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  • msjones
    Apr 6, 02:14 AM
    If you have an external drive I recommend time machine. You can back up your entire system and then restore after your clean installation. That includes apps and files.

    You could also use something like Carbon Copy Cloner to make a full image of your disk.

    Failing that all you can do is back up your files to another location or disk and re-install your applications after the clean install.

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  • jive
    Jan 12, 08:38 AM
    The Fratelli's.

    They're from Glasgow and are pretty sweet, and they're getting pretty big. I was meant to go see them at Hogmanay but it was cancelled due to the weather.

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  • erck24
    Apr 26, 03:47 PM
    hey guys, I'm having problems because windows 7 won't install after the computer restarts. I think it's because bootcamp 3.0.4 isn't current enough. Here's the kicker, auto update won't detect the newer version and when I download the new one it opens as code in the text form. I have a 15" MBP mid-2009. i'm installing 64-bit windows

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  • RSwag
    Apr 22, 12:39 AM
    So after playing with my brand new iPad I noticed something weird. Other than the crazy backlight problems that we have all been having, my iPad also shows weird lines when you sleep and wake the screen fast. I have tried to replicate this on my iphone 4 and ipod touch but I don't see anything on those devices. I also never noticed anything like this on my iPad 1. The iPad's at the apple store don't seem to do this but other non-apple-store ipads do. I am assuming it has something to do with the firmware. I have yet to upgrade to the newest firmware so that might have fixed this issue. Do any of your ipad's do this? Here is a link to a video I made so you can better understand me.

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  • doug in albq
    Mar 22, 11:11 PM
    it was great on my 23 inch Samsung with 10.6.6 and prior.

    10.6.7 and hulu & Neflix video is now choppy on the Mini....

    Anyone Else?

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  • Platform
    Feb 2, 03:58 AM
    Skype ( is now out of beta :)

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  • takao
    Dec 2, 07:04 PM
    you will be fine with 160 space wise unless every single game oyu buy requires an install and you load it up with movies and music

    i have aslim ps3 with 120
    currently i have around 20 ps3 games (some of them installed), savegames + savegames of games i borrowed from friends, 3-5 PSN titles, 10 installed demos, around 5-7 movies anda complete season of castle on my PS3 harddisk and i have space to spare

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 15, 10:22 AM
    What the hell is wrong with you?

    Nothing, you can't do anything about it, so why bother?

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  • ahfu25
    May 5, 07:49 PM
    Yup. Mine is 5K but Looks and feels new to me:D...I'm a happy camper

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  • Hook'Em2006
    May 2, 08:14 PM
    Have you guys seen that disgusting looking phone? Really, 2 screens? Good concept, terrible reality.

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  • JNGold
    Apr 23, 02:03 PM
    I have tried a lot of them (Atomic, iCab, Perfect, Skyfire, 360, etc) and I always come back to using Safari. Mostly because of the Mobile Me favorites sync and more recently because of the Nitro (JavaScript) performance improvements. If I had to pick a backup it would be Perfect Browser.

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  • stubeeef
    Sep 9, 09:43 PM
    the mileage gained by turning off your A/C is very tiny if you have a newer car. The effeciency is so much better now.

    I would guess that over 40mph the drag would be worse than any A/C.

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  • Zeke
    Dec 4, 08:04 PM
    I recently changed jobs and no longer need a laptop so I'm looking at selling this. It has Applecare and is in perfect condition. No dead pixels, etc...I'd like to get $1300 shipped for this but am open to offers if that's way off. It's hard to tell what these are worth now.

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  • AriX
    Feb 17, 03:39 PM
    I don't see the fact that the company is publicly endorsing jailbreaking & unlocking as an indication that a deal with Apple is coming soon, but whatever...

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  • edesignuk
    Sep 8, 11:59 AM
    Originally posted by JSRockit

    I believe this Sony notebook is over 1.5 inches thick though...maybe even 1.8 inches thick. I could be wrong, but Sony, as well as other PC manufactuers have been making tankbooks... 8-9lbs, 15-16" Screens, HUGE footprint etc. Maybe it will still be hard to get a SuperDrive in a 1" thick notebook, but Apple will do it soon. By the way, the Sony is supposedly available in Japan now. I own a Sony and a Apple...and have no problem liking both.
    I do realise that the VAIO is thicker than the TiBook, but still the point is that the drive has been shruck now to a size where it can fit into any notebook, it's just a matter of time (or technology) until they have it small enough to fit into the TiBook, and my bet is they allready can do this, it's just when they decide to release it....and in my book a 1Ghz Ti w/ SuperDrive would make an ideal launchpad.

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  • JoeG4
    Mar 17, 10:32 PM
    Seeing as it's like an hour drive for me, I really am surprised I've been a Mac guy for 10 years and haven't bothered to go there yet. :D

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  • Full of Win
    Feb 16, 05:03 PM
    I know this is a sensitive issue, but when a paper like the Daily Mail runs a story, its news.

    Cancer-stricken Apple boss Steve Jobs 'may have just six weeks to live,' say doctors
    Last updated at 10:05 PM on 16th February 2011

    Comments (0) Add to My Stories

    Apple founder Steve Jobs has lost an alarming amount of weight and is reportedly in his final days.
    The computer genius behind the iPod, iPhone and iPad is stricken with pancreatic cancer and may have just six weeks to live.
    Shocking new photos show Mr Jobs looking painfully frail and weak, with his jeans and dark top hanging loosely on his 6ft 2in, rail-thin body.

    admin edit: Please include full links to any stories posted.

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  • Brewerpaul
    Apr 17, 07:32 AM
    Didn't work :( I'll call PS tomorrow to see about a replacement. I have the second one I can install, but I think I should get a free replacement for the one that appears to be defective.

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  • alust2013
    Apr 13, 03:30 PM
    nanofrog will probably be here shortly, but from what I have gathered, it's best not to buy Apple's RAID card due to expense and that it isn't too great. I also don't believe you can use SAS drives, as the bays still use standard SATA connectors.

    Mar 12, 11:18 PM
    You all got it wrong. It's the iPad 2.5 that will come out in September. I would wait :D


    retina display and improved camera incoming

    Apr 7, 10:36 AM
    Is there any reason why we would bother using #include now that we have #import?

    The code here:

    Use include once. I wonder why

    Jun 10, 11:19 AM
    I wonder if this update has made Entourage any more stable. I will be very pleasantly surprised if it does. I know that the likely cause of the problem is that it falls over when asked to display certain images or fonts but one might hope that after 2 years, MS might have gotten to grips with this. Before anyone suggests it, yes I have removed all unsupported fonts. Roll on 2011 and Outlook. I hope they will get sync working more seamlessly including notes, than Entourage does at the moment. Sometimes my contacts update but sometimes they roll back. It is the inconsistent behaviour that gets me.


    Apr 12, 06:09 AM
    I have a great deal of TV shows in my iTunes library and they all have all of the information such as episode IDs, season numbers and brief summaries of each episode.

    However when I sync them to my iPad the summaries are not visible as they are with films, is there any way that this can be changed so they are? It would be very useful, I would say there is even space for it in the app.

    Jun 30, 01:43 PM
    So that you can chat with people from your couch on a big screen instead of having to sit around a small computer monitor. A head shot is not the only use of ichat AV that would be popular. Grandparents, for instance, would be thrilled to watch kids crawl, walk, play, etc. in live color on their TV set.

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