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world cup final 2011 celebration photos

world cup final 2011 celebration photos. world cup final 2011
  • world cup final 2011

  • twoodcc
    Aug 4, 01:55 PM
    Duh, I mean what advantage would 64-bit processors & software over 32-bit?

    what do you mean, with 64-bit software or 32-bit software?

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. world cup final 2011
  • world cup final 2011

  • xUKHCx
    May 5, 06:10 AM
    The only imperial we use legally are on the roads, Miles and by motorway exits are in yards!!!

    Basically they need to switch the road system to Km's instead of stupid Miles.

    It is happening, these signs are metric rather than imperial.

    So when have the odd situation of having both metric and imperial on the motorways. For those not from the UK these are location markers ( so you can tell the emergency services your location.

    While they aren't really for general public use it does help people get used to how far a kilometer is and will ultimately add the transition.

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  • icc world cup final 2011

  • KnightWRX
    May 4, 06:05 PM
    I said it in the other thread : All for a download version of OS X Lion, but it should not be through the app store like the current DP. Checkout should provide you with a disc image that you burn to your own DVD/USB Thumb drive.

    It's how Linux distributions have been doing it for the last 10 years.

    Or if it really must be through the app store, provide a small disc image download that when booted off of, just provides an interface to sign-in to the App Store and install Lion, like RedHat was doing in 1996 with its "NetInstall" floppies that were just an installer than fetched its media over FTP or NFS.

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. icc world cup final 2011
  • icc world cup final 2011

  • Multimedia
    Aug 3, 12:20 AM
    You have said this before and it is TOTALLY WRONG if you are comparing the Merom to Yonah ( The first slide is directly from Intel's Spring Developer Conference. Consistent battery does not mean 2X.There is this field report on CNET. This is not info from a SLIDE. It is from a real world field test.

    Video: Long-lasting Intel Core 2 Duo notebooks (

    Over 5 hours of battery life with Merom vs. 3 hours with Yonah. 1.67 X or ALMOST Twice.

    To New York on Airplane from San Francisco, Yonah PC battery died over Illinois while same size Merom PC battery made it all the way to New York City with power to spare. So I am RIGHT NOT WRONG. You are uninformed. :eek:

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. cricket world cup final 2011
  • cricket world cup final 2011

  • Ommid
    Apr 24, 06:19 AM
    Very cool! But I hope it will not come until late 2012 :D


    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. cricket world cup final 2011
  • cricket world cup final 2011

  • ZorPrime
    Nov 23, 01:08 AM
    The difference? For all intents and purposes the iPhone is a toy... Its not a business tool its a consumer product. A product that will sell like mad in traditional phone vs. iPhone markets but Blackberrry/Treo vs. iPhone? Not a chance in [bleep].

    PS- That being said I WANT to be proven wrong. I want Apple to provide an expierence that covers music\contacts\calendar\todo\e-mail all in one sexy device but watching Apple over the years I've lost faith they they will try anything daring. Anything that really does take on the big guys. I'm willing to bet that whatever is released will be music\phone and if you are REALLY lucky limited calendar\contacts with no way to imput info. Prove me wrong Apple. Please.

    Excellent and poignantly expressed points. The first iPhone, if/when is materializes might most likely be a phone v iPhone scenario competing against something like Sony's W950i (

    It would definitely be awesome if Apple could get the users to drop their CrackBerries for something more wholesome. j/k :eek:

    P.S. It's been a while since I've posted, so please forgive my late interjection into the middle of this conversation. :o

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. india-world-cup-celebration
  • india-world-cup-celebration

  • itcheroni
    Apr 16, 12:57 PM
    First of all, some inflation is ok, and normal as long as it doesn't get too high. And how does money sitting in a bank account, or under my mattress create jobs? If nobody is buying anything then the economy goes down, that has been shown many times.

    Poor people spend more of their money to cover basic necessities, so inflation effects them much more. Inflation is a dishonest tax because people don't understand it as a tax. Some morons even think some inflation is a good thing. Rather than have income tax, the government could just have the fed create all the money they want to spend. Instead, they know they have to spread it out. If I made 100k, roughly 35% would go to the fed, 10.6% will go to California, 1-5% will go to local. Then there's property taxes. Then if I want to spend the money, there's a 9.75% sales tax. And the government can't make due on that money, so they either borrow or print. When you print, that is pure inflation. It's like pouring water into a pool. The water level might not seem to rise exactly as much as you put in because of the volatility. When the government borrows, the principal doesn't chase goods, but our interest payments do. Once, they mature, they will start chasing goods. So inflation is another tax that the government can play with when they need more spending money. Compare the governments measurement of inflation, CPI, with the headlines of higher food prices. Thanks goodness the CPI doesn't include the volatility of food and energy, because the purpose of having a CPI is to produce a smooth line on a chart, not to get an indicator for prices or anything. The DOW rises and falls every day. Why isn't anyone proposing a DOW comprised only of companies that rise very slowly and predictably? My guess is they would rather have an indicator that indicated something.

    Edit: I just wanted to add that we are now monetizing our debt. Rather than selling it off, the fed is buying our deficit spending with created money, creating pure inflation right now. Look at gas prices and keep in mind that the storage facility for oil, I think, Cushing, OK is at one of the highest points in history. We literally have gas up the wazoo. Inflation is effecting prices much more than Middle East events. I wouldn't be surprised if the timing of these events weren't coincidental.

    And when money is in a bank, the bank can loan an entrepreneur money to start a business that hires people. If the money is invested, it will provide capital for a business to expand. If $1 dollar is consumed, one person can have a candy bar. If $1 is saved, $10 will go towards a small business that might provide a continual source of income and services for many people. If we consume with deficit spending, one person can have a candy bar and his progeny will have to continue paying interest on it. Would the solution be to have a candy bar consuming economy because the GDP numbers will look good?

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. world cup final 2011
  • world cup final 2011

  • aswitcher
    Aug 6, 07:22 AM
    1) Intel transition
    blah blah blah, it has been quick, painless developers, developers developers. Everyone has been receptive except $#%#@@! Adobe
    Intel keep giving us the chips
    today we update MBP and iMac to core 2 duo

    That would be a very solid step, especially if they ship soon.

    I hope the iMac has its guts reconfigured to be more accesible like the early G5 was.

    Also on the iMac. A wirelesskeyboard and mighty mouse option might be nice.

    Also, a 500 HDD upgrade that didn't cost the earth.

    A single Gig stick as standard would also be a nice step, even if only for the 20"

    2)Talking about tranistion there are 2 products which haven't yet been transistioned
    PowerMac > Mac Pro
    Xserve > Xserve? Mac Serve?

    Mac Pro has 3 configs
    Best - Dual Xeon, 1GB 500GB 256X1800 $3299
    Better - Core 2 Duo 2.93ghz 1GB 500gb 256mb X1600 $2499
    Good - Core 2 Duo 2.6 1GB 250gb 256mb X1600 $1999

    Xserves - All Xeons, dah

    Seems fairly sound. i would be even happier if the low end was cheaper with slightly less speed and video. I would be immesly happy if its half as thick as the old one and has a verticle slot drive so I can lay it on its side and use it as a multimedia centre. I just wonder then where the ir reception will work(side of the slot like the mini?)

    The best should come with 2GB ram as standard. But it should be well priced.

    3) Leopard talk

    I do wonder if they will do this earlier...

    4) One more thing
    Candidates: iPhone, iPod, New Screens (may be intro'd with Mac Pro's) what ever else there could be

    I think the new screens will appear along side the Mac Pro annoucement -like you suggest.

    I think the vibe for me is iPod and iPhone will be Paris, along with videom downloads.

    I would really like to see a new wireless Apple Keyboard with dedicated function buttons (multimedia) or a wired one with illumination and even lcd etc.

    I wonder if video over new airport expresses with hdmi out would be a goer. Again might be better for Paris or when the 802.11n standard comes out.

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. icc world cup final 2011
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  • kreatre2011
    Apr 25, 10:00 AM
    Am I the only one who sees the threat of moving to Android as a petty attempt to get Steve to reply? The writer of this email obviously didn't do any research, and he obviously doesn't understand that Steve would see right through a threat like that. This whole thing is a non-issue. I don't care if someone knows where my iPhone has been. I'm worried about far more important things such as protecting my financial information, which I keep in an encrypted disk image in case my laptop gets stolen.

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. world cup final 2011
  • world cup final 2011

  • MrChurchyard
    May 4, 02:55 PM
    I think the interesting question is whether they'll do away with "Software Update" as well. And if so, how are they handling stuff like printer driver updates.

    Also: Combo updates vs. downloading the whole thing. As the MAS is working right now, it would have to work similarly to XCode, which is just very unefficient.

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. world cup final 2011
  • world cup final 2011

  • kjs862
    May 7, 11:51 AM
    I've been a long time .mac/mobileme user - I would say I've been using their service for about 7 years. Only recently, I started using iDisk. I started using it for text documents, and it seems to work great. But recently, I have been hearing a lot about dropbox and its speed. Is dropbox that much better and what is this speed people are referring to? I played around with it a bit and its nice. It gives you a few more features, but these feature I wouldn't use. Is there any point to switch?

    I'm thinking if Apple continues to push forward with MM, it will evolve and just get better and better. I think it might just be nice to stay with Apple.

    I would like to see Apple offer both paid and free MM services as someone previously mentioned. Good idea!

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. world cup final 2011
  • world cup final 2011

  • ALUOp
    May 6, 01:41 AM
    This is total BS.
    ARM CPUs are far far behind Intel's non-Atom series in terms of performance.
    This is due to their RISC architecture. That's also why they consume less power than x86.
    If you're saying in 2 years ARM's performance may catch up to current Atom, then, it may be possible.
    But compared with Core i series? It's the biggest joke I've ever heard.

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. cricket world cup final 2011
  • cricket world cup final 2011

  • tstreete
    Nov 3, 07:06 PM
    I just received notice that the tomtom car kit I ordered from Bottom Line Telecommunications has shipped, and should be here in a couple of days. I paid $90 shipped. (Don't know if they have any more in stock.) I expect it will be available elsewhere online for discounted prices soon.

    I agree that it would be nice if it were cheaper, but if you add up a separate quality car mount, power cable, hands free kit, and external gps, you're going to be close or over $90 in any case. So maybe it's a luxury, but not a ridiculous one. Everyone with an iphone is paying at least $840 a year for the privilege of using it, and if all you wanted was cell phone service you could pay half that. So if you think it's too expensive, don't buy it; but I don't know why so many feel they have to act so outraged over the cost.

    Oh - BTW - Anyone know if they are planning to stock them in Apple stores?

    As for the price - everyone complains that it is too expensive for "a mount". But, it's not just a mount. A simple mount wouldn't be worth more than about $30. It's got a GPS chip in it that is similar in quality to a standalone units GPS chip, plus a speaker (the built-in speaker isn't loud or clear enough) and a mic. I understand the enhanced GPS chip is accessed via Bluetooth, so other GPS programs can use it instead of the on-board GPS chip. It can serve as a handsfree speakerphone, so no need to buy a car kit if your car doesn't support Bluetooth (mine don't).

    All together, I honestly do think this price tag is a little high - it would be more reasonable at $99, but I'm still thinking seriously about getting one.

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. Cricket world cup final in
  • Cricket world cup final in

  • itcheroni
    Apr 15, 01:34 AM
    Lets look at the world's highest growth economy and see what their tax rates are:

    So they have a higher rate of capital gains tax than the US.

    A little lower down...

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. icc world cup final 2011
  • icc world cup final 2011

  • Don't panic
    May 3, 01:58 PM
    when the villain places monsters/traps, are they one per turn or any number per turn (provided that he has them)?

    can monster be moved to a different room by the villain after they are placed? can he reorganize them at every round? does it cost points? can traps be moved? are all traps the same (cost and damage)?

    if a villain needs to go through a room where he placed a trap, can he temporarily disable it?

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. world cup final 2011
  • world cup final 2011

  • richard.mac
    Apr 9, 08:50 PM
    also with problems like this you can work out how large the answer might be before calculating, 48/2 is a double digit number and multiplying that by a number wont give 2

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. world cup final 2011
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  • Chundles
    Sep 11, 01:00 AM
    Common mate, the Gong isn't a city ;)

    I get ~8000kbps so Movie downloads works for me - if the price and quality and DRM are right.

    I totally agree - the Gong isn't a city, it's just a big ex-steel town with no redeeming features other than some nice beaches. I'm serious.

    Trust me, if I could get 24mbps ADSL2+ I'd be screaming from the highest peak in the land (actually, Kosci's not that high, let's go "highest peak in Australian sovereign territory" - leave out Antarctica because not everyone recognises our claims there - and go with Mt. Mawson on Heard Island.) for Apple to bring movies and iPhoto photobooks and TV shows and all the whizz-bang stuff to the wide brown land.

    For now however, I'll simply rise and give a "standing meh."

    For those of you who don't know what a "standing meh" is, it's like a standing ovation only expressing total disinterest.

    EDIT - And don't say "Common" when you mean "Come on."

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. World cup 2011 celebration
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  • ValSalva
    May 7, 12:04 PM
    Could Apple be tired of offering support for MobileMe? It must be an expensive pain in the butt costing more than they make from selling it. Maybe if it were free they would drop much or all of the support leaving it to an online manual or something. It could simplify things for Apple leaving them to concentrate on more profitable areas.

    world cup final 2011 celebration photos. World Cup 2011 Celebration
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  • steve_hill4
    Jul 30, 05:04 AM
    My contract exprires at the end of September, but I doubt I'd go for this too soon. Depends on what features it would have if it did materialise. However, good news Apple may still be positioning themselves for mp3 phones as well as smartphones, (that would play back mp3/aac). As Zune arrives, the market has already moved on.

    This also reminds me, I need to go and pick up some AAAs for my Newton. ;)

    Apr 23, 10:44 PM
    Doesn't OS X already support displays up to 2560x1600? Afaik that was the resolution of Apple's own (now discontinued) 30" display and the resolution of most, if not all, 30" displays available at the moment. 3200x2000 is nothing but the next rung on the ladder. This is just Apple future-proofing their OS a bit. If they release anything in the short term it will most likely be a big-ass iMac or a bigger Apple Display, NOT a laptop running that resolution. Just saying...

    Yep. My Apple 30", which I bought in 2005 is 2560 x 1600. Oh, and my MacBook Pro 17", which runs at 1900 x 1200 can drive it as a secondary display. So could my older 17".

    Here's something most people don't know. IBM created a 200 PPI display back in 2000. Veiwsonic later released it as their VP2290b, which ran at 3200 x 2400. I recall when it came out, that it was over $6k. It required 2 DVI cables to drive it, since at that time, Dual-DVI ports were not available.

    Aug 11, 11:12 AM
    Why would they give the Macbook that but leave the iMac with the original Core Duo? Doesn't make sense. I would think all three would get it or just the Macbook Pro.

    The report out of China was about companies supplying macbooks, not the one's supplying the iMacs. They said nothing about the iMac because they weren't in that model's supply chain. I would expect the iMac to updated at the same time as well. I'm also betting that the macbook pro and macbook both get core 2 duo chips, with MBP getting faster ones with 4MB L2 cache, and MB getting slower ones with lower L2 cache.

    Don't panic
    May 4, 01:53 PM
    4/7 for exploring the hallway (Loras Dontpanic, Rosius Aggie, Beatrice Moyank and Rhon Ucfgrad)

    We explore the room we are in now (the entire group)

    May 3, 11:58 AM
    I'm in.

    Please move all the relevant responses to DP's questions to the OP. If it's not in the OP, I don't consider it to be a rule. Maybe I'm a minority, but I'm not going to read through pages of this thread trying to figure things out.

    May 6, 05:37 AM

    First step to a totally closed system. Pretty soon all our applications we want will have to come through the App store for our Macs. The day I see that is the day I turn my Mac OFF.

    I will go back to Windows in a heart beat if I am forced to buy my applications and such through Apple.

    First off, why do you care where you get your apps from? Second, I highly doubt Apple is going to make Mac OS as closed as iOS. It just makes no sense. They would have to redesign too much of the OS to make it that closed, and they'd have to take away so many features that it wouldn't be the same OS anymore. I doubt Apple is stupid enough to do that. It's true that Apple wants to have as much control over the entire process as they can get, but I firmly believe that there are limits to it. They wont sabotage their own OS because I don't think i've ever met anyone clueless enough to think that that would be a good idea.

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