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william and kate royal wedding memorabilia

william and kate royal wedding memorabilia. Roayl wedding memorabilia
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  • feddy84
    Mar 29, 01:15 PM
    i wouldnt be suprised, apple is heading for the same thing they did with mac vs pc battle. they are 1 company, that means they can be VERY succesfull with introducing new products but in the end they cant keep up when the other companys throw in their overdrive. just watch not with duelcore android phones. coming halv a year before "iphone 5" if thats even gonne get released. android or wp7 is going to be the dominant mobile operating system withing a few years cause they arent closed systems.

    william and kate royal wedding memorabilia. william and kate royal wedding
  • william and kate royal wedding

  • 1984
    Aug 23, 09:08 PM
    Don't 90% or more of the MP3 players on the market also infringe this patent (including the forthcoming Zune). By making this payout Apple have given Creative the means to fight other companies (such as Microsoft, Sandisk, etc) which could tie them up for years and possibly even delay the launch of Zune. Meanwhile, Apple have their nice license agreement and can continue unabated...

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    william and kate royal wedding memorabilia. william and kate royal wedding
  • william and kate royal wedding

  • BenRoethig
    Aug 31, 01:49 PM
    It seems like a good idea, but if the movies can't be burned to DVD, it might be as big a failure as the store was a success. Unless, Apple were to relase a set top media center Mac to go with it.

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  • Ankit1088
    Apr 25, 12:52 PM

    william and kate royal wedding memorabilia. william and kate royal wedding
  • william and kate royal wedding

  • bedifferent
    May 3, 06:30 PM
    Why would Apple do that?

    What has Apple done since the iPhone:

    1. kill Xserve

    2. Drop their dedicated three ACD CCFL LCD lineup that was top notch and replaced with one stripped down iMac LED LCD

    3. Ditch "Resolution Independence" (it's been over 4 years, c'mon Apple!)

    4. Increased focus on iDevices and iOS (yeah, it's banked them $55+ billion, great, invest a small portion back into the Prosumer market Apple pulled away from with a full display line and a re-vamp of Pro-sumer desktops and apps, they revamped a mobile device market they can do the same with the Prosumer market and make money)

    5. Begin merging iOS with OS X Lion

    5. Funnel less money into Pro-Apps (Final Cut X is meh)

    6. Ditch ZFS+ development from Sun Microsystems to replace HFS+ before it was too late

    7. Wreck .Mac w/ MobileMe to market Windows iDevices owners w/ little Windows OS integration (iDisk, iLife, and FUNCTIONAL Office syncing are lacking making MobileMe a rip-off for Windows users)

    8. Replace reasonably priced PowerMac G4/5's w/ over priced/over powered Xeon Server based Mac Pro's and no serious revamp in over 8 years. PowerMac's cost anywhere from $1400+, were great for professional photographers/designers/professionals/small businesses, esp. paired w/ the late ACD CCFL line which worked perfectly with OS X.

    9. Drop focus on OS X development - iOS Lion is schizophrenic w/ iOS features in OS X: Launchpad, 2D Spaces, Mission Control, lack of TRIM for 3rd party Sandforce SSD's, painful ergonomic implementation of multi-touch w/ the "Magic Trackpad," etc.

    10. OpenGL is seriously lagging

    11. iLife '11 in 32-bit?!

    12. "Pro-sumer" App's such as Aperture "improvements" w/ "Share to Facebook." Keep that consumer shizz in iPhoto and focus on better professional tools Apple.

    13. Produce more than one LED LCD and w/ longer than 2' Mini-DisplayPort/USB chords (had to buy Griffen cables to extend both of my 24" LED LCD's to my 2010 Mac Pro at ~$30 each)

    15. iWork '11?

    16. iOS err, OS X App Store?

    17. USB 3.0?

    18. Blu-Ray (need I say more)

    19. Lack of "daisy chaining" display with Mini-DisplayPort. "ThunderBolt" ports can daisy chain but:

    rom Apple:
    “The Thunderbolt port will give you plug-and-play performance with a whole new world of Thunderbolt peripherals, as well as with the Apple LED Cinema Display and other Mini DisplayPort peripherals. You can daisy-chain as many as six devices, including your display.”

    One BIG problem with this setup – the cable! Apple Cinema Displays have a wonderful 3-pronged cable that carries power, video signal, and usb (to power the usb ports on the back of the display). If you use the cable the way it’s intended, there’s no way to plug anything else into that port.

    Currently, the only way to use your display and an additional device at the same time, is to physically position that device within a few inches of the Thunderbolt port on the computer and divert the (short) video cable to that other device – then run a cable from the secondary device to the computer. Am I the only one who thinks that’s just plain stupid?

    I think I covered enough :)

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  • Prof.
    Mar 23, 04:45 PM
    You should tell that to my son. Oh wait, you can't, he was murdered someone like you.
    I'm terribly sorry, my deepest condolences. *hug*

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  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 11, 06:10 AM
    Care to actually show me what app that will actually do what I was talking about? :rolleyes:
    I want to play music from iTunes on my Mac as the source, and multiple airplay devices as the target. Currently I can only play to Airport Expresses and Apple TVs (and upcoming Airplay certified speakers). I want Apple to include all iOS devices to that list of target devices.

    They already do. Use homesharing and you're all set. Or use Air Foil and get it to work exactly as you describe. Not big on research, eh? ;-)

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 20, 11:09 AM
    Don't rely on encryption to protect you in any way. The police can crack it, as can hackers, and they can simply demand with a court order that you give them the password.

    Depends on the cipher really. Not all ciphers can be decrypted with even the latest of the latest hardware, especially if you lack the private key. And a court order can force you all you want to give up that private key, but they can't force you to remember it or not lose it. ;)

    "I don't remember" or "I lost the private key to my encrypted backup, but here's the AES-256 encrypted file guys, have a go at it" are perfectly good answers.

    As for this topic, SLA/ToS whatever. Not everything written in a TOS is legal or binding. If they wrote you had to murder your 1st born child, would you ? Would a court find it legally binding ? Of course not. Invasions of privacy aside, is there even a reason to store the location information like that, timestamped and polled every second ?

    Why can't the device poll my location when asked for it only ? Why does it need to do it periodically ? Why is there no cleaning up after a certain time has elapsed ?

    All serious questions. Even if I don't have anything to hide my privacy is still important to me. If I want you to know about my mundane life with no frills, I'll tell you about it.

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 19, 10:39 AM
    that's because samsung supplies all these companies with parts for their phones. Sue Samsung, risk getting the shaft on internals! We'll see what happens.

    Apple has many, many billions just sitting in the bank. Morals and rivalries are always set aside when money comes into play. Samsung may not like the fact that they're getting sued by them, but you can sure as hell bet they won't care when Apple is looking to give them billions of dollars for their products.

    Will be settled out of court with no disclosure of terms. Fees/royaltys will be goes on.

    These are business actions and have little to do with what's right and wrong.

    This is most likely what will happen. There'll be a lot of angry looks and huffed chests coming from both camps, but it'll all work out.

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  • 0815
    Apr 25, 01:32 PM
    Umm, you do realize the processor can be 10000000x faster, the system is still completely hammed by the 5600rpm hard drive they put in there. Most tasks are faster on an Air then a 17" Pro. And if you're doing heavy lifting get a Mac Pro. People who bought the new processors don't enjoy the benefits 90% of the time.

    You must be a spec sheet reader, not someone who intelligently analyzes what they buy.

    I don't care anymore about speed of the processors. All of the newer generations are faster than what I need - the only upgrade that is worth it for me is going full SSD. I upgraded one older MacBook with an SSD and it's the best upgrade I ever did - worth more than any other upgrade, it is amazing who that old MacBook got from 'good too use' to 'feels insane fast'. Application startup time can't be measured anymore (some apps took >15sec before, now it's less than one second). From that experience, I would rather take a slower processore but the best SSD I can get.

    I know, there are some use cases where the processor speed counts - but just for compiling code and running other apps, I don't care anymore. The big bottleneck these days is the harddrive.

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  • Small White Car
    Nov 13, 02:06 PM
    CAREFULLY read APPLEs developers rules

    You should try it!

    They didn't break the rules.

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  • camomac
    Sep 15, 05:44 PM
    there are a number of phones out in Europe already that have 3MP cameras, Nokia N73 and the sony ericsson w800i to name a few.

    Edit: its the Sony ericsson K800, not the w800

    why is the US so far behind Europe with this kind of technology?

    (edit: maybe it isn't i haven't shopped for a phone in nearly a year)

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  • mox358
    Sep 13, 09:47 PM
    I am with you on this. I don't see the real compelling reason to have a plain old iPod that makes phone calls and sucks all my battery so I can't play music, or vice versa. It needs to be a compelling smart phone, that will be the inovative part, not the hardware design. We all know it will look like a nano.

    But why should it? This isn't Motorola... this is Apple. They are supposed to be the masters of industrial design and software integration. No doubt the phone will have an awesome user interface, but I expect more from Apple than sticking an antenna and GSM chip inside a nano, putting a keypad underneath it, and calling it a day. This couldn't have taken very long to dream up... it seems like the most obvious and un-Apple idea of them all.

    If this is the fabled iPhone then Apple is losing its touch... the design was already done when they introduced the nano.

    I hope Apple wants this to be a phone with iPod functionality opposed to a nano with phone functionallity. The difference is huge. What is the primary function of this device? To play music or use as a phone? Thus far it looks like a nano with a software update and a GSM chip sadly.

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  • dudemac
    Mar 23, 06:14 PM
    I actually agree. Pull 'em. It may be censorship, but it's dangerous not to.

    Freedom has a lot of risk involved. This does nothing more than negates the illegal check points. I don't care what the argument is. This is nothing more than an internal checkpoint that is illegal. If you are old enough to remember the 80's then you will probably recall how the eastern block communists countries were portrayed on TV. And we the good guys would never do things that they were doing "over there"! But alas there is no soviet union so I guess that makes it ok to do it now.
    Just remember this safety while a concern can turn in to a prison that no one can get out of. Because the safest position is to have no choice. And without choice you are a slave. So enjoy your servitude.

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  • cube
    Mar 30, 11:33 AM
    Microsoft gives no trademark trouble to other windowing systems, even X Window (which already existed before).

    Microsoft gives no trademark trouble to OpenOffice, NeoOffice, and so on.

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  • iMacZealot
    Sep 17, 07:59 PM
    um.. ok im not sure that is really a response. that just tells me that you can add a phone to your plan for $10.

    Hmmm, link must've been wrong. But Sprint has free incoming plans. They are:

    $49.99/month 300 outgoing add'l min $.45 unlimited night & weekend
    $59.99/month 500 outgoing " " " " " " "
    $79.99/month 800 outgoing " " " " " " "
    $99.99/month 1000 outgoing " " " " " " "

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  • janstett
    Apr 14, 08:44 AM
    Im not saying the AppleTV 2 is useless for everyone, for many of the dumb masses who are locked into iTunes already its probably the best thing since sliced bread, and really its only advantage is a cheap price and movie rentals, in glorious 720P, but if I want to feed my 42" 1080p plasma with subpar 720P video I could use the xbox or PS3 sitting under the TV, which I also dont bother with. For audiophiles or moviephiles it doesn't cut it.

    I used to work in the streaming media industry from 2002-2009. Among other things, I did some work on the Netgear MP-101 ( which sold fairly well. We always got the latest gear for competitive analysis, including Sonos systems and other high-end solutions costing thousands of dollars.

    Strictly IMO, proprietary, expensive closed ecosystems such as Sonos (and there are/were worse) are a dead end and naturally once you've bought into it you have a vested interest in its survival. The same thing can be accomplished, more cheaply, with products from mixed vendors supporting an open system like UPnP/DLNA.

    The exception is Apple -- while their solution is proprietary and the ecosystem is largely closed, it is a massive closed ecosystem (Macs, iDevices) and Apple keeps the "dumb rendering points" such as the Airport Express and ATV2, cheap. My company tried several times to open doors with Apple, to be their gateway into the UPnP/DLNA world. Apple's only interested in what benefits Apple -- i.e. how does supporting UPnP/DLNA help Apple sell hardware? So Apple will always be a closed ecosystem but it's a very very diverse and healthy one.

    Sonos is dead, they just don't know it yet. When you can get something that does 90% of what it does for 10% of the price, you're dead.

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  • drsmithy
    May 3, 03:12 PM
    Don't despair.

    An Apple Patent May Hint at a Mini Tower Desktop...

    Image (
    That's describing a machine identical to the current Mac Pro, so anything based on it is going to be in the same price brackets.

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  • tortoise
    Sep 15, 06:37 PM
    The phones are said to include high-end features such as a 3-megapixel camera

    Who the hell needs a 3MP camera on a phone? The optics are horrendous (never mind the sensor element), so there is really no good use for that kind of resolution. I'd rather they put the money elsewhere...

    Apr 19, 07:24 AM
    So what? They're already getting sued by Apple, so what's another lawsuit? Point is, contract breach or not, Samsung could cripple Apple's whole ecosystem within days by halting all processor shipments. Apple makes the vast majority on iDevices and this would kill Apple's whole economic model. And this doesn't even account for Samsungs components that go into their Macs. As a result, Apple would have no hardware to sell. They would dip into their treasure chest. It could be devastating to Apple.

    and someone thinking again that Apple and Samsung didn't sign into a contract.

    Sep 17, 08:22 PM
    ok.. see, i never said TECHNICALLY it was crap. OK, so CDMA can have higher speed than 3G GSM. ITS A MOBILE PHONE. what the hell do you need 14mbps for?

    a jet car that goes 300mph on a drag strip is NOT better than a Audi/Merc/BMW/Bentley/etc that only does 250mph, but can drive on a normal road.

    for consumers, it (CDMA) is crap. you are so used to having to choose a phone based on what your carrier supports (or vice-versa) that you can't see how that is a problem. GSM (which uses a SIM card) offers so much more flexibility. hell. I can take my phone to any country with a GSM network, put in a sim card, and VOILA i am connected (not that i need to worry anyway, with vodafone global roaming)

    There are GSM carriers here that do that, too, you know. It's not all CDMA here.

    Sep 13, 09:56 PM
    If that is it then i am so not interested. Crome back and polucarbonate front??. Thats just screaming "scratch me please" if this picture is real then it suggest they took an iPod and slapped phone components onto it. Plus side is, its got a big screen and........??

    Mar 23, 04:22 PM
    I am not sure about other states, but in CA, Law Enforcement is specifically required to announce DUI checkpoints and provide an alternative route. Asking to have these applications removed from app stores contradicts the law regarding DUI checkpoints. Gotta love Politicians. Write a law then contradict it. Awesome.

    It is the same in Florida, DUI checkpoints are held to be constitutional where there is notice of when they will be operational, what traffic will be affected and the notice is published before they are set up. I would imagine some of these apps rely on notice in the newspaper in addition to community reporting. But who cares about that whole 4th Amendment thing. :(

    Sep 9, 10:17 AM
    I want to see some unpacking pics of that 24inch model compared with the 20in. Soon enough I suppose.

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