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pink wallpapers. Pink Vector Hearts Wallpapers
  • Pink Vector Hearts Wallpapers

  • felixfatfunk
    May 6, 01:42 PM
    [FONT="Verdana"]Don't worry had the same thing when in google pictures searching for German Art.

    A good friend said it would be in the short term memory in Safari,(ie Ram/cache i think i am sure others will correct me, i am no whizz i just draw pretty pictures) so re boot the machine and it will be wiped.

    Well that worked for me.

    I had a simular panic the classic FFS reaction, when buried in research and time limits, thus stressed.

    FFF :D

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  • pink yellow Wallpaper,

  • Daveway
    Dec 23, 10:20 PM
    ahhh....much better.

    No more annoying product categories. Anyone know what is different besides the look?

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  • Anime Wallpaper for Pink

  • ErikAndre
    Jan 15, 09:09 PM
    Can't say the wait was worth it, knowing how much we knew already from leaks, but...

    Did anyone (who subscribed) get an email from MacRumors notifying them the keynote was available online?

    I signed up for the spoiler-free keynote link, confirmed my email address (2-3 days ago) and waited around tonight and nothing. Around 7p EST, I had my girlfriend go to the apple site and sure enough... they keynote is online. Even to this hour (10p), i still haven't received an email notification from MacRumors. Of course, I could be the only one...


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  • iRach
    May 3, 03:40 PM
    hurry, buy now, enjoy it now.

    No reason to wait for the unknown.


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  • Pink and Brown Seamless

  • mif
    Apr 13, 10:07 AM
    Is there any way to silence once and for all a Blu-Ray burner in Mac Pro (No disk inside). I have tried two different units, one from LG and another from HP. They sometimes began to emit annoying sound, as in old western movies (night scenes), if you know what i mean.

    Is it some kind of oscillation or what?

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  • wallpaper, floral, pink

  • Surely
    May 4, 12:34 PM
    This is exciting because it adds so many amazing new major features.;)

    I think I'll wait a while.

    EDIT: never mind my sarcasm.......I see that BGR stated that this update improves battery life. I'm all over it now.:p

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  • wallpaper heart pink. pink pig

  • Coded-Dude
    Mar 20, 11:43 AM

    Maybe.........no wait, HOPEFULLY, they are waiting on the firmware update to release NEW content. :D

    pink wallpapers. it#39;s called Ruthless
  • it#39;s called Ruthless

  • CP1091
    Feb 2, 10:17 PM
    If you are interested in something else.. I have an unlocked Blackberry Pearl that could be yours.. :)

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  • Pink Wallpaper, Free Desktop

  • Jazwire
    May 3, 11:44 PM
    According to one of the tear down sites, it's the exact same panel (Model/Part#) as the 2010 models.

    pink wallpapers. Pink Wallpapers no23935
  • Pink Wallpapers no23935

  • zelmo
    Jan 17, 06:57 AM
    Have been running Folding (GUI) on three Macs for the past few months:

    PB G4 1.33GHz, 1GB RAM, 24x7
    iMac G4 800, 1GB RAM, 24x7
    iMac G4 700, 576MB RAM, 24x7

    Combined, those have been averaging about 2,600 points per month for me.

    Just added today (console):

    a 3.6GHz Xeon, 1GB RAM, 800MHz system bus
    a Dual 2.4GHz Xeon, 2GB RAM, 400Mhz system bus

    How much of a jump in production should I see?

    pink wallpapers. Title: lg gt540 wallpapers
  • Title: lg gt540 wallpapers

  • yankintx
    Sep 26, 01:50 PM
    How old are some of you people anyway?

    I mean, what kind of person goes around wondering whether other people think he has an Iphone or an Ipod touch?

    Get a life or grow up, or both!:eek:

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  • swirls pink Wallpaper,

  • Angel baby
    Apr 17, 03:57 AM
    white iPhone 4 has not been launched. Did you converse your black i4 with some kind of conversion kit?

    pink wallpapers. Vanessa Hudgens Pink Wallpaper
  • Vanessa Hudgens Pink Wallpaper

  • Blue Velvet
    Sep 10, 09:09 AM
    Bring back Jim Morrison with the Doors. Convince him he's playing in Miami again...

    pink wallpapers. Pink Wallpapers - Wallpapers
  • Pink Wallpapers - Wallpapers

  • eb6
    Mar 27, 09:05 PM
    I busted out the 64 a week or so ago and have been hooked on Ocarina of time.

    pink wallpapers. Pink Zinnia Wallpaper, Pink
  • Pink Zinnia Wallpaper, Pink

  • brn2ski00
    Jun 20, 04:30 PM
    ok im at work now but i should be able to set up an account tomorrow, keep the pink sock for me

    Ok, PINK sock is taken for $4 + shipping.

    pink wallpapers. Green amp Pink Wallpaper Image
  • Green amp Pink Wallpaper Image

  • Carl S.
    Apr 20, 10:15 PM
    I was on Apple.Com checking out the refurbs and got a random idea in my head. I was curious to see what a maxed out mac pro would cost. So 23K later I had a beast of a machine. But I am curious, what is the use of having two 6-core processors and 64gigs of ram. Is there any application in the world that benefits from this much power. whats the point?.. just curious

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  • Floatie Pink Wallpapers

  • roadbloc
    Mar 4, 05:03 AM
    I typed "crappy mac" into Bing and Apple's store was a sponsored result. :apple:

    I clicked it so Apple could pay Microsoft for the click.

    That's funnier.

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  • Cool Black And Pink Wallpapers

  • Apple OC
    Jan 17, 10:15 PM
    Really? We still use it (just for fun). There's some neat programs on it, etc. The printer still works, too. :)

    you asked ... how much will it be worth one day?

    my answer still stands ... it is not rare or anything special ... sorry, not looking to offend.

    Now if it was brand new ... originally sealed in a box ... maybe :cool:

    pink wallpapers. Midsummer/Pink
  • Midsummer/Pink

  • zelmo
    Feb 2, 06:02 PM
    Every month at work, we purchase a new PC to upgrade general office computers. Right now, the typical boxes we are getting are 3.2GHz P4 boxes with 1GB of memory. The IT guy and I are debating the wisdom/stupidity of installing Folding on them, and switching back and forth every month between user names. We got the okay from the boss to Fold on a few specific boxes, so we probably won't do this...but it's fun to plot and plan anyway.:p

    Dec 18, 02:58 AM
    Thanks arn, I think it will work well. A few questions:

    I'm assuming that the "Featured Guides" links at the top of the forums will be changed to automatically refer to them, but will they be displayed anywhere else (eg on the main pages of MacRumors and the guides)? As it is I think the user encouragement is limited by the fact that it's not obvious they are world-editable until you visit the pages themselves.

    Are you wanting just one world-editable article each week, or a few? I think having about 5 per week would be more advantageous since a single article represents such a small portion of the Guides, and we have enough people to watch over changes. There are only so many improvements that can be made to one article, so a week seems like a long time to focus on a single page. Take for example the Aperture article, which has only had one change in the last 6 days yet has been the only featured guide during that period.

    Finally, would there be a set time each week for the article selection to change, and would it be just you or all the sysops choosing them? If the latter, would there be prior discussion as to which articles to select (eg in the WorldEdit talk page), or would sysops just add articles without consultation?

    Apr 7, 07:36 PM
    I really enjoyed it. Definitely kept my attention the whole time.

    If I had to pick apart anything I'd say the weakest graphic would be the rit dye packaging folding up at :33-:35 but I thought everything else was very strong and appealing.

    Apr 29, 04:17 PM
    A client of mine spilled a Diet Coke on her unibody white MacBook. I got the machine weeks after the event and after Apple told her it'd be $750 to repair. The machine would not power up or show any signs of life.

    I took it apart thinking I'd find gunk on the parts and start by cleaning it up. So, I completely disassembled it only to find nothing gross inside. In fact I found no evidence of a spill. I did not take the top case apart - the keyboard and trackpad are still attached. So it appears that the spill was probably contained within the top case and didn't leak down onto the logic board.

    I'm thinking about replacing the top case as I'm pretty sure that's screwed up. But, short of ordering one, reassembling everything and trying to see if that fixes it, is there some way to further troubleshoot?

    Feb 19, 06:46 PM
    Obvious troll is obvious.

    Apr 27, 10:57 AM
    Thanks all for your reply. I will invest in getting the D90 with 18-55 kit lens and see about getting the 55-200 lens :)

    Also joepunk, I didn't mean long term investment as in the money wise more as hopefully I shouldn't have any problem with the camera failing on me for any reasons and I need it send it back to Nikon for fixing.

    I saw the D40 but I know I shouldn't think about mega pixels so much, but with 6mp I'm kind of looking for something more than the current point and shoot I have with 7mp. I think I've kind of have my heart set on the D90 now.

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