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repo the genetic opera wallpaper

repo the genetic opera wallpaper. The Genetic Opera; Favourite
  • The Genetic Opera; Favourite

  • reberto
    Dec 7, 02:35 PM
    I need an iBook for my school work (my PC is too big to carry around :P ) so I am getting rid of my PC and DS (I don't play it anymore). I am selling the PC for $520 and the DS for $120. You can probally talk me down in the prices (not too much :P ). Here are the items.

    Silver color (minor paint scratches on top case,no scratches in plastic.)
    3 games (Asphalt Urban GT, Nintendogs, Metriod Hunters demo)
    2 Nintendo cases
    5 Styli
    AC charger
    Origonal box for the Metroid Demo and its manuals

    Japense gaming case (http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16811156018)
    AMD Athlon XP 2700+ T-bred core (OC'd to 2.4 ghz. runs at ~45c after 3 hrs of Quake 4 ON HIGH)
    ASrock mobo
    512 megs of DDR-400 ram
    ASUS 6800XT
    6 gig HD (can't upgrade the HD now...Have no cash :( )
    Windows 2000 pro

    I will also take a trade for an iBook (NO powerbooks unless it is a G4). I am located in Eugene, Oregon. I will ship ANYWHERE (you just pay shipping :D )

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  • The Genetic Opera and many

  • celticpride678
    Apr 24, 10:05 AM
    are you 100% sure about this?? just asking cuz there are times where i wanna charge my phone but its like 5 min before i wanna go to bed and dont wanna charge it for 8 hours . and its always rumored that leaving your charger on overnight will hurt the battery. thats the last thing i wanna do on an iphone since the battery is non removable

    Yep, basically every Apple product does this.

    Thanks, if you don't mind, I do have one last question. I have been trying to figure out if when I turn my phone off all the way, will it charge so I have turned it on and off a few times. Is this in any way bad for my battery or phone? Thanks :D

    Confused. Turning the phone off and on again?

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. Sources: quot;repo the genetic
  • Sources: quot;repo the genetic

  • aschuett
    Jan 17, 11:16 AM
    Nope, but must not have been anything important or else we'd have heard about it or seen an update of some sort on the apple site.

    Well, time to buy then. I really hoped they would bring out ACDs there, but I guess I'll have to deal with the "old" technology.

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  • A Genetic Opera#39; and felt a

  • dccorona
    Apr 10, 04:55 PM
    power support makes by far the best dry install protectors out there. I too don't like wet install kits, and all other dry installs besides power support are less sturdy...often having tears in the protector before you even install it

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. Repo the Genetic Opera.
  • Repo the Genetic Opera.

  • fbriggs
    Feb 27, 12:49 AM
    press h to toggle help information
    press m to toggle the slider menu
    press t to toggle track info
    press i to toggle fps

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. Repo! The Genetic Opera - Bill
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera - Bill

  • balamw
    Jan 14, 02:26 PM
    Previous keynotes have been made available as free podcasts via iTunes, so unless they are planning the Beatles to reunite (including George and John) I predict that this year's will also be free.


    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. repo middot; repo! the genetic opera
  • repo middot; repo! the genetic opera

  • patrick0brien
    Jul 3, 04:54 PM
    -crenz, jayscheuerle

    It occurs to me that I see all kinds of threads about 'hackin' or upgrading a Mac that is 8 or more years old so that it can run with the latest software.

    It's interesting because these machines are still working well enough to want to do this to.

    How many threads do you see about PC users wishing to do the same?

    Food for thought.

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. quot;repo the genetic opera
  • quot;repo the genetic opera

  • Eaton Photos
    Mar 20, 09:47 PM
    I have a Camo patterned lenscoat on my 300/2.8. I bought the Camo for two reasons; (1) to blend in with the natural surroundings around me, when shooting wildlife, and (2) because it doesn't absorb heat, like black does. What is the point of putting a black coat on a white lens??? Canon makes most of their zooms & tele's white, to help minimize heat issues. Another benefit of having a lenscoat, is that is does provide some protection to the body of the lens, but also prevents paint wear, which in turn helps minimize depreciation values, if one were to sell their lens.

    I would suggest asking this question on the FM General Discussion board. You will get many more specific answers to your questions, as there is a lot more traffic there, and there are numerous members who own & use lenscoat products. In response to the statement about fitting, the coat on my 300, fits perfectly. There is some slight movement here & there, but for the most part all the different pieces stay in their respective places. Also, I would strongly advise against putting any type of tape on your lenses, except for Gaffer's tape. I utilize Gaffer's tape in a few strategic areas, but I have never wrapped any of my lenses or hoods in any type of tape.

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. alexa vega repo the genetic
  • alexa vega repo the genetic

  • Cybergypsy
    Feb 29, 07:02 PM
    hey can you send me the wallpaper on the iphone image....really like it :)

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. The Genetic Opera; Favourite
  • The Genetic Opera; Favourite

  • Surely
    Apr 21, 12:42 PM
    I have ClickToFlash enabled and haven't clicked on any video. Yet, the scrolling stops when it hits the edge of the video.

    That doesn't happen for me. The scrolling continues as it should, even during the momentum phase of the scroll.

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. quot;repo the genetic opera
  • quot;repo the genetic opera

  • hookem12387
    Feb 29, 04:51 PM
    sent you a pm to buy it right now, but I need to make sure you havent sold it before I actually send the money. Thanks. eagerly awaiting

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. The Genetic Opera, hitting
  • The Genetic Opera, hitting

  • mad jew
    Dec 14, 10:08 PM
    Talib Kwali thirded. I don't even know what that means, but it gave spell check a hard time.

    It's very cool. :cool:

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. Repo The Genetic Opera
  • Repo The Genetic Opera

  • blacktape242
    Jan 20, 08:09 PM
    yes i am beating a dead horse....but......

    all these updates and not an iweb update is really disappointing.

    is the application dead or not, come on apple!?!?!? :mad:

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. opera#39; repothe
  • opera#39; repothe

  • jnozsc
    Apr 30, 01:18 AM
    the 'arrange by' in Finder doesn�t work.

    can anybody confirm this?

    Or is it a mistake in my setting?


    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. the genetic operalt;gt;
  • the genetic operalt;gt;

  • Full of Win
    Jul 8, 09:27 AM
    Looks-wise, the Apple Pro Mouse has to be one of the most beautiful ever made.

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. Sources: quot;repo the genetic
  • Sources: quot;repo the genetic

  • nfocus design
    Nov 4, 08:56 PM
    I nealry lost a testicle when my wife saw the debit... but once she got to use the monitor a bit.... she was thrilled and acknowledge how much better it is then her 17 inch dell at work and praised me for making such a wise investment....

    now if that does not demonstrate the quality of apple.... you should just go buy a dell!

    If she was upset about the monitor, how does your wife feel about the G5 purchase?

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. The Genetic Opera Photo
  • The Genetic Opera Photo

  • williamw
    Oct 2, 06:18 PM
    I'm not sure. Probably more than $345. I'm leaning more towards a trade for a touch.

    I'll give $355 Shipped! [DIBS].

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. The Genetic Opera / The
  • The Genetic Opera / The

  • appleguy123
    May 16, 05:52 PM
    It doesn't say that you do. Looks real though. I'm not the seller.

    repo the genetic opera wallpaper. Undecided
  • Undecided

  • handsome pete
    Mar 30, 09:23 PM
    camera stabilizer would be awesome... im on a cheap budget..

    If you're on a budget then look into a DIY stabilizer. Google or check out the DIY section of DVXUser for advice/instructions. It shouldn't be too hard to get something decent to control such a small camera.

    Mar 11, 04:12 PM
    Cool story brah

    Yeah, it actually is a cool story, brah. :cool:

    Jun 18, 03:32 PM
    Noon Thursday.

    There's at least 4 people already at the 5th Ave Apple Store...

    Apr 1, 05:25 AM
    I mean when clicking on the input box instead of it focusing on the input box for text entry, it instead focuses on the submit button.

    While ie6 is not my target platform since the site worked so far without any alterations i don't mind supporting it.

    IE6 is not very forgiving. If it works in Firefox then you most likely have html error(s)... things like missing close brackets /> and table cell <td></td> can effect that in IE6 where other browsers assume it's there and will still work. Have you tried and html validator?

    Aug 22, 04:03 PM
    Okay, it's animated now, but that pushed the file size up from 103 to 245 octets. I hope the server can handle it.

    Feb 23, 11:42 AM
    I know the external drive HFS/NTFS issue has been posted extensively, but I've encountered a problem that doesn't seem to be addressed in any of the posts.

    I have an external 80 gig HD that's been formatted as NTFS by a friend that had a bunch of video files to transfer to my Mac (10.3). I understand that NTFS is read-only on 10.3 and that's the limit of what I'm trying to do. I do not need to write to the volume, only pull this one batch of files off.

    When I attach the drive to my Mac, it mounts instantly with no problem. Opening the drive reveals that 59 out of 80 gigs is available, which is about right for the files I know are on there. The strange part is that the drive reads "0 items" and nothing shows up in the drive window.

    Can anyone offer thoughts on why the drive would mount properly, show the correct amount of space used, and yet show zero items? :confused:

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