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  • Sinsinnati
    Mar 25, 09:18 AM
    Whats the different between these drivers and the latest and greatest that are available on the Canon website?

    I would like to know the same thing.

    BTW, the Canon MP990 is the best printer I have ever used with a Mac.

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  • dotdotdot
    Mar 20, 11:40 AM
    A way to get 'around' the issue of the USB apple keyboards not working - buy a crappy, $10 PS/2 keyboard and plug that in. Put it behind your mac or somewhere unnoticable... then plug the USB keyboard into a USB slot and it should work...

    That is if you get a PS/2 KVM which also has 2 USB ports...

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  • job
    Oct 20, 03:35 PM
    Originally posted by applemacdude
    Not anymore...

    Huh? What do you mean? :confused:

    Also, where did AmbitiousLemon go?

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  • glen e
    May 3, 09:24 AM
    Hi - I am an avid macrumors guy and usully hang on the ipad and iphone forums but I think I may need a MacbookAir. Here's my need

    I give 75 size slide shows with a projector and use Keynote..the i pad does it, but won't let me use the iPhone as a remote - only the macbooks do that..also when multitasking really heav,y and throwing lots of slides up, the ipad become a bit jerky due to it's memory( yes I;m using the new Ipad2).

    My company has said get the air if I need it

    do I need it?

    I can get stuff in and out using dropbox so I don;'t think I need the cd player?

    and was just going to get work or is office the ticket - or both?

    thanks in advance

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  • anng12
    Mar 11, 02:18 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    60-70 in line

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  • andymac85
    Mar 6, 11:37 PM
    decided to just use the graphic version. thanks for the help, though!

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  • ststephen
    May 5, 03:49 AM
    That iMac model is perfect for your needs. Its specs out of the box will fulfill all of your needs using aperture, lightroom and similar apps. When you evolve to advanced photo editing at the photoshop level, with large RAW FILES, and bulk processing, you and your mac will apprecite a ram upgrade to 8-16 gigs. My 2009 27" i5 just literally dropped dead after 14 months if 10/4 use in my office, so I'm replacing it with that exact model. Most bang for the buck. Excellent resale.

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  • powerbook911
    Sep 19, 06:05 PM
    It is an excellent display. I just find that they still go for so much money that one could almost buy a 20-inch cinema.

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  • miklovo
    Apr 22, 09:53 PM
    I've been watching eBay and other forums for a couple of years waiting for the right time to unload my banners. I worked at CompUSA during the 2004 remodel of the "Apple Shop" and when we took down the huge 4 foot x 15 foot ones that hung from the ceiling and put up the ugly plastic ones I took 2 of the 3 that we had. I have Amelia and Jim Hensen. I saw someone on worthpoint auctions asking $25,000 for one about 6 months ago. I can't find anyone to tell how much they could be worth. I'm one of the watchers on your eBay auction right now by the way, just curious to see if anyone bites at your $1200 price tag.

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  • janey
    Jul 9, 09:02 PM
    i was using my iBook (800, 32vram, 128mb ram-long story, don't ask...i really want 640mb but i can't put in any RAM) with OS X 10.2.6 on it when i opened up iChat AV and realized that i couldn't do audio chats. So i wondered what the ******* was going on and took a peek in System Preferences and found out that the iBook thought that there was no sound input or output device. That's weird...because earlier today with the same computer i was chatting with someone using the built in mic and listening to Evanescence using the speakers. Can anyone help?

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  • Curse
    Apr 28, 07:50 PM
    I followed instructions that I came across on the internet to reinstall mac os x as I just got an iMac second hand.

    Was not given the option to 'Erase and install' and instead followed through the install and now things are not working properly.

    I noted down that it was OS X 10.1.5 now it is OS X 10.1.2.

    When I start up it only shows the display and the time in the top right corner. Will not display dock or finder.

    Please help! What can I do to fix this?

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  • LethalWolfe
    Jul 22, 01:01 AM
    I've never cut w/iMovie or FCE and I've never captured using the "scene" or "start/stop" detection that it seems like every iMovie user does. But a short trip the FCE discussion forum on Apple.com taught me this:

    FCE will mark the start/stop points in the tape after you capture it where as iMovie does it while you are capturing. So, Freg3000, capture 10 or 15 minutes of footage from the camera and then drop that clip onto the timeline. Then go to Mark-->DV Start/Stop Detection and FCE will mark each start/stop in the clip. Then just create sub-clips and place those sub-clips into whatever bins you have created in the browser.


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  • iCeQuBe
    Oct 18, 08:50 AM
    I was thinking that I would probably hit the mall that night. Even if I don't buy anything I am sure there will be demo's and stuff to play around with Leapord. If I end up going it would be nice to meet up with other MR members while there. :)

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  • Synthion
    Feb 24, 07:27 PM

    Umlauts make everything better!

    PS: love the logo:)

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  • cubist
    Apr 5, 08:35 PM
    Over on Appleinsider there is some speculation that the problem with the PM update has to do with dual CPUs (because the single G5 Xserves have been shipped, apparently with 90nm CPUs). If that's the case, tho, that wouldn't affect PBs...

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  • jimthorn
    Jul 3, 11:38 PM
    Here's how it looks in the Dock.

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  • kevin2223
    May 4, 01:09 AM
    Here is the link: http://www.apple.com/why-mac/better-hardware/#features

    You can also see the ambient light sensor pointed out in the User Manual (wasn't mentioned in 2010 models).

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  • localoid
    Sep 11, 09:50 AM
    I like it! But then I wholeheartedly embraced the "all for technoart and technoart for all" concept a long, long time ago... ;)

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  • nickdag
    May 3, 04:06 PM
    Thanks for the fast response.

    Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places (newegg, Amazon, Buy.com), but the Intel appears to be $50-100 more expensive than the M4.

    Amazon & Buy.com are currently sold out (except for more expensive resellers) right now! Hope more come in stock soon.


    Apr 13, 06:13 AM
    How well does the Trim protect your phone? If I dropped my iPhone on a parking lot from about 3 feet do you think it would be ok?
    Also, could you tell me which Belkin armband you have?
    I think it would help proptect the phone in a 3 foot drop, but I'm not willing to intentially test that for you. I actually use a belikn armband designed for the ipod touch (DualFit) because I already owned it.

    Apr 20, 07:02 PM
    YouTube: video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0)

    That's just sadistic! :eek:

    Feb 14, 07:14 PM
    My friend has said,"Yes they do get viruses idiot!"

    I recommend getting a new friend; one who doesn't call you names.

    Nov 4, 06:17 PM
    I've got the iWalk videos if anyone wants them or wants to host them.

    Also just added the leaked Quicksilver pictures, if anyone has any more information on where they came from feel free to edit the page.

    already done. :)

    email me the iwalk videos



    May 23, 03:34 PM
    thats a absolute bargain i take 10 for that price , payed �1470 for mine ,ok mine was complete in original box as shipped from apple in May 1998 to the owner in germany and still in pristine as new condition like it left the factory , apart from i also bought a g3 upgrade card from sonnet for it and a 50gb harddrive , mates call me insane why i spend that much money on a obsolete old piece of computer rather then getting a brandnew mac ..but i simply love the pre intel Mac's and they do what i buy them for
    and honestly it looks better then a iMac 27" and has way better sound and is rarer :p

    WOW! that is a hell of a price. I thought �700 for mine with an upgrade was tasty!

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