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  • uv23
    Sep 12, 09:20 PM
    Apple's whole new "black is top of the line" trend is thoroughly idiotic. I literally removed my credit card from my wallet when I read on the event stream that Apple had released an 8gb nano, then replaced it when I read on about the 8gb model being black only. I hate black electronics. I want an aluminum 8gb iPod to match my PowerBook. Is that so much to ask?? Fine, if they want to only allow black for 8gb, but why limit us. Stupid stupid stupid.:mad:

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  • jonregler
    Apr 22, 01:43 PM
    Checked these out at the airport again last week and love them. Perfect timing for me, I swore I'd hold out for Lion (unless my 2007 MBP dies by then), looks like I'll reap extra benefits for my somewhat difficult patience!

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  • DJMastaWes
    Jul 17, 07:15 PM
    So I think we may see the entire line get a revamp: mac mini gets faster chips (still Yonah), perhaps same with MB, though that may just get a price drop. MBPs/iMacs get new processors, and we get the new MPs.

    All at WWDC?

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  • Swift
    Apr 20, 01:10 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/20/researchers-disclose-iphone-and-ipad-location-tracking-privacy-issues/)

    A pair of security researchers today announced (http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/04/apple-location-tracking.html) that they are sounding the privacy warning bell about the capability of iOS 4 to track the location of an iPhone or iPad on an ongoing basis, storing the data to a hidden file known as "consolidated.db" in the form of latitude and longitude and a timestamp for each point.While the consolidated.db file has been known for some time and has played a key role in forensic investigations of iOS devices by law enforcement agencies, the researchers note the data is available on the devices themselves and in backups in unencrypted and unprotected form, leading to significant privacy concerns. Once gathered, the data is saved in backups, restored to devices if necessary, and even migrated across devices, offering a lengthy history of a user's movement.

    Article Link: Researchers Disclose iPhone and iPad Location-Tracking Privacy Issues (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/20/researchers-disclose-iphone-and-ipad-location-tracking-privacy-issues/)

    Oh, my God! Somebody will know that I took the train! (If, of course, they are security researchers or police officers or vengeful wives who hire a tech detective). So what? Apple does what a responsible corporation must: it won't give out your location without your permission, each and every time.

    As for the rest, so what. If you're doing a crime, and the police get a warrant to your computer, they will be able to trace where the phone has been. If it doesn't mesh with what you told them, you will have some explaining to do. If you're the victim of a crime, it will give lots of evidence to the holder of a warrant for the contents of your computer.

    I mean, seriously. GPS chips in small devices mean I have GPS applications that show me the way. I can, with a group of similarly consenting friends or family, know where each other is at any time.

    Other people make much of the fact that cellphone data itself is not covered by warrants, according to recent court decisions. So a policeman can simply call up AT&T or Verizon, present his credentials, and get a complete accounting of where your phone has been, and when it made calls. No voice data, so I really don't think it's covered by the 4th Amendment. After all, if you walk about in a public place, people have the right to see you. And take your picture, if you're under surveillance.

    To defend our rights, first have a realistic notion of what those rights consist in.

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  • Repo
    Apr 30, 03:48 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    Apple did the same thing with USB.

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  • asdf542
    Apr 22, 11:45 AM
    Late 2010 - Weak processor, decent GPU
    Mid 2011 - Stronger processor, slightly worse GPU than before
    2012 - Stronger in every category

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 25, 10:22 AM
    But Don would never do that, he is an experienced driver for a 16 year old. And he was only doing 90, not 100. Big difference. There would barely be any damage if he hit a bridge at 90 - nothing that wouldn't buff out with a bit of polish and some elbow grease. Not that he'd ever have to worry about that, because Don is such an awesome driver, he'd never hit the bridge.

    so true.

    Even going the speed limit some random things can happen. I was driving back to Dallas a few years ago going speed limit (65 or 70 mph) and was common around a gentel bend in the road. bend end and font of my car is not facing straight down the road but off towards the side. I thinking "something is not right" clicks to me that I am sliding. From there I started fishing tailing and then just lovely skid and went off the road and spun. I come to a stop off the road facing the direction I was coming from.

    Threw off the fire chief driving from the other direction and the road workers who all witnessed it. To them it looked like I had a blow out and just could not recover from it.
    Nope what happen was TXDOT had just re-rocked the road and the new asphalt had not been pounded in yet by the cars. Complete a freak thing.

    Now they did tell me they would send the sweeper down to clean up the road again since that should not of happened. I will tell you that it was rather freaky having that happen. I can tell you that most people never experience a true skid at speed and telling you to turn into the skid works in theory but in reality it is very hard not to over correct.

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  • technima
    Apr 22, 01:59 AM
    This would be awesome! LaLa reborn!

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  • Lynxpoint
    Sep 14, 02:54 PM
    aperture update aside, what do the "pro photographers" on here see as something missing in their workflow or that could critically change their workflow?

    I like the sound of a monitor that self colour corrects, for example.

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  • BenRoethig
    Aug 24, 08:37 AM
    Maybe not, but why do I think Apple could have bought the entire company for that kind of dough?

    Assuming the feds would sign off, do you know how quickly everyone else would file an anti-trust suit if that happened?

    Well if they were already make some accessories for the ipod they might actually be tempted to make one or two products sound cards for apple. What I would love to see is Creative licensing their X-FI audo tech to apple to put in the ipod. I have been hearing nothing but good things about X-Fi.

    I'd kill for X-Fi technology on a Mac.

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  • maxmiles
    Apr 4, 11:55 AM
    Oh.. if there was an exchange of gunfire I'm glad the security officer survived. I thought this was a case of an over anxious gun user.

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  • TheManOfSilver
    Sep 4, 09:42 PM
    I really doubt that Apple will put a TV tuner in this thing (if it's real). Think about it -

    Point 1 - If Apple puts a tuner in then they have to deal with the myriad of different types of TV.

    Point 2 - THEY SELL TV SHOWS!

    Does Steve want you to Tivo the new episode of "The Office" on your "MediaMac/Airport Express Video/Super iPod" or does he want you to come to the iTunes store and download it for $2? Apple, despite most of our (including my own) beliefs is a business and they have to think of the $$$ first.

    Why give something away when you can make money off it? That's still my theory as to why the mini didn't have a tuner from the start.

    They might want to make money off of the millions of people who watch TV outside of the US (where they don't sell their TV shows). They also don't have to provide for every TV possibility, just as EyeTV doesn't cover all options (and I agree with others that EyeTV is a good solution, but why not have a true Apple alternative?).

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  • parkds
    Oct 12, 01:48 PM
    Why is U2 so big with iPods anyways? The only group to have their own iPod. :confused:

    (I don't mean to be disrespectful to the U2 fanboys out there)

    Could be because Bono bought Steve Jobs apartment in New York City from him.

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  • iScott428
    Mar 23, 05:43 PM
    So much for freedom. Leave it Apple!

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  • TheKrillr
    Aug 28, 04:14 PM
    this goes to show how behind apple is in updating.
    clearly they arent ready to adapt to an intel platform. the cant even make simple processor adjustments on time!
    all the major companies have made this transition.

    apple needs to stop being so secretive. they need to start acting like a real computer company, and let there customers know when upgrades are coming.
    i wouldnt be surprised if we didnt see these upgrades till october.. no.. january.

    this is ridiculous.

    /end rant

    On time? The other companies just announced, and are not actually shipping. Give apple time, I'm sure they'll be shipping before the others. :-)

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 07:50 AM
    I'm amazed that no-one is seeing the very dangerous path we could be heading down here. Will people only see it when it's too late?

    Are we looking into the jaws of the future where you pay, but never OWN anything? Music, Movies, Apps.

    You pay to have the right to listen/watch/use the data.

    The data is never downloaded to your device to do as you wish, it's always held by the owners. or distributors.

    I can see this coming like a flashing red warning sign.

    what are you going to do with your downloaded song? if you still use cd's, you're an old timer when it comes to technology. My wife and i both listen to pandora/itunes music in the car and hooked up wirelessly throughout the house. Boom, all the music in the cloud service could be right there right now. Instead of having to go to my computer, sync what music i want so i can load up my phone with music i want for my trip.

    Times are changing. Once this cloud service is the standard, you won't have to have multiple hard drives with your data or music/photos. Go look at dropbox and how popular that is. There is no need for users to have mass amaount of storage when you can access it in the cloud.

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  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 9, 07:25 AM
    Yes of course it can, you obviously don't understand what x86_64 is.

    No need to be rude. I was just asking a question!

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  • Maestro64
    Oct 27, 12:43 PM
    I am in favor of Greenpeace's "Green My Apple" campaign. For all of Steve Jobs' zen-attitude, vegetarianism, often-proclaimed "do the right thing" stance, and Apple's financial liquidity, there's no reason why other manufacturers can make the change and Apple isn't willing to move in the right direction with their products.

    First and fore most, no other company is making an 100% recyclable product. The thing that greenpeace are holding up as the right thing is that Dell and others agree to bring the product back and keep it out of a land fill as a PC not to say it does not end up there anyway. This is only true if a consumer wishes to send it back. But if they put it in the trash it still goes to the land fill and contaminated the ground.

    If the consumer sends it back, all Dell and others do is sales or turns it over to a recycular who takes out what can be recycled and sells it for what they can and those items which can not be recycle are places in US land fills or burned to ashes and put in a land fill with all the toxic chemical.

    Like I said before, no one has figures out how to make products which we all are willing to buy without toxic chemicals at price you all are willing to pay.

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  • Leej
    Sep 26, 10:12 PM
    Already have a Cingular deal. Sweet!

    Apr 25, 01:35 PM
    Could just be me, but I think the design is perfect. Apple is still way ahead of the competition with the unibody design. How much better can it get?

    May 3, 12:46 PM
    Sigh... It's a shame really, I don't need nearly the kind of power that even the lowest Mac Pro has, but it's the only desktop mac that I could buy at this point.It is not the first time where the iMac has more CPU power than the entry Mac Pro. Seriously, it does. If you get the 6970M (HD 6850) you can beat the video card as well.

    Apr 14, 12:41 PM
    Mac's all have normal firewire ports.

    What about the MacBook and MacBook Air?

    Apr 24, 05:37 PM
    Yeah it should be, there's no hard drive to make noise and unless you keep it on a stove or do insanely heavy processing you shouldn't hear the fan either.

    Sandy Bridge should also run more efficiently than the C2D. That will not only extend baterry life, but it will also keep the normal operation temperatures down.

    My only worry is how much I will notice the loss GPU compare to the 320M.

    Aug 28, 11:06 PM
    Acctually what gets old is a look of the same thing for the long time. Now the Powerbook look is awesome, so improve upon it. All of us wishing for a new enclosure are not screaming we want a 17" White MB no no no. We are saying just change it up.

    I always find it so funny these apple followers (not you, one I am posting to) that preach about how innovative apple is, but then minute another apple follower demands change, we get our torches, tar, and chicken feathers...

    My dream would be a refined Powerbook look. Perhaps in a gunmetal (that super dark grey) still aluminum looking though.
    Don't get me wrong, I would welcome a new enclosure but I think that allowing the prospect of one to be the determining factor in the purchase of a machine is ridiculous. As much as I would LOVE to have a gunmetal colored mbp, if it came out tomorrow I wouldn't be upset that I have a silver one because I truly do love my machine. Apple will always continue to innovate and release new products, and IMO now that they're using intel chips the rate of obsolescence will increase (in terms of harware and performance more than appearance).

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