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  • NeoMac
    Mar 10, 12:36 PM
    Do you still live at home with your parents, or are you away at school? If you rent an apartment you should be able to buy renters insurance and purchase additional coverage for your gear. I did this while I was away at school and renting an apartment. It was only a few extra bucks a month for the extra coverage. If you still live with your parents they can buy additional coverage on their property insurance.

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  • bousozoku
    Feb 16, 02:46 PM
    I'm using Firefox with adblock right now and it seems to work fine, despite the fact that the page says it's not available for version 1.0+. I changed that to 1.0 and got the version that works.

    Also, you might try Shiira. It uses the back-end that Safari and OmniWeb use to render pages and run JavaScript but it has its own distinct look.

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  • Dagless
    Mar 27, 07:31 PM
    sikkinixx - The DS is region free yea. And is your cheap DS game friend ;) I mean 20 quid for Pokemon Diamond :eek:

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  • Vantage Point
    Apr 12, 04:53 PM
    iPhone. You have a 13" MBP so I think it goes better with a iPhone since that is something you can put in your pocket and take anywhere.

    I just picked up my first smart phone, the iPhone 3Gs for only $49 and it is the single coolest gadget I ever had in my life (over 50 years). Since I upgraded my AT&T service I get to get my iPhone I am entitled to another phone upgrade within 12 months (else it would be 18 months). My thinking was that I need to get to know my iphone and in a year I would be eligible to get a iPhone 5. My $49 3GS is fine and I don't miss the iphone 4 features but I am hoping that the iPhone 5 is both 4" screen and will work on AT&T with 4G for faster.... Those two phone upgrades was useful and helped me opt out of a iPhone 4 last month.

    I really can't see needing an ipad with a MBP and iPhone. If I had an iMac then a iPad and iPhone makes sense but if in any case an iPhone has become a life changing must have device that fits in my pocket

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  • iGary
    Sep 23, 12:24 PM
    Yeah, maybe I do need him. :D

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  • nanofrog
    Apr 24, 09:32 PM
    So I'm a freelance Editor/Motion Graphics guy with no real understanding of RAID Controller Cards, or how they work.

    As of right now I have three 1TB drives inside my Mac Pro, RAIDed together (stripe 0) using the OS. No Raid card.

    The drives are all 7200rpm from varying manufacturers. (not sure if this matters.)

    My questions is; is it beneficial for me to get a RAID card to control these drives vs. leaving it to the OS to handle? Any suggestions for me?


    2010 8-Core Mac Pro 2.4
    14GB RAM
    It all depends on the details of how you use the system (RAID is supposed to be configured to the specific usage, so there's no "one size fits all", though for narrowed usage patterns, you will see similarities).

    I'd advise you to search out previous RAID threads (there's quite a few), and pay attention to the various questions asked, and get back to us with some answers). I'd also recommend you review Wiki's RAID page ( (pay particular attention to the different levels).

    If you're a paid professional, using a stripe set (RAID 0) is a disaster waiting to happen. Even with a backup, you'll spend a fair bit of time to perform a recovery when a disk dies (matter of when, not if), and this also means re-performing work that was done between the most recent backup and when the array failed (beyond replacing the bad disk and restoring all the backup files, which presumably <worst case>, will be multiples to return all the data you have from your backup media).

    Glad to see you at least have some sort of backup with your current configuration. :)

    Now if you go with a RAID card, you'll need to use enterprise grade drives for stability reasons (different recovery timings in the firmware than consumer models, which tend to be unstable as a result). Unfortunately, they're not as cheap (in fact, can be 2x as expensive as their consumer counterparts for the latest capacity).

    Consumer disks are fine for backup purposes though, and this can save you a considerable amount of funds, particularly if your capacity requirements are high (i.e. eSATA card + Port Multiplier based external enclosure; example kit (

    There are some inexpensive products that claim RAID 5, but be careful. Some are software based, which should never be used for this level (no solution to the "write hole issue" associated with parity based arrays). Others use very inexpensive hardware RAID controllers (aka RoC = RAID on a Chip). They're slow for primary usage, and is why they're cheap (compromise on performance vs. proper RAID cards).

    If on a budget you could go with RAID-Z, it involves switching to the ZFS file system. RAID-Z1 apparently offers similar performance to RAID5. Read this thread ( for further insight.
    This can get complicated on the software end though, and not recommended for those that aren't comfortable with the additional complexity (patches for OS X or via VM), particularly for a DAS system (has more merit with NAS or SAN IMO).

    So I'd stick with a 3rd party hardware RAID card, assuming this is actually needed, enterprise disks and any enclosures/mounting hardware necessary. Much simpler in terms of software (install the drivers, and any interface software that's required to access the card settings), and the hardware aspect isn't that difficult either.

    I would get an SSD for the OS and use the 3x 7200rpm Disks in RAID5.
    RAID5 is great for storing uncompressed video data and in your case would offer protection against a single drive failure.
    Most cards don't deal with consumer grade disks very well (ATTO and Area definitely don't).

    But consumer disks are fine for backup purposed (i.e via eSATA and PM enclosures) due to the lower duty cycle (where you can cut costs effectively, and not endanger the data).

    or Just RAID5 with 3x HDD's and partition the RAID volume.
    I wouldn't do this if both partitions are to be used simultaneously (i.e. primary data one one partition, scratch data on the other).

    The most recommend cards right now are the Areca 6g 1880 series or the new ATTO 6G series. For your needs something like the ARC-1880-i SAS 6G RAID Controller would suffice if you don't plan to connect external RAID/Storage solution.
    Those are the best recommendations as far as brand and series per. As to a specific model, it will depend on the specifics, particularly for growth (i.e 8 ports may be outgrown in under 3 years, so getting a card with sufficient ports to last that long would be cheaper in the long run - just add disks and enclosures as necessary).

    Sorry should have been more clear (like I said I'm dumb) I have a 500GB Boot drive that lives independently from the (3) 1TB drives RAIDED together via the OS.
    A separate boot disk is advisable, as you still have a working OS if the array goes down (allows you to access the card, use the browser to search for help, or deal with Support from the card manufacturer if needed).

    And ALL data (3.5TB's) is backed up by an external 4TB Time Machine RAID (2 drives @ 2TB each)...which is connected via 2 eSATA cables via the eSATA PCI Card I bought from OWC...which I guess is actually RAIDed by the OS as well.
    That backup solution is a RAID 0. The overall backup solution will almost certainly need to change in order to be sufficient for the primary storage pool you'll end up with.

    Not sure what you are looking at, since 3 drives is sort of an odd combination. I have a 2009/2010 Mac Pro Nehalem, running the apple sas card for the 4 internal bays (yes I know they make adapters to use 3rd party cards), and the performance is fair, not great but fair. About 300Mb/s read/write with 4 WD Black edition drives (1tb each). Externally, running an Areca 1680x card, with a 8 drive ProAvio chassis, 8 SAS Seagate 15k7 drives (450GB) which gives close to 900MB/s. I have tried multiple cards over the years, nano and I have exchanged lots of posts/messages. Email/PM me with specific questions and I will try and help you. Beware of most of these 3rd party slot adapters/etc. they are more hassle than they are worth.
    I've not heard or seen any issues with the MaxUpgrades kit.

    As per Apple's card, I'm no fan of it, particularly due to the cost/performance ratio.

    BTW, the OP only has 2 posts at the time of writting this, so returning a PM isn't possible yet (needs to have 5 posts IIRC). email would work if you have that enabled.

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  • marykay9507
    Feb 29, 04:34 PM
    May I ask why you are getting rid of them? And does the dented one work (I see the other one on in the pics, but the dented one is off?)

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  • dsn112
    Jun 18, 07:33 AM
    All apple stores are opening at 7am

    5th Ave Store
    Store hours: 24/365
    We will be closing at 12:01 a.m. on June 19. We will reopen at 7 a.m. on Friday, June 19 for the arrival of iPhone 3G S.

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  • puma1552
    May 1, 10:20 AM
    So yesterday I happened across these and bought them on a whim.

    I've seen a lot of people gripe about these, including and not limited to iLounge, etc. citing how terrible they are because they don't give you access to controls, protect against drops, etc. I can't help but wonder why people would even criticize them for that, when they were so obviously not designed to be a full on case.

    They are a pouch for your iPod, simple as that. For the purpose they are intended, they are wonderful.

    The reason I bought them was because I used to never use cases, I would always just put my iPods on a lint free cloth on my desk and never let them touch hard surfaces to avoid scratching. Some time ago, I finally decided I loved SwitchEasy's hard plastic case lines, and swear by them. Unfortunately, for a couple of my iPods, they predate SwitchEasy, or the products simply aren't available and I can't find others I like. Additionally, even though the hard cases I have are great, I'm still uneasy throwing them in a pocket or a bag with lots of other stuff knocking around, so even with a case, I think a little pouch serves a purpose. So I decided to give the socks a whirl.

    The quality is great, as to be expected, albeit overpriced. I gave the pink one to my wife for her pink nano 5G, so I just have five. Fresh out of the box:

    From left to right, tucked neatly inside--5.5G, mini, nano 5G (nano is in a SwitchEasy CapsuleThin case):

    Here you can see the 7G classic, with the SwitchEasy Capsule Classic case, still fits nicely inside:

    One thing you will notice in the picture above--you can see little specks of shiny metal, that is the iPod you can see inside. A lot of people complain that these socks scratch their iPods, but I think what's happening is that little pieces of dust get inside and rub against the iPod. However, without the SwitchEasy case, you can not see these little specks of iPod as the case isn't stretches enough.

    These fit very well with the iPods I have, and thus far don't seem to stretch much, if at all. They contract quickly as soon as you pop the Classic out, though that may change long term. The nano 5G, in a case, inside the sock, feels great. The mini feels perfect. I don't know how the nano 5G would feel without the case, possibly a little loose.

    My thoughts:


    --High quality
    --Perfect for traveling/transporting iPods in a purse/bag/suitcase amidst other things
    --They do NOT scratch the iPod, at least the fabric itself doesn't
    --Great supplementary travel protection to be used alongside cases/films
    --Fit well over many iPods, including the bulky Classic when it's in a case


    --Possibly could get dust inside which may scratch against an unprotected iPod if you plan on using these everyday as main/primary protection


    Would buy again for my needs. I mainly bought them to protect one iPod that never gets used (in other words it will just sit in the sock on my desk more or less) and another iPod that lives in my SoundDock, that may occasionally need to travel. I mainly bought these socks for travel transportation for all of my iPods, and I think they will work excellent that way. I probably wouldn't use them as sole protection on an iPod I use all the time, taking it in and out constantly, and taking it everywhere--but I would use it everyday so long as the iPod is in another case inside. For your needs, they may work well, or they may be completely pointless. In the end, they are a basic pouch that do their job wonderfully, IMO.

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  • nomad01
    Sep 20, 08:31 AM
    Look closer, dude. I think they added several new Support webpages. SWEET!


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  • I WAS the one
    Jun 22, 08:12 PM
    My Fav is this one: Member Speedy Dingo: App button design entry very professional. Apple-like.

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  • dizel1024
    May 2, 10:48 PM
    Thanks pps

    the biggest issue is when you buy 2 with one credit it blocked in all stores and they don't accept cash...

    Best Buy sold out

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    Mar 23, 05:10 PM

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Your suggestion look good and I'm gonna spend the time to look at some of those options :) Hopefully if I have any additional questions, you might be willing to sprinkle some more of that wisdom around :)

    Thanks again :)

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  • OldManJimbo
    Jan 25, 01:29 AM
    OK - I'm spooked.

    Using OS 10.3.7 and Mail version 1.3.9 on a PowerBook RevB, 1ghz.

    My mail POP server is with my ISP and they never give me trouble.

    So - been using Mail for some time and today it started doing the wierdest thing. Everytime new mail arrives from the server it will register in my INBOX (with the little number showing new messages) but the instant I click the INBOX, all the new mail disappears. It doesn't go to trash or junk, it just vanishes. I have searched all over for it and can't find it.

    It's just gone. I know I received it becasue I can go to the server and collect mail directly from the ISP.

    Any ideas. I have repaired permissions and restarted more times than I care to think about.

    Tried something - I took an email from the trash folder and dropped it into the INBOX. It just goes away. Doesn't open, doesn't stay there - just vanishes.

    This is strange - help.

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  • miles01110
    Feb 8, 11:05 AM
    Will the mods entertain changing to [Resolved] status upon a request to do so in a post report?

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  • Savage Henry
    Sep 16, 04:33 PM
    Just wait until more statistics are generated - then you'll see the revealing numbers.

    Numbers!!???? I want more than NUMBERS ... I want the blood of the unforgiving weak minded X86 cronies who polute my eyes during every waking moment of my working hours..... :mad:

    Fortunately I spend most of my work day asleep at my desk, thus quelling any urges to kill the fools ........

    Second pointless rant aside, I'm gonna reckon that this may be the biggest selling PPC unit in the last 4 years, and the design of it, unlike it's 2nd gen predecessor that I love and want buried with me, gives scope for far more development of upgrade and improve.

    I sense a second wave of the post '98 good times ...

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  • Lopez.T.H.
    Sep 26, 03:40 PM
    No NANO FOR ME! My so so friend got one over the weekend. Its really scratched up already. Im gonna go for a Apple refurbed 30GB color iPod. Or a plain 20GB.

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  • tdhurst
    Sep 26, 01:11 PM
    Ok cheers guys for that, so is it worth it for being a memory stick and a iPod?
    So what does the "i" in imac and iPod stand for and the "e" in eMac???

    The shuffle is EXCELLENT as a dual use gadget.

    The "i" in iMac originally stood for internet...the first iMacs were touted as the simplest, quickest way to get online.
    The "e" is for education, as the eMacs were originally only available to schools but consumer interest convinced Apple to offer them to everyone.

    The "i" doesn't really stand for internet anymore, it's simply what Apple uses to differentiate their consumer and professional lines.

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  • Macmadant
    Dec 6, 01:22 AM
    There is another one out there utilising an 800 MHz G3.

    Unfortunately, I've never seen anything about graphics upgrades as this would take a whole lot more research and possibly a daughterboard and firmware upgrades to make it work.
    cool thanks although i live in england and don't fancy sending all the way to the states, but thanks anyway

    May 7, 12:12 AM
    1 to 1 is only offered at Apple stores or online. I've worked for Apple for years so I would know.

    And yes, you can technically purchase it within 14 days, but when you go in the staff will do their best to get you to get it the same day.


    Oh I totally agree - the specialists will do anything to get you to buy 1to1 with the macs...helps with their metrics.

    Here's an idea..go to the store and find a random customer buying a mac - give him/her 100$ to buy a 1to1 for you. Each customer can buy up to 5 1to1s, so you should be good.

    Otherwise, make something up and I'm sure the manager will allow it because even standalone 1to1s help the store's overall metrics.

    Oct 3, 06:26 AM
    Just registered to say that the new security update bricked my laptop.

    Thanks, Apple. It just works huh?

    Tried to reinstall the update, but that crashes with an unknown error. Is there some tool that I can use to debug this installation and see the specific error condition?

    Okay. I solved it, here is a description for anyone suffering from the same problem:
    After installing 2010-006 the laptop (13" macbook pro OSX 10.6) came back from restarting, my clock was reset to January 1st 2001 and the system could not get a wireless connection. Manually downloaded the update using another computer and moved it over to the laptop. Manual reinstall failed. Set the date back to the present day and manual reinstall worked. The computer restarted and everything worked again.

    Apr 7, 07:36 PM
    I really enjoyed it. Definitely kept my attention the whole time.

    If I had to pick apart anything I'd say the weakest graphic would be the rit dye packaging folding up at :33-:35 but I thought everything else was very strong and appealing.

    Jun 5, 10:30 AM
    PM sent...Let me know :cool:

    I'll work with you, but prefer to have people from in the US.

    Sep 8, 12:29 AM
    Apple will announce Internet Radio capability on new iPod. With WiFi capability new iPods will able to tune into specially designated Internet Radio stations operated by Apple. And with one click listeners will able to purchase, via wireless download the song recently heard via the Apple Internet Radio channels. :o

    Link, please.

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