much as on my Core based Mac it really only worked well for me for the simplest things... like a text application I would use to post to a blog.... some application with 2D graphics.... CPU emulation tends to be dog slow and this is on the currently best performing desktop CPUs.

    So you may look forward to this possibly happening but I don't. I guess I could see Apple doing it especially since they seem to be keen on having a post-PC world. But in my opinion they'd more likely dump the Mac altogether and have an iOS dominated future in the cards and if you want a Personal Computer you have to get a non-apple PC.

    It's good for a company to keep its options open but just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. But then again I guess I could see them doing it and waving goodbye to those who don't like it.

    Sep 10, 11:30 PM

    Sep 16, 02:16 AM
    Internal Sony 5.25" ATAPI EIDE Blu-ray Drives Cost $750 At Fry's. So an internal mobile Blue-ray probably cost over $1,000. Plus I agree with all of the above. It's too soon. Blu-ray blank media is incredibly expensive - Prohibitively so - almost $1/GB - IE about $50 per 50GB and $25 per 25GB Blu-ray blank.

    Conventional Single Sided DVD blanks are down to about 5�/GB. I'd say that's a fairly large MEDIA COST GAP that only time will reduce. Until then, we've got quite a wait until the professionals drive up demand to the point where prosumers can rationalize a higher price of <20�/GB or so - IE where the $1.50 price of 8.5GB Dual Layer DVDs is now - about $10 per 50GB and $5 per 25GB Blu-ray blank. Make sense? Or do any of you see it another way?

    It is more conceivable that it would have a Blu-Ray ROM drive in a mobile, which would also help in starting the downward trend in price of the blue laser diodes. And basically, it seems more useful to have the ability to play blu-ray movies than burn a 25GB disc at that price and speed. Personally, of course, I don't see the Blu-ray thing happening this update but I do think that Apple wants to be a leader in this regard. The DVD-burning SuperDrive was always something that Apple touted as being ahead-of-the-curve when introing it in the PowerMacs - of course, it took them a while to integrate it into the Titaniums in a slot-load config. So yeah, thinking aloud here, but it ain't gonna happen until the Mac Pros start (at the very least) having a BTO option of a Blu-Ray ROM (but more likely a burner)

    Sorry for being stupid here, but why do you guys want magnetic latches? It just doesn't seem superior to me, but then again I haven't tried the new macbooks, I just know that the solution on my old 17" powerbook was fine.

    Magnetic latches have no parts to break. The mechanical latches still use a magnet, but a small metal hook gets pulled down by the magnet to hook the display section of the notebook to the keyboard portion. If this hook is somehow broken than the latch must be replaced - possibly requiring the display housing to be opened. With a magnet in the display and keyboard portions of the laptop, the only problems is the eventual weakening of the magnets (probably not an issue) and the fact that a fairly strong magnet is close to a hard drive and other electronic hardware that has the potential of being affected by magnets. That being said, I would think Apple's hardware engineers would have this problem covered or some Macbooks are going to have some pretty plucky HD problems. And they already use magnets in the latches of the MacBook pro's mechnical latch (not to mention MagSafe)- so the Macbook magnetic latch is just a different implentation of the magnets (and a superior one). Hope this makes sense....

    Apr 14, 04:33 PM
    I think we can all agree that there is a lot of waste in government. The fact is, a lot of it is hard to find. At this point in our financial situation, I agree with across the board cuts. After that, then you continue to cut, where it makes sense, surgically.

    Yep. If you are 600lbs overweight, you can afford to (and certainly should) cut fat from your head to your toes. Don'[t cut your head OFF, simply trim it.

    Not hard to understand.

    Aug 7, 06:36 PM
    Just ordered with the X1900 upgrade, memory upgrade, and Bluetooth. Says three to five weeks to ship.

    If I check the order status twice a day, will that make my system ship faster? :)Two 1 GB Sticks are only $386 from Third Parties. (

    2x1 = 2GB = $386 vs Apples 4x 512 NOT 6x 512 = + $386 Plus the One GB from Apple for total of 3GB.
    4x1 = 4GB = $772 vs. Apple's $990 Plus the One GB you get base from Apple for total of 5GB.

    I think you really should change your order to base ram and add TWO 1GB sticks for only $386 for a total of 3GB to begin with for only $116 more than the cost of TWO from Apple taking up only 4 slots. :)

    When you buy 2 GB (4 x 512) from Apple you are paying Apple $270 for ONE GB (because you get ONE GB Base anyway) Instead of $193 per ONE GB from Third Parties plus the ONE it comes with no matter what.

    $386 MINUS $270 = $116 for that first GB it comes with. See?

    Apr 20, 12:37 AM
    Personally, I think that iP4 is the most aesthetically pleasing phone on the market. I'm not surprised to hear they will not change the design because the transition from 3G to 3Gs was similar.

    The faster processor isn't necessarily a good enough reason for me to upgrade because the apps that I use regularly perform more than adequately on my iP4 (probably on 3G/3Gs models too). If I decide to start shooting more video (and editing it) or do other heavy lifting on my phone I will consider upgrading.

    That being said, I think it is important for Apple to upgrade to a dual core processor, increase the memory, and make it capable of using at least one 4G network to compete with the latest Android based phones on the market.

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