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wedding dresses 2011 uk. 2011 Wedding Dresses uk
  • 2011 Wedding Dresses uk

  • MacMan86
    Apr 13, 04:11 AM
    Actually, he is right. The two use different protocols when streaming. The video portion of AirPlay is done differently and does not require the private key. It just employs setting up a "server" whenever its being utilized. I have it set up on XBMC, and it works just as it would on an AppleTV.

    The audio portion, that requires the key, has finally brought it full-circle. Can't wait to have it on my XBMC box.

    I never said the audio and the video didn't work differently, what I said was AirTunes no longer exists. AirPlay contains what was AirTunes. Apple no longer use the label 'AirTunes' anywhere. only talks about AirPlay for instance. The iTunes streaming button is now called AirPlay too.

    AirPlay video simply sends a URL to the video resource to the other device, and the other device plays the file at the URL which is served by the host. AirPlay audio uses the RAOP protocol.

    There isn't a misprint in the article title as the poster claimed - the AirTunes moniker doesn't exist anymore

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 9, 10:39 AM
    As to logic-board being 32bits... Uh, no. There might be various reasons why it doesn't support 4GB of RAM, and it isn't due to "bitness" of the logic-board. And pray-tell: what exactly is a "32bit logic-board"?
    The Napa chipset used with Yonah only supported 32 address lines.

    A new Napa64 chipset is here that supports the additional address lines to allow > 4 GiB of physical memory.

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  • fetchmebeers
    Sep 12, 03:49 PM
    Only on UNOPENED product. If you've opened it, you gotta pony up 10% restocking fee, if you bought from apple. They will refund money if there is a price drop in that timeframe, though.

    o *****.... i knew for a fact that there was gonna be some sort of catch!!

    but 10% restocking fee??? isn't that a bit too much?

    so what do you think, is new ipod literally worth procuring with the sacrifice of 10% restocking fee, when the only difference is the brighter screen, 1.5 more hr of video play time, search function, ....etc??

    i'm confsed!!

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  • haruhiko
    Apr 28, 11:15 PM
    I still don't understand why nobody has managed to make a viable alternative to Microsoft Office, esp. Microsoft Excel. Apple's iWork is fine, but clearly not enough and of course there is no Windows version. Google is too obsessed with the cloud and ad thing and didn't make Google Docs a local app for Windows / Mac / Smartphones with Dropbox like cloud capabilities. :(

    So Microsoft can continue to be fed with its Windows / Office monopolies for the foreseeable future.

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  • Seasought
    Sep 26, 10:46 AM
    I'll have to check and see what Cingular is offering deal-wise at the time, but being T-Mobile currently I won't be getting the phone until it expands after that 6 month period.

    Assuming I can tolerate the phone in the first place. I've yet to see a cell phone that's impressed me. If anyone can however, it's Apple.

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  • martygras9
    Mar 23, 04:22 PM
    I live in Nevada and honestly the cops spend more time Giving tickets out then doing real police work. Since the state has been financial hardship, The cops are out drumming up business. Honestly, do you think someone who is Drunk is going to be checking the app for the checkpoints? Its just an excuse to get rid of these apps from the store and increase revenue. Apple dont bend to the pressure, These apps do not break any rules for the App store and if you start letting the Government decide what should and shouldnt be, is the day I finally Jailbreak my Iphone.

    My God, jailbreak your phone's fantastic!

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  • GreatOne08
    Sep 9, 05:27 PM
    Those new iMac are looking better and better. Need to save up now.:D

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  • Saladin
    Sep 14, 09:59 PM
    2. Apple's announcement a few days ago about the new iTunes store: (to quote Page 1) "TV shows will now be sold at 640x480 px h264. While the updated 5G iPods announced today will be able to play the new format, there has not been any indication from Apple of yet that the new shows will be playable on older 5G iPods. Apple's official knowledge-base article still states that h264-encoded movies must be 320 x 240 at 30 fps."

    That's false information. I already downloaded Sacred Planet (640*480 h.264) from the iTunes Movie Store and loaded it onto my newly updated 5G iPod. The movie works perfectly. Since that would have been the strongest point in your argument for a multiple use device, I would now say your conclusion lacks weight. I'm not saying that they won't release one soon, just use better proofs to support your conclusion next time.

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  • Motley
    Sep 14, 08:14 AM
    Oh good, I was just coming down from anticipation for the last special event, but Apple's always there with my fix.

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Oct 12, 03:02 PM

    I've loved anodized aluminum ever since I was a kid. I always really loved the vibrance anodization gave to colors, don't know really why. In a way it's just something that always kinda made perfect sense to me.

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  • rotobadger
    Mar 30, 12:18 PM
    The term Burger Store has no mindshare from what I know with the general public. No one uses it as a brand name....yet.

    You bring up a good point though. "App" and "Store" existed long before it (allegedly) belonged to Apple. Apple spent a lot of money making "AppStore" a recognizable name.

    BurgerStore is nothing now. But if a company spends millions of dollars making it valuable, shouldn't they own it?

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  • Changen
    Apr 4, 12:39 PM
    Damn, well I can tell you most of the security guards at otay ranch are unarmed but there are a handful of guys that do carry. Im surprised I just heard about this living 2 minutes from the mall.

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  • wedding dresses 2011 uk.

  • Ravich
    May 4, 03:32 AM
    What has Apple done since the iPhone:

    1. kill Xserve

    2. Drop their dedicated three ACD CCFL LCD lineup that was top notch and replaced with one stripped down iMac LED LCD

    3. Ditch "Resolution Independence" (it's been over 4 years, c'mon Apple!)

    4. Increased focus on iDevices and iOS (yeah, it's banked them $55+ billion, great, invest a small portion back into the Prosumer market Apple pulled away from with a full display line and a re-vamp of Pro-sumer desktops and apps, they revamped a mobile device market they can do the same with the Prosumer market and make money)

    5. Begin merging iOS with OS X Lion

    5. Funnel less money into Pro-Apps (Final Cut X is meh)

    6. Ditch ZFS+ development from Sun Microsystems to replace HFS+ before it was too late

    7. Wreck .Mac w/ MobileMe to market Windows iDevices owners w/ little Windows OS integration (iDisk, iLife, and FUNCTIONAL Office syncing are lacking making MobileMe a rip-off for Windows users)

    8. Replace reasonably priced PowerMac G4/5's w/ over priced/over powered Xeon Server based Mac Pro's and no serious revamp in over 8 years. PowerMac's cost anywhere from $1400+, were great for professional photographers/designers/professionals/small businesses, esp. paired w/ the late ACD CCFL line which worked perfectly with OS X.

    9. Drop focus on OS X development - iOS Lion is schizophrenic w/ iOS features in OS X: Launchpad, 2D Spaces, Mission Control, lack of TRIM for 3rd party Sandforce SSD's, painful ergonomic implementation of multi-touch w/ the "Magic Trackpad," etc.

    10. OpenGL is seriously lagging

    11. iLife '11 in 32-bit?!

    12. "Pro-sumer" App's such as Aperture "improvements" w/ "Share to Facebook." Keep that consumer shizz in iPhoto and focus on better professional tools Apple.

    13. Produce more than one LED LCD and w/ longer than 2' Mini-DisplayPort/USB chords (had to buy Griffen cables to extend both of my 24" LED LCD's to my 2010 Mac Pro at ~$30 each)

    15. iWork '11?

    16. iOS err, OS X App Store?

    17. USB 3.0?

    18. Blu-Ray (need I say more)

    19. Lack of "daisy chaining" display with Mini-DisplayPort. "ThunderBolt" ports can daisy chain but:

    I think I covered enough :)

    u mad bro?

    Seriously though. Most of that is just you being angry at apple. It has nothing to do with the Mac Pro. At all. Not including a blu-ray drive is a FAR bigger nuisance to consumers than it is to professional users, yet you list it because, what? You're angry?

    Apple has no reason to discontinue the Mac Pro.

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  • pink-pony115
    Sep 4, 08:01 PM
    Holiday season fast approaching...there's no way they will enter shopping season without a new iPod lineup. Period.

    If they do, I'm dumping my stock.:p

    And Appleinsider is sandbagging - hedging their bets that at least a portion of what they are reporting is true.

    Well said iGary. I bought apple stock right before the iPod got hot. My friends are kicking themselves because they didn't buy apple. :rolleyes:

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  • Hattig
    Aug 24, 06:54 AM
    No win situation to continue with the lawsuits.

    The patent could be invalidated I'm certain.

    However look at the speed that the patent office displayed in dealing with the NTP patents that Blackberry infringed upon. Glacial. That cost RIM $450m, plus the lawyer fees, that's the cost of staying in business for them, a halt to sales and service would have killed them.

    By the time the patent office would have invalidated the patents (2010 say), Creative would have won the court case (previous look and feel cases notwithstanding) and the damages could have been a lot higher. A small payment (for Apple) and the problem is gone, the worry is gone, the lawyer fees for a court case won't happen, no uncertaintly, and I'm sure that the deal also includes a 'no more lawsuits' condition. It probably is the best deal in terms of shareholder value. Instead the final deal does appear to be a win/win situation for both companies.

    Chalk up another win for the broken patent system though.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 08:26 AM
    I pity the children of the future when I think back to how I am my friends used to swap Video's, CD's and Computer games with each other, as we only had enough Birthday/Christmas money to afford to buy so much, so we had great fun and enjoyment swapping what we had between friends.

    In the same way my elderly mother goes to her weekly meeting and they all bring books they have read in, so others can read their books when they have finished with them. Not everyone can afford to buy new every time.

    you are focusing too much on the physical items. maybe bc i like to live simple/minimal....but nowadays too many people want so many physical possessions. to me, less is more.....

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  • Morod
    Mar 23, 05:15 PM
    The police should not be able to detain you without probable cause. PERIOD. If you are doing nothing wrong the cops should not stop you, EVER.
    This. Otherwise we live in the old USSR, where you are guilty until proven innocent.

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 25, 04:34 PM
    This is tight...but please....PLEASE!!! Have an ODD.

    this is tight......but please.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't have an ODD.

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 11, 07:39 AM
    Why not to imperial?

    Because metric is better.

    Be happy I stopped short of asking for SI units! It's a pleasant 292K outside today. :D

    Oct 12, 08:04 PM
    except this isn't about a band. its about a charity.

    same deal to me, its a publicity stunt

    Machead III
    Sep 1, 03:03 AM
    Same here, although I'd probably just get a current Macbook if that's the case. I decided I won't wait beyond Paris Expo.

    Although I might still be tempted to buy a MBP if Apple offered a 160GB hd for a reasonable or it were easy to put one in there.

    Same here. I'm not waiting beyond Paris, but I won't be able to afford an MBP, unless I bought the current models on eBay proceeding an update.

    Ugh... it would just be so much simpler if Apple "revealed their hand" all at once so i knew where I stood. No point in delaying a MB update, it's already been out longer than the average MBP cycle.

    Machead III
    Aug 31, 02:08 PM
    There will are not relay organized at AppleExpo


    Apr 28, 03:26 PM
    Not bad, considering the worldwide economic downturn. Just wait until the economy heats up again...

    Aug 28, 12:14 PM
    This really doesn't matter. Apple will update stuff tomorrow. Steve likes to wait for tuesdays cuz he's a rockstar like that. :D

    Apple announced the Intel iMac and MBP like 5-7 days after Yonah was brought out at the begining of Jan. It'll be announced tomorrow (75%) or next Tuesday (25%), but no later than that.

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