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Valentines Day Baskets For Men

Valentines Day Baskets For Men. valentine baskets for men
  • valentine baskets for men

  • cheekyspanky
    Sep 18, 12:45 PM
    Just two for me, and both car magazines:

    Auto Express and Test Drive

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  • VolMac24
    Oct 26, 09:49 PM
    Well, I stood in line for 45 minutes and got a t-shirt. Very fun time. Apple employees were very friendly (as usual) and were even passing out water for those of us who were just worn out from waiting. There were a lot more people there than I expected, but Leopard is definitely worth it.

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  • pyrotoaster
    Aug 16, 07:11 PM
    Very nice.
    I like the subtlety of it.

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  • JollyJoeJoe
    Apr 23, 11:50 PM
    I have 32GB of RAM in my Mac Pro and I got the RAM from Superbiiz, it was a steal compared to OWC and Apple's prices. It looks like they have the RAM for $137 ( per 8GB stick, so that'd be just shy of $1100 plus tax and shipping.

    Dang that's cheap! Though I have a fear of Hynix RAM from having many issues with its non-ecc desktop series in the past. Hope they hold up well and won't produce errors. No problems with total RAM detection\compatibility etc. for you ?

    I am looking to stick 8GB x 4 of these in my Mac Book 2010 8-core with processor capable of supporting 1333MHz RAM.

    Valentines Day Baskets For Men. valentines day baskets
  • valentines day baskets

  • nelsencaleb
    Apr 23, 05:47 PM
    Hello everyone. I recently deleted a ton of fonts I had on my computer, because I had so many it was just annoying me to wait 8 minutes every time I needed to use the text tool. So I deleted just tons of fonts. Now when I try to use the text tool it's saying this:
    Could not complete your request because of a program error.

    Also in the pull down menu when I select a font it doesn't put a font in the box right? It just leaves it blank.

    Anyone have any idea's, do I need more info? Please help.

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  • Nnamegah
    Apr 12, 06:06 PM
    That might be it!

    So far, so good, at least


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  • dmw007
    Sep 6, 10:07 PM
    I have speakers set up next to my computer station so i set that up there.

    Very cool eva01! :)

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  • nanofrog
    May 1, 11:19 AM
    I would like to add an external SATA caddy to my MacPro but cannot find the SATA cabling. Is there easy access to the cables? Shall I just use a Firewire Caddy instead.

    What product are you using for the SATA connections?

    I ask, as an eSATA card usually comes with the necessary cables. If you've an older machine with ODD_SATA ports, and are trying to run those externally via a PCI bracket with a pair of eSATA ports (not the best way to go due to limitations), you can get the cables off of eBay (here ( or other locations.

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  • Soundhound
    Feb 3, 12:35 PM
    Can you use virtual instruments with Garageband like various Native Instruments products, Garritan, First Call Horns etc etc? Thanks.

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  • edesignuk
    Aug 13, 01:50 PM
    Why thank you :)

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  • HexMonkey
    Oct 12, 01:51 PM
    Thanks guys. I'm glad so many people are finding it useful.

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  • In the nineteenth century men

  • sikkinixx
    Aug 20, 11:02 AM
    I go away for a week and miss this huh?

    Kind of disappointed. I was hoping Levine and co. would do something drastically new and different. I bet this will be fantastic, then spawn a crappy sequel that will tarnish the brand.

    Hopefully they can imprve the combat from Bioshock, which was easily mastered with shock + wrench.

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  • jrranbrody
    Apr 9, 06:14 PM
    i have a ipad 1 with version 3.2.2 and i want to update it to version 4.2.1 and still be able to jailbreak it. is that possible?? if so can somebody tell me the right way to do it.. thank you

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  • Horrortaxi
    Jul 13, 04:40 PM
    I don't mean to sound like an unsympathetic Mac-bigot, but recent switchers are probably the most likely to crash their Macs. If you're thinking "this is how it works in Windows" you may get yourself in some trouble--you just overthink things. I still do this sometimes when I get into unfamiliar territory. Things get a lot easier after you start thinking Mac and letting some of those Windows habits go.

    Trackpad--I sympathize. I learned to accept the trackpad but I still don't like it. I always liked the nipple thing on the Thinkpads I used to use. Anyway, I think there must be an official Apple policy on never making a 2 button mouse. The OS supports them but it just seems like one of those things Apple will never do. Who knows why. When I first got the Mac I kept my 2 button mouse with scroll wheel but I ended up going back to the Apple mouse. I always have a hand free to hit ctrl or command. Just a personal preference. In Medal of Honor I go back to the 2 button for the alternate weapon--time is a factor.

    I'm glad you're happy overall though. It sounds like you'll get some good use out of your iBook.

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  • nefan65
    May 5, 10:49 AM
    Well, I don't think you'll see a lot in terms of the i5 vs. the i7 for what you're doing. I'd get it with the std, 4GB, and upgrade to 8GB later if you think you'll need it. My guess is no, but don't buy what you don't need...

    As for iWork vs. Office debate; hard to say. We use iWork with no issues at all. I have Office through work, and honestly for home use, and my son @ school, we all use iWork. It's fast, easy, and simple.

    All the other stuff should be fine. Camera's, etc. should all work out of the box. Don't listen to some; iPhoto is great, and works for what it's intended for...if you need more, then go to Aperture, or something like it.

    Lastly; 6 years? Hard to tell. Not knowing what you're expectations are. If you're expecting it to last 6 years, then you may want to go to the i7 to extend the processor out a bit. I have no doubt that the OS will run fine, and that the system should last close to 6 years, and perform okay. But it's no guarantee...

    Oops! I guess this is the last item, not that Applecare; yes...definitely worth the cost. I'd get it closer to the end of year one though, that'll give 4 really. If you get it now, there's overlap. At least that's how it used to work?

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  • osxman1970
    Mar 10, 01:22 PM
    I recently passed the ACSP exam and plan to take the osx server one too. Just because Xserve is going the OSX serser software is still on going. Furthermore, there will still be existing Xserves out their to support. It's a good certification to get along with Microsoft ones.

    You've paid for the books so crack on and you'll be certified in no time at all.!

    Good luck

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  • AtHomeBoy_2000
    Aug 9, 06:46 PM
    The UI is nice, but the major fail is that you cant "download" content from your DVR. That is a HUGE bumber for me.

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  • Valentines gifts for men

  • wordmunger
    Feb 25, 08:00 AM
    Mine was also shipped yesterday, although I wasn't counting on next-day delivery. Here's hoping!

    Edit: Just arrived. :D

    Wow! First confirmed delivery is in Europe. Maybe Apple's starting to give some more attention to the European market.

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  • In fact, they are normal men.

  • Peruchin
    Feb 14, 02:35 PM
    Hi There. I'm having problems using Mainstage. I have an Oberheim OB3 Squared Organ drawbar module which I'm trying to use as a controller to control the drawbars via midi for the Hammond B4 2 plugin.
    Has anyone used a drawbar module with mainstage?

    Hope you can help.

    Dec 9, 08:48 PM

    Aug 13, 10:07 AM
    Oh? What sort of news headlines, am I missing something?

    It looks like the r/c toy has fake plastic explosives attached to it... so you can imagine what type of scare that might cause to some people.

    Dec 18, 08:44 PM
    Is this the mini-vga adapter?....the one that will work on iMac G5's? If it is then I will take it....assuming you still have it. I looked for one in CompUSA today but they were all out, so I'd really like to get this from you. Let me know. I'll send you a PM too.

    Mar 29, 10:47 PM
    No SHSH for 4.2.1? No restore for you, that simple.

    When firmware is no longer the most current, this is what happens.

    Get your SHSHs now!

    Jun 20, 06:41 PM
    hello people, anyone planning to go to lakeside for the iphone 4 on thursday ?

    just wondering what time people think i should get there for as i have never been to lakeside for an apple launch , also does anyone know what time the shopping centre opens ?


    Do a search my man, there's already a thread on this. Id get the link but I'm in my iPad. Also come to bluewater its open 24/7 ;)

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