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wallpaper for mobile

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  • techlover828
    Jul 1, 07:09 PM
    very tempting... is this the more expensive monitor that has the adjustable stand and better panel?

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  • pcypert
    Mar 20, 06:51 AM
    I haven't seen anything mentioned here as a decent game that's not also available in Japan. All they sell here are the Jap imports and they have all the "names" mentioned the Pokemon game everyone's on "pins and needles" for :p


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  • DannyNguyener
    Apr 26, 03:51 AM
    I am trying to entire a large number in a cell. 120,511,000,000 to be exact. When entered into a cell, 1.20511E11 is shown.

    How can I adjust this to where it will not show up in scientific notation? Thanks!

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  • Apple OC
    Jan 17, 09:53 PM
    IMO ... not even worth the storage space

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  • TheMasin9
    Dec 2, 11:53 AM
    how much u thinkin?

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  • Doraemon
    Dec 21, 05:41 AM
    As if a website needed a teaser trailer. :rolleyes:


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  • zap2
    Apr 16, 03:41 PM

    No questions asked

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  • Black Macbook
    Jun 26, 02:33 PM
    Looks like Apple made it clear to me what size iPad they want me to buy. :)

    What does that mean? Is there a larger one or something coming out? Spill the beans, don't be secretive and cryptic.

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  • szark
    Jul 11, 08:25 PM
    This is not an exploit, although it is not functioning as most people expect it to.

    As has been discussed in other threads before, the login panel uses an old UNIX DES login encryption method. This system has always recognized a maximum of 8 characters, no matter how long your password is.

    Hopefully in Panther, Apple will use one of the other, better encryption methods for the default login.

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  • masterjedi73
    Sep 17, 03:23 PM
    Dual channel memory -- requires pairs of DIMMs that meet the minimum spec.

    Machine looks at both DIMMs as one big DIMM.

    So is that definitely what i have? it says on some of the memory sites that somes G5s have four dimm slots and others 8. I'm pretty sure mine has 8, but want to verify.

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  • jbyun04
    Apr 1, 03:18 AM
    You're going to rip your hair out coding for IE6.. is there a reason you're wanting to?

    Considering that IE6 is being promoted by Microsoft to die I really wouldn't worry about making it compatible, unless your audience is from South Korea where 24% are still using IE6 :p

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  • anti-microsoft
    Mar 3, 09:35 AM
    I know what I'm suggesting is a little trivial, but I think it's unnecessary. I think a solution to this could be: instead of adding repeated question marks, add the "?" icon in front of a post. This could be a more elegant, less annoying and more effective solution to getting your question answered.

    Thank you for your tolerance,


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  • ManhattanPrjct
    May 19, 11:43 AM
    Great, so we'll have to pay for built-in Netflix just like on the 360? I hope not, esp. since the disc version is already free (though slower and worse than the 360 implementation, for sure).

    I'd rather stick the netflix disc in than pay for the premium service!

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  • john_satc
    Mar 7, 11:37 AM
    Simple question but i am stuck ... how do you password protect a folder? i was able to with MS but duno how now.

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  • appleguy123
    May 6, 10:03 PM
    No. I still like the expos� and multitouch fluidity of Snow Leopard, and that keeps me from using Lion as my main os.

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    May 6, 09:49 PM
    Yep! Don't rely on the Best Buy web site. I called around and they had the new iMac's in stock and on sale! Just picked mine up.

    On sale by how much?

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  • Voidness
    May 2, 12:27 PM
    I call shenanigans. Why sell a cheaper model when people would buy up the more expensive one if the cheaper one wasn't offered.
    Same reason Apple sells both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

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  • Blackhatch
    Apr 5, 08:30 AM
    What is your budget? What do you expect to do with the camera? What lighting conditions? Will you be recording audio using the camera or an external device? What mics do you have/plan to get? How will it be supported? What do you plan to edit with? What is your final output?

    Budget - I would like to keep it under $800

    Lighting conditions - should be very good as I will normally be shooting in daylight and clear weather.

    Mics - I don't have any but will get whatever is required. I was going to add most of the audio after the fact for clarity's sake.

    Edit - Not sure. Whatever is most friendly and easy to work with.

    Output - This will be video content for my website.

    Basically...I am a contractor that wants to post of some video of completed jobs with some audio about what we do and why.

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  • olternaut
    Jan 14, 12:32 PM
    That depends on where in the world you live.

    NYC man! ..........thats new york city for those who need help figuring it out. :D

    Dec 23, 10:42 PM
    ipod ipod ipod ipod :rolleyes:

    Cool.:cool: Looks like the hardware pages, which I like, a lot.

    Feb 7, 09:03 AM
    hi i have an ipod touch 4 JB on 4.1 i was just wondering that is there a way to put songs in to the ipod without connecting to itunes

    and also any app for bluetooth transfer

    Well, MewSeek is like limewire and, if you get the paid version, you can add songs to the ipod/music app. And Wifi sync lets you do just that, sync over wifi (but sadly not bluetooth)

    Apr 27, 05:20 PM
    I feel your pain. I want the same thing.

    The add-on keypads don't really do it for me no matter how nicely they integrate. It's not the same as a full size keyboard. Sure you get the numpad, but you still don't have proper cursor keys and 6-key pad above the cursors.

    May 5, 01:47 PM
    I have to say that normally I don't use beta versions as my main OS, but after a week of testing the OS on a spare disk, I was so impressed and decided to take the plunge and upgraded my main installation.

    The upgrade took 5 minutes on my SSD!!! Everything works great so far, but of course I am still testing. I have a backup of my system before the update, just in case :)

    Apr 28, 07:39 PM
    its a 3GS.. damn that sucks, ok. the only reason is because my cousin just updated to 4.2 firmware and he said he cant jailbreak his phone at all. he's tried greenpoison, limerain, he said nothing seems to work so if i update im worried i wont be able to jailbreak my phone anymore

    I don't understand... 4.3.2 and different versions lower can be JB'ed. Are you trying to unlock as well? Then you may have issues based on the baseband.

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