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real madrid vs tottenham goals

real madrid vs tottenham goals. It will be hard for Spurs to
  • It will be hard for Spurs to

  • milo
    Aug 11, 10:52 AM
    Apple is being more directly compared to Dell and such these days since they are running Intel chips. And the PC makers are going to put those processors in their computers as soon as they can. If Apple doesn't want to look like they are behind in the times, they have to put these processors in also.

    Do you really think Dell will put merom in ALL laptops and not use yonah at all? I doubt it. Yonah will likely always be cheaper and we'll probably see it for a while in budget laptops. I could see yonah either staying in macbooks for a bit, or staying in the base model only (or even a special edu config like the iMac has).

    MacBook and MacBook Pro are soldered. So no, you can't change it.

    The iMac and MacMini are socketed.

    And the Pro. :)

    Are there any benchmarks for the Core 2 Duo chips? What would we be getting from the upgrade?

    Supposedly about 20% faster at the same clock speed, plus they are 64 bit, but the benefits of that in these machines is somewhat debatable. It's a nice upgrade, but not a huge one.

    Quite incorrect actually. The dfifference is not minimal and this isn't just a "speed bump". If you read up on the Yonah and Merom chip architectures, you'll see that that Merom has significant architectural improvements over Yonah, including a 4MB L2 cache and most notably 64-bit support over Yonah's 32-bit support. This is very significant since Jobs is pushing Leopard and its 64-bit goodness. :cool:

    But that "goodness" mostly looks like greater memory access, which is a moot point in a machine with two ram slots. Most of the "goodness" isn't anything a laptop user will notice.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Report : Tottenham 0-1 Real
  • Report : Tottenham 0-1 Real

  • thejakill
    Mar 29, 08:55 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    This is quite valuable, since there is currently no way to store music on your computer.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid v Tottenham:
  • Real Madrid v Tottenham:

  • cav23j
    Nov 30, 10:36 AM
    im just staying away from this software now

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Tottenham vs Real Madrid 0-1
  • Tottenham vs Real Madrid 0-1

  • Bengt77
    Aug 4, 06:55 PM
    Sounds like someone wants an iMac Ultra! (Really final Propaganda)

    All for under AU$4 Grand.
    Yay! I'll take one the minute it comes out! How much is one AU$ in €? Let's see... AU$4000 is about €2400. Sounds reasonable to me. But I'm all for stretching it a bit. Let's say €2100/AU$3530. That's €400 more expensive than the current top model, which is €400 more expensive than the low-end iMac. Seems logical to me, maybe not so reasonable, but reason is soooo overrated these days! :D

    Anyone else here interested in an iMac Ultra?

    Anyone else have an extreme and probably unwarrented hatred of the Pentium moniker?
    Yes! (And yes to c.q. about that Pentium name, too, by the way.)

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid vs Tottenham (4-0)
  • Real Madrid vs Tottenham (4-0)

  • DeaconGraves
    May 4, 03:59 PM
    Many is not all. Let's not assume.

    Just because you got this raving review today doesn't mean you have to rub it in all of our faces. :p

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid: Casillas; Sergio
  • Real Madrid: Casillas; Sergio

  • twoodcc
    Aug 3, 11:34 PM
    I can still drop one in, can't I?

    yep, that's the rumor :)

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Gareth-bale-tottenham-real-
  • Gareth-bale-tottenham-real-

  • dwd3885
    May 7, 10:10 AM
    I'd rather use Google's Gmail, Calendar and Contacts than MobileMe. The only thing I can see mobileme useful for is iDisk and Back to My Mac.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid vs Tottenham
  • Real Madrid vs Tottenham

  • bad03xtreme
    Apr 20, 08:15 AM
    I may get one as my first iPhone in September, I would hate to buy the iPhone 4 when this is coming in Sept. but my contract expired last year so I am just going to waiti it out.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Spurs v Real Madrid Preview
  • Spurs v Real Madrid Preview

  • Snik
    Jan 8, 09:56 PM
    I have just installed Sophos Anti Virus - what a mistake!

    I decided to install it because I have been a long term user of Sophos at work on the corporate PC and having installed the latest OSX I saw virus checkers in the App Store and a recommendation for Sophos there in a reference for another product.

    I ran a scan and a couple of PC specific malware files were found and destroyed.

    Then I noticed that my Time Machine back up was struggling.

    It turns out that there are issues with Sophos and Time Machine.

    I moved my Time Machine back ups to a DroboFS in December I have now lost all my back ups since then.

    Once I have backed up again I will be deinstalling it - bet I find that I loose the new back up then!


    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid vs Tottenham
  • Real Madrid vs Tottenham

  • kalsta
    May 6, 11:15 PM
    I didn't say that at all.

    Certain things are good for one thing but not as good for another. Basing your metrics off of water and light make a lot of sense when you have to measure a great deal of new items and compare them objectively.

    On the other hand when you need metrics to be a guide through daily life and nothing else, the system that's born from daily necessity makes a lot more sense.

    Daily necessity? Is measuring your foot a daily necessity? I don't get what you're trying to say here.

    Some defenders of the Imperial system tell us it's handy to measure in body parts, presumably because you all have them. But what percentage of US citizens honestly have foot-long feet? Perhaps half a foot should be called a penis? (Credit to rdowns for that idea.)

    The reasoning gets worse when you'd ask 311 million to make a change because a smaller community of professionals would like their standards to be the standards for all of society. It's not like the two can't coexist; there might be a good argument there if the two were incompatible, but the fact is that they're not.

    Can't you concede that there is a benefit to having a single 'standard'? The two are only compatible in the sense that you can convert between them if you know the conversion factors. Every time someone has to do this, they are wasting time. Multiply that over 311 million people and you have an awful lot of wasted time!

    A distinction needs to be made here: just because something is easier to multiply by 10 (or 1/10th) doesn't mean that it's easier to use. How many times in your daily life do you need to multiply by 10 �

    You multiply or divide by a multiple of 10 every time you need to convert from one derivative unit to another. 'Kilo' means a multiple of 1000 over the base unit. So if I need to convert from kilometres to metres, I simply divide by 1000. Now, that happens to be very easy to do. Why? Because our whole system of counting is base 10! It's as easy as moving the decimal point three places.

    � or even multiply what you measure?

    It doesn't matter what operations you're doing � multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction � it's as easy as manipulating any decimal number. You never, ever have to remember odd conversion factors to convert between different units and fractions thereof.

    How often does that easy arithmetic come up outside of science? Can you think of a real life example?

    I do a bit of carpentry and other work around the house. From time to time I'm buying lengths of timber, so I may be multiplying a required length over the number of lengths required, or adding up different lengths. If you're a cook, no doubt there are times when the recipe serves 4 people, but you need to cook for 6 or 8 or something, so you have to multiply measurements. When I used to go swimming at my local Olympic sized pool (which is 50 metres long) it was easy to calculate how far I swam. 20 laps = 1000 metres = 1 kilometre. I mean, I could go on and on giving you everyday examples if you want me to, but I think you're capable of doing that yourself.

    I don't think Tomorrow ever responded to my earlier hypothetical, so let me put the same question to you:

    Okay, imagine for a moment that one of the US states wasn't using the decimal system for counting. Instead, they had a system where letters were used to designate certain amounts, similar to Roman numerals, but instead of having a base of 10, it varied. So perhaps A is equal to 12. Then three As is equal to B. Two Bs is equal to C. 22 Bs is equal to a D, and so on with this kind of inconsistency. You have a friend living in this state who claims that the system works just fine � he spent many years studying this system and even more using it in his line of work and can't see why he or anyone else in the state should have to learn this dangfangled decimal system. What would you say to your friend?

    In any case, I do already have it. It's on every measuring device I have, from my ruler to my bathroom scale. I use it when it's necessary or more effective, but that's rare. Maybe you should accept that people can have a different preference.

    But (1) it's not your first 'language' so to speak, so you're no doubt less comfortable with it, and (2) if no one else around you speaks the same 'language' it doesn't help you communicate with them. This is why we have 'standards'.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid v Tottenham: Four
  • Real Madrid v Tottenham: Four

  • tpavur
    Apr 21, 04:51 PM
    wow! I just fired up my 3.2 mac pro w/ 5870 for the first time and this is what welcomes me? i feel so wronged...

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid vs Tottenham:
  • Real Madrid vs Tottenham:

  • Plutonius
    May 3, 06:39 PM
    I'm confused. Are you saying that the villain gets to listen to our conversations and then place the traps? Can he place a trap in the room we're in right now? If so, should this planning be done via PM?

    He goes after we have moved and has to anticipate where we are going next.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid set up semi-final
  • Real Madrid set up semi-final

  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 11, 08:51 AM
    I really think they should have a seperate app for the movies/tv shows, or rename and overhaul iTunes. Making things too complicated and hard to use is something Apple strives against and by incorperating too much functionality into a MUSIC player will make it hard to use and confusing for customers. iTunes, strangely, should be for "tunes". It makes no sense, at least from the name, to think that there would be movies/tv shows in there.

    Why not take the DVD-player app in OSX and turn that into the new TV show/Movie player (as well as DVDs) while iTunes plays MP3/CDs. That makes much more sense. You should also be able to rip DVD's though this new app as you would CDs in iTunes.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Tottenham vs Real Madrid 0-1
  • Tottenham vs Real Madrid 0-1

  • danielwsmithee
    Aug 3, 11:37 PM
    are people not expecting merom to go immediately into the macbook as well? i don't see a reason for apple to purposely gimp their best-selling notebook when a merom chip is supposed to cost the same as its yonah counterpart.I think the very last machine to get it will be the bottom end MacBook and slowest Mac Mini. There is no reason why they could not offer both Yonah and Merom in the same systems since they are the same sockets. With the discounted Yonah or Core Solo they could hit there $499 price point on the mini and $899 for the Core Duo white MacBook. The Black MacBook will see Merom near the same time as MBP. They may wait 3 weaks or so to see if the Merom supply can meet demand.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid vs Tottenham (4-0)
  • Real Madrid vs Tottenham (4-0)

  • l008com
    Jul 29, 09:09 PM
    If apple could get one of the phone carriers to go with the free song plan, maybe one of the smaller ones like Alltel, they could single handedly turn Alltel into a major player. Alltel and Apple would both win. And it probably wouldn't be long before the crappy carriers decided to carry the "ipod phone" with free song loading anyway.

    I'm a big fan of the Motorola E815. Best for just talking, and great for doing more. Of course verizon disables most of the great features so you can pay verizon $5 a month for the same abilities the phone was already capable of.

    Alternately, Apple could do something really big like buy one of the companies like Alltel, or create some sort of major partnership where Apple has a say in the service, not just selling the phones. Apple could be the provider, and your phone could come with free (minus airtime) Safari Jr for web browsing any time :-) That would be fricken sweet.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid set up semi-final
  • Real Madrid set up semi-final

  • genetechnics
    Jul 30, 06:14 AM
    Without even getting into new things, they could just do it well. Cell phones have interfaces like goats. Every single one of them.


    So we need cell computers.

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Tottenham vs Real Madrid 0-1
  • Tottenham vs Real Madrid 0-1

  • Detlev
    Aug 4, 09:59 AM
    Hardly Apple's fault. Apple has managed to transition all it's apps - Adobe is certainly dragging their collective feet.
    Afterall it's just a couple lines of code. :D

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid v Tottenham
  • Real Madrid v Tottenham

  • gkarris
    May 4, 03:31 PM
    Usually, "Preferred" means one will be more readily available (download) than the other (Physical).

    So will this mean waiting in long lines and trying to beat scalpers?

    Apple items are the quickest way of making money lately... :eek:

    real madrid vs tottenham goals. Real Madrid swept
  • Real Madrid swept

  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 28, 09:37 AM
    Glad to read about Mac.
    No so happy to read about the lack of iPhone hardware till possibly Sept :rolleyes:. I think if their going to wait until September, then we really need to consider the possibility of an LTE iPhone.

    Apr 7, 02:58 PM
    But if Apple becomes the dominant player because, heck, they're so big that they can simply BUY THEIR WAY to the top, then that's not really fair for anybody, is it?

    Is this a joke? It's a freaking tablet not medicine or baby supplies. How the fudge do they buy their way to the top? Do they coerce customers to buy them? WOW. REALLY?

    If the lamebook or whatever the heck was that hot RIM would have no problem finding production.

    May 6, 12:12 AM
    Oh Charlie, you so silly.

    Sep 11, 02:51 PM
    Not really sure if any of the rumoured devices interest me tommorow, as living in the UK we probably will be denied any kind of movie download service (still waiting for tv show downloads to start) The media streaming device might be a cool idea but unless it had support for divx/transport stream files wouldn't really interest me either and cant imagine apple allowing support of an outside player like VLC and without any kind of download structure available to view apple sourced files outside the USA cant imagine it taking off. Having moaned a bit though I have still ordered a 24 imac and cant wait for it to arrive ( I love watching hdtv files on my 20' imac now so 24' must be heaven)

    May 6, 07:26 AM
    Of course they will move to ARM, everyone will. Google is allready running their data centres on ARM based servers, Windows 8 will run on ARM as well, Apple is investing huge amount of money into their A4, A5 chips. The main problem of computers nowadays is power efficiency and not computing power, because most of the computers allready are overpowerd for what their users usually do with them.

    Citation needed. Especially in light of this 2 month old article :

    Intel, Google Doubt ARM and Atom Have Chances in Servers (

    And how did you go from that acquisition to "Google are running their datacenters on ARM" might I ask ?

    Not to mention my article is 2 months old, yours is more than 1 year old. ;)

    Nope, you'll have to retract your "facts". As far as we know, Google doesn't run their datacenters on ARM at all.

    Best response of the whole thread.

    Yeah... ARM servers are like JUST coming to light... let alone actually being used by google in their data centers... that won't come for YEARS.

    Hell the CEO even says so...

    Arm Holdings chief executive officer Warren East told EE Times Wednesday that servers based on ARM multicore processors should arrive within the next twelve months. The news confirms previous speculation stemming from Google's acquisition of Agnilux and a recent job advertisement posted by Microsoft. East said that the current architecture, designed for client-side computing, can also be used in server applications.

    "The architecture can support server application as it is," he said while discussing the company's first quarter financial results. "The implementations [of ARM] have traditionally been aimed at relatively low performance optimized for minimum power consumption. But we are seeing higher speed, multicore implementations now pushing up to 2 GHz. The main difference for a server processor is the addition of high-speed communications interfaces."

    Can ARM stand up against rivals Intel and AMD in the server market? In regards to raw processing power, the current ARM processors can't compete with x86. But with a growing concern to reduce the amount of energy consumed by servers and server farms, ARM processors pose as a viable candidate, especially the multi-core options in the higher range.

    "We are seeing people experimenting with multiple ARM cores on a chip," East said. "They have the option to use our A9 at 2 GHz, and four cores. So people can do server experiments with the existing technology at the high-end of the road-map."

    East did not elaborate on the parties considering ARM-based servers. Softpedia also points out that there was also no indication that the company plans to go head to head with Intel's Xeon and AMD's Opteron series. Instead ARM may limit its options to the print and storage server market.

    Mar 28, 11:22 AM
    Typical. My 2 year contract ends in the summer.

    Oh well, guess I won't be getting an iPhone this time around.

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